Ace in the Hole | Episode 39

Aired: August 19, 2000
Heroes: Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)
Supporting: Chaffeur
Villains: Ronny Boxer, Maddie, Ozzie and Jokerz
Objects: Batmobile Beyond, Credit, Gotham Air, Roses, Hover Vehicle, Batsuit Beyond (Glider, Rocket Propulsion, Camoflauge, Gas Balls, Circular Saw, Bola, Sedative Gun, and Grapple Wire), Batmobile, Dog Fighter Disguise, and Cerestone
Places: Neo Gotham, Batcave, Wayne Manor, Stacked Deck, and Crime Alley
Beasts: Ace
Written By: Hilary J Bader
Directed By: James Tucker