Terry's Friend Dates a Robot | Episode 26

Aired: January 15, 2000
Heroes: Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)
Supporting: Nelson Nash, Howard Groote, Chelsea Cunningham, Blade Sommers, Dana Tan, Max Gibson and the Groote's
Villains: Riddler (Synthoid), Two-Face (Synthoid), Killer Croc (Synthoid), Louie and Cynthia
Objects: Batsuit Beyond (Rocket Propulsion, Glider, Batarang, and Bola), Hover Vehicle, and Batmobile Beyond
Places: Gotham City, Batcave, Hamilton Hill High School, and Neo Gotham
Beasts: Synthoids and Golem
Story By: Paul Dini
Teleplay By: John P McCann
Directed By: Dan Riba