The Eggbaby | Episode 32

Aired: April 01, 2000
Heroes: Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)
Supporting: Max Gibson, Nelson Nash, Dana Tan, Howard Groote, Jared Tate, Ms. Pinto, Chelsea Cunningham and Blade Sommers
Villains: Ma Mayhem, Slim and Carl
Objects: Credits, Eggbaby, Batmobile Beyond, Hover Vehicle, Batsuit Beyond (Macroscopic Vision, Magnetised Boots, Video Link, Batarang, Glider, Rocket Propulsion, Grapple Wire, Razor Claw, and Gas Ball)
Places: Neo Gotham, Hamilton Hill High School, and Batcave
Beasts: Ace
Story By: Hilary J Bader and Alan Burnett
Teleplay By: Hilary J Bader
Directed By: James Tucker