The Winning Edge | Episode 09

Aired: April 10, 1999
Heroes: Batman (Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis)
Supporting: Dana Tan, Chelsea Cunningham, Matt McGinnis, and Mary McGinnis
Villains: Jokerz, Mason Forrest, Dirk, Jody, Coach Creager, Jackson Campbell and Bane
Objects: Batsuit Beyond (Batarang, Glider, Batarang with Rope, Grappling Wire, Bola, Flashlight, Camoflauge, Radio Receiver, and Tracking Device), Venom, Hover Vehicle, Credit, and Batmobile Beyond
Places: Neo Gotham, Batcave, and Hamilton Hill High School
Beasts: Ace
Written By: Rich Fogel
Directed By: Yukio Suzuki