The Call Part Two | Episode 47

Aired: November 18, 2000
Heroes: Big Barda, Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis), Aquagirl, Green Lantern, Warhawk, Superman and Micron
Supporting: Ace
Villains: Starro and the Preserver
Objects: Power Ring, Mega Rod, Batsuit Beyond (Kryptonite, Radio Receiver, Batarang with Rope, Electric Field, Flash Grenade, Rocket Propulsion, Electric Batarang, Glider, Air Assist, and Grapple Wire), Boom Tube, Mother Box, and Batmobile
Places: Justice League Metrotower, Batcave, and Fortress of Solitude
Beasts: Ace, The Preserver's Zoo and Superman Robots
Story By: Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Teleplay By: Stan Berkowitz
Directed By: Butch Lukic