Eyewitness | Episode 27

Aired: January 22, 2000
Heroes: Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)
Supporting: Commissioner Gordon, Sam Young, Mary McGinnis, and Max Gibson
Villains: Weapons buyers, Mad Stan and Spellbinder
Objects: Batsuit Beyond (Night Vision, Magnetised Boots, Radio Receiver, Bola, Glider, Electric Batarang, Camoflauge, Rocket Propulsion, Razor Claws, Batarang, Lock Hack, Gas Capsule, and Frequency Scan), Credit, Hover Vehicle, Gotham Air, and Hover Virtual Reality
Places: Neo Gotham, Gotham City Hall, Wayne Manor, and Batcave
Beasts: Ace
Story By: Rich Fogel
Teleplay By: Hilary J Bader
Directed By: Butch Lukic