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Episode Guide

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Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the episode, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting: Secondary Characters that appear, but have smaller parts than starring characters.
Written By: Lists which staff members were credited with writing the episode.
Directed By: Lists which staff member was credited for directing the episode.

Batman: The Animated Series
Season One (1992-1993)

Episode 1: The Cat and the Claw
Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, is plundering Gotham City to finance a preserve for endangered mountain lions.

Episode 2: On Leather Wings
Batman is blamed for crimes committed by a rampaging Bat-creature.

Episode 3 : Heart of Ice
Coldhearted Mr. Freeze sets out to punish those responsible for the death of his wife.

Episode 4: Feat of Clay
Disfigured actor Matt Hagen is changed into the shape-shifting monster, Clayface.

Episode 5: Feat of Clay Part Two
Batman squares off against Clayface, out to murder Roland Daggett, the man responsible for his monstrous condition.

Episode 6: It's Never Too Late
Batman ends a gang war and reunites an aging mobster with his priest brother.

Episode 7: Joker's Favor
The Joker forces an innocent man to take part in his plot to kill Commissioner Gordon.

Episode 8: The Cat and the Claw Part Two
Conclusion: Catwoman and Batman take on a gang of terrorists who have laid siege to Selina Kyle's mountain lion preserve.

Episode 9: Pretty Poison
Posing as Harvey Dent's fiance, Poison Ivy makes the D.A. pay for unwittingly wiping out a rare flower species.

Episode 10: Nothing to Fear
The Scarecrow terrorizes the college that fired him, exposing Batman to the villain's fear gas.

Episode 11: Be a Clown
Mayor Hill's impressionable son Jordan falls under the sway of the Joker.

Episode 12: Appointment in Crime Alley
Batman fights developers bent on destroying Dr. Leslie Thompkin's Crime Alley clinic.

Episode 13: P.O.V.
Three different versions of Batman's involvement in solving a crime, as told from the perspective of three different cops.

Episode 14: The Clock King
The Clock King (once a compulsively punctual lawyer) is out to settle an old score with Mayor Hill.

Episode 15: The Last Laugh
The Joker floods Gotham City with laughing gas, turning the entire town insane on April Fool's Day.

Episode 16: Eternal Youth
Poison Ivy opens a health spa that fatally preys on the vanity of wealthy Gothamites.

Episode 17: Two-Face
District Attorney Harvey Dent is blackmailed by gangster Rupert Thorne, who threatens to hand over Dent's violent psychological profile to the press.

Episode 18: Two-Face Part Two
Conclusion: Horribly scarred in his fight with Rupert Thorne, former D.A. Harvey Dent embarks on a crime binge as Two-Face.

Episode 19: Fear of Victory
Robin loses his nerve and turns into a liability when he is exposed to the Scarecrow's fear gas.

Episode 20: I've Got Batman in my Basement
When Batman is drugged by the Penguin, his salvation rests with a young boy who hides the injured crime fighter in his basement.

Episode 21: Vendetta
Killer Croc, a freakish man-reptile, returns to Gotham to get revenge on the cop who sent him to jail-Harvey Bullock.

Episode 22: Prophecy of Doom
Wealthy Gothamites, including Ethan Clark and his daughter Lisa, have been taken in by the predictions of a con-man "prophet."

Episode 23: The Forgotten
While going undercover to find some missing homeless men, Batman is stricken with amnesia and winds up in a Southwestern slave mining camp.

Episode 24: Mad as a Hatter
Taking on the guise of the Mad Hatter, the lonely Waynecorp scientist Jervis Tetch uses his experimental mind control device to force others to do his bidding.

Episode 25: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
Batman's cape and cowl becomes the ultimate prizes in a series of death traps designed to destroy the Dark Knight.

Episode 26: Perchance to Dream
Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning to discover his parents are still alive and his crime-fighting career as Batman was just a vague dream.

Episode 27: The Underdwellers
Below the streets of Gotham, Batman discovers a group of abandoned kids forced to steal for a brutal villain called the Sewer King.

Episode 28: Night of the Ninja
A martial arts rival of young Bruce Wayne returns to systematically destroy the billionaire.

Episode 29: The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman is discovered by corrupt psychiatrist Hugo Strange, who attempts to auction the secret to the highest bidder.

Episode 30: Tyger, Tyger
Batman invades the island of Dr. Emile Dorian, a mad scientist who has transformed Selina Kyle ino a true cat-woman.

Episode 31: Dreams in Darkness
Infected by the Scarecrow's fear toxin, a raving-mad Batman is locked away in Arkham Asylum, where he is haunted by terrifying visions of his parents' murder.

Episode 32: Beware the Gray Ghost
Batman teams up with his childhood TV hero the Gray Ghost to bring a mad bomber to justice.

Episode 33: Cat Scratch Fever
Catwoman is infected with a virus that is turning dogs and cats into killers.

Episode 34: I am the Night
An already fatigued and disillusioned Batman goes into an emotional spin when Commissioner Gordon is shot in a botched stakeout.

Episode 35: Almost Got'Im
While hiding out from Batman, a group of the Dark Knight's deadliest enemies gather at a nightclub to play cards and swap stories about the times they came closest to killing their mutual nemesis.

Episode 36: Moon of the Wolf
Shifty Dr. Milo promises to cure Anthony Romulus of his werewolf curse, but only after Romulus' bestial alter ego kills Batman.

Episode 37: Terror in the Sky
The Man Bat is back to menace Gotham...or is he? Batman discovers that it's Kirk Langstrom's wife who has been accidentally infected.

Episode 38: Christmas with the Joker
Looking to spread holiday jeer, the Joker subjects Gotham City to his nightmarish TV Christmas special.

Episode 39: Heart of Steel
Bruce falls for the seductive charms of Randa Duane, an android ally of H.A.R.D.A.C., an artificial intelligence bent on replacing city officials with robot duplicates.

Episode 40: Heart of Steel Part Two
Conclusion: Assisted by Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara, Batman infiltrates H.A.R.D.A.C.'s lair and pulls the plug on the sinister machine.

Episode 41: If You're so Smart, Why aren't You Rich?
Batman and Robin fight their way through a giant maze controlled by the Riddler.

Episode 42: Joker's Wild
The Joker schemes to gain control of a casino resort that has appropriated his likeness.

Episode 43: His Silicon Soul
Batman battles a robot duplicate of himself created by the supercomputer H.A.R.D.A.C.

Episode 44: Off Balance
While investigating the mysterious Society of Shadows, Batman joins forces with Talia, the beautiful and mysterious daughter of the international crime lord Ra's al Ghul.

Episode 45: What is Reality?
To save Commissioner Gordon, Batman and Robin must enter a digital world created by the Riddler and defeat the villain in a deadly game of wits.

Episode 46: The Laughing Fish
In an elaborate ruse to spread terror and lure Batman into another inescapable death trap, the Joker chemically enhances all the fish in Gotham.

Episode 47: Harley and Ivy
Kicked out by the Joker, long suffering hench-wench Harley Quinn forms a partnership with Poison Ivy.

Episode 48: The Mechanic
The Penguin exploits a connection to Batman-Earl Cooper, an automotive genius who helped Batman build the Batmobile.

Episode 49: The Man Who Killed Batman
While acting as lookout on a routine smuggling job, third-rate mob underling Sidney Debris stumbles through a string of lucky coincidences that apparently cause the Batman's demise.

Episode 50: Zatanna
Batman comes to the aid of the glamorous magician Zatanna, who has been framed for a multimillion-dollar theft.

Episode 51: Robin's Reckoning
When Tony Zucco, the man who killed Dick Grayson's parents, resurfaces in Gotham, Robin deliberately disobeys Batman's orders to stay put and goes after the mobster himself.

Episode 52: Birds of a Feather
Socialite Veronica Vreeland, eager to create a buzz at her party, invites the just paroled Penguin as her date. It works.

Episode 53: Robin's Reckoning Part Two
Conclusion: With Batman wounded, Robin takes on Tony Zucco alone. Zucco is sent away for life and Robin finally closes the book on his parents' murder.

Episode 54: Blind as a Bat
Temporarily blinded when the Penguin steals an experimental police helicopter, a sightless Batman has to prevent his enemy from firing the copter's weapons.

Episode 55: Day of the Samurai
Kyodai Ken, the Ninja, lures Batman into a deadly showdown at the edge of an erupting volcano.

Episode 56: See No Evil
Batman is on the trail of ex-con Lloyd Ventris, who has stolen an experimental invisibility suit in order to kidnap his daughter from his ex-wife.

Episode 57: The Demon's Quest
Both Robin and Talia have been kidnapped by an unknown enemy, forcing Batman to join in a rescue mission with Talia's father-the immortal Ra's al Ghul.

Episode 58: The Demon's Quest Part Two
Conclusion: The kidnapping of Robin and Talia is revealed to be part of Ra's al Ghul's scheme to force Batman into his service.

Episode 59: Read My Lips
Batman discovers a string of brilliant thefts masterminded by the Ventriloquist, a timid criminal genius who dictates his plans through an abrasive dummy, Scarface.

Episode 60: Fire from Olympus
Claiming to be the reincarnation of the Greek king of the gods, crime boss Maxie Zeus unleashes the power of a stolen lightning generator on Gotham.

Batman: The Animated Series
Season Two (1993-1994)

Episode 61: Shadow of the Bat
When Commissioner Gordon is framed for accepting bribes, his daughter Barbara creates the identity of Batgirl to clear her father's name.

Episode 62: Shadow of the Bat Part Two
Conclusion: Batgirl teams up with Batman and Robin to capture Two-Face, the mastermind behind the police scandal.

Episode 63 : Mudslide
Clayface is literally falling apart and cons a lovestruck female doctor into helping him regain his human form.

Episode 64: The Worry Men
Using tiny dolls, the Mad Hatter has concocted an elaborate scheme to extort vast sums of money from Gotham's wealthiest citizens.

Episode 65: Paging the Crime Doctor
Dr. Leslie Thompkins is forced into a risky operation to save gangster Rupert Thorne's life. Batman rushes to save Leslie before the merciless Thorne has her silenced.

Episode 66: House and Garden
Even though Poison Ivy has given up crime, gotten married, and settled down, a mysterious copycat criminal seems to be imitating her M.O., poisoning and robbing wealthy bachelors.

Episode 67: Sideshow
Pursued by Batman, an escaped Killer Croc finds sanctuary and acceptance among a colony of retired circus freaks.

Episode 68: Avatar
A stolen map leads Batman, Ra's al Ghul, and Talia to a lost temple and a terrifying encounter with an undead sorceress.

Episode 69: Trial
Batman's deadliest enemies kidnap the Dark Knight and put him on trial in Arkham Asylum.

Episode 70: Harlequinade
Batman forms an uneasy truce with Harley Quinn in order to find the Joker, who is on the run with an atomic bomb.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin
Season One (1994)

Episode 71: Bane
Rupert Thorne hires the Venom-charged hitman Bane to kill Batman.

Episode 72: Second Chance
Just before undergoing an operation that will restore his face, Harvey (Two-Face) Dent is kidnapped by an unknown enemy.

Episode 73: Riddler's Reform
Out of Arkham and creating puzzles for a toy company, the Riddler is rich, well liked, and happy, except for the nagging fact he's never beaten Batman in a game of wits. Things go downhill fast.

Episode 74: Baby Doll
Batman and Robin take on a bitter, aging child star who has kidnapped her TV family and is holding them prisoner in an abandoned studio.

Episode 75: Make'Em Laugh
The Joker takes revenge on a trio of comedians who once ejected him from a comedy competition.

Episode 76: Time out of Joint
The Clock King steals a device that allows him to control time.

Episode 77: Harley's Holiday
Just discharged from Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn can't stay out of trouble, even for one day.

Episode 78: Batgirl Returns
A priceless jade cat is stolen and naturally Catwoman is the prime suspect. But Batgirl isn't so sure of her guilt and agrees to help Catwoman track down the real crooks.

Episode 79: Lock Up
Blaming Gotham's bureaucrats for the crime-ridden condition of the city, self-styled vigilante Lock-Up plots to remove Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Hill.

Episode 80: Deep Freeze
Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by aging billionaire Grant Walker, who wants to freeze the world and reshape it to his own design.

The Adventures of Batman and Robin
Season Two (1995)

Episode 81: The Terrible Trio
Three wealthy acquaintances of Bruce Wayne's, bored with their decadent lifestyles, decide to become criminals for fun.

Episode 82: Showdown
In the 1880s, would-be despot Ra's al Ghul's plan to seize control of the American West is thwarted by bounty hunter Jonah Hex.

Episode 83: Catwalk
Frustrated with life on the straight and narrow, Catwoman teams up with the Ventriloquist and Scarface, who promptly double-cross her.

Episode 84: A Bullet for Bullock
An unknown assailant is after Harvey Bullock and the detective grudgingly turns to the one man who can save him-Batman.

Episode 85: The Lion and the Unicorn
International terrorist Red Claw kidnaps Alfred, who is visiting his native England, along with the Butler's old friend, a British Secret Service agent.

The New Batman Adventures
Season One (1997-1998)

Episode 86: Holiday Knights
Harley, Ivy, Clayface and the Joker figure in this trio of short stories that take place during Gotham's holiday season.

Episode 87: Sins of the Father
Batman takes on a new Robin, thirteen-year-old Tim Drake, a street kid whose criminal father is being viciously sought by Two-Face.

Episode 88 : World's Finest
The Joker and Lex Luthor form an unholy alliance to destroy their worst enemies, Batman and Superman.

Episode 89: Cold Comfort
Mr. Freeze's coldhearted new mission: to mercilessly destroy what his innocent victims most treasure.

Episode 90: Never Fear
Instead of spreading fear, the Scarecrow is taking it away, causing Gotham's citizens to become reckless.

Episode 91: You Scratch My Back
Now that Nightwing's on his own, Catwoman suggests a more intimate partnership with the young hero.

Episode 92: Double Talk
The supposedly cured Ventriloquist is being stalked by Scarface.

Episode 93: Joker's Millions
After bribing his way to freedom with a fortune inherited from a rival crime boss, the Joker has to deal with a new foe more fearsome than Batman-the Internal Revenue Service!

Episode 94: Growing Pains
Robin tries to protect a runaway girl who seems to have strange ties to Clayface.

Episode 95: Mean Seasons
A mysterious femme fatale called Calendar Girl has targeted a select group of fashion and entertainment moguls for death.

Episode 96: The Demon Within
Batman and Robin fight to free the demon Etrigan from the spell of Klarion the Witch Boy.

Episode 97: Over the Edge
Batman's final adventure: a nightmarish worst-case scenario. After Batgirl's accidental death, Batman is exposed and hunted down by a vengeful Commissioner Gordon.

Episode 98: Torch Song
A beautiful rock singer is stalked by the obsessed pyromaniac Firefly.

Episode 99: Love is a Croc
Baby Doll finds a soul mate in Killer Croc and teams up for a crime spree. Batgirl: "What do you think they do on a date?" Batman: "I don't even want to think about it."

The New Batman Adventures
Season Two (1998-1999)

Episode 100: The Ultimate Thrill
Love-struck Roxy Rocket tries to entice Batman by committing one daring theft after another.

Episode 101: Cult of the Cat
Batman and Catwoman find themselves marked for death by followers of a fanatical cat cult.

Episode 102 : Critters
Genetic engineer Farmer Brown unleashes his mutated farm animals on Gotham.

Episode 103: Animal Act
Nightwing returns to his former circus home to solve a rash of puzzling thefts.

Episode 104: Old Wounds
Nightwing tells the new Robin the story of his split with Batman.

Episode 105: Legends of the Dark Knight
Three kids, each with a different take on Batman, tell different stories about their hero.

Episode 106: Girls' Nite Out
With Batman and Superman out of the picture, it's up to Batgirl and Supergirl to bring in Harley and Ivy and their new partner in crime, the high-voltage Livewire.

Episode 107: Chemistry
Bruce Wayne gives up being Batman when he meets the perfect woman. The problem is, she's a little too perfect.

Episode 108: Judgment Day
The Penguin, the Riddler, Killer Croc, and Two-Face find themselves the targets of a new vigilante, the merciless Judge.

Episode 109: Beware the Creeper
Exposure to a weird mixture of chemicals, including the Joker's laughing gas, changes straightlaced news-man Jack Ryder into the crazed Creeper.

Episode 110: Mad Love
The secret origin of Harley Quinn, who she is, how she met the Joker, and why she hates Batman.

Batman: The Animated Series
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
The New Batman Adventures
Movies and Shorts (1993-2003)

Movie 1: Mask of the Phantasm
When the city's most feared gangsters are systematically eliminated, the Caped Crusader is blamed. But prowling the Gotham night is a shadowy new villain, the Phantasm, a stinister figure with some link to Batman's past. Can the Dark Knight elude the police, capture the Phantasm and clear his name?

Movie 2: Sub-Zero
Mr. Freeze returns to Gotham City and kidnaps Batgirl. In their desperate quest to unravel the mystery, Batman and Robin discover Batgirl's disappearance is all part of Mr. Freeze's frigidly fiendish plot to help his dying wife. He will do whatever it takes to save her - even if it means putting Batgirl "on ice" forever.

Movie 3 : Mystery of the Batwoman
The Penguin and Rupert Thorne are criminal cohorts with a scheme to sell illegal weapons... But there's a nwe Super Hero in Gotham City who has other plans for the evil entrepreneurs - Batwoman! With high-tech gadgets and powerful punches, Batwoman proves to be a formidable crime fighter - the only problem is that the Dark Knight has no clue who she is! And when Batman crosses the criminal line, Batman must identify whether or not this new player is really an ally!

Short 1 : Chase Me
Bruce Wayne catches Catwoman stealing from one of his buildings and he pursues her--as Batman.

The Batman Adventures
Annual (1995)

Annual 2 : Demons
Batman and Jason Blood team up for the first time to stop Ra's Al Ghul from using an occult artifact to cleanse mankind.

Superman: The Animated Series
Season One (1996-1997)

Episode 01: The Last Son of Krypton
Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist and Council Member, rescues his son Kal-El from the dying planet by launching the baby to Earth.

Episode 02: The Last Son of Krypton Part Two
Young Clark Kent discovers his true identity; and as an adult presents himself to Metropolis as Superman.

Episode 03: The Last Son of Krypton Part Three
Superman thwarts a plot by Lex Luthor to sell the LEXO-SKEL SUIT 5000 to Kaznian terrorists, via their agent John Corben.

Episode 04: Fun and Games
Superman rescues Metropolis thug Bruno Mannheim and Lois from the vengeful Toyman.

Episode 05: A Little Piece of Home
Lex Luthor discovers Superman's vulnerability to Kryptonite, and attempts to exploit this weakness to rid himself once and for all of the Man of Steel.

Episode 06: Feeding Time
After toxic chemicals transform janitor Rudy Jones into the energy-draining Parasite, he imprisons Superman, intent on keeping the Man of Steel as his own personal power source.

Episode 07: The Way of All Flesh
Thanks to the orchestrations of Lex Luthor, terrorist John Corben becomes Metallo, a skin-covered cyborg with a Kryptonite heart. Luthor then sets the supervillain on a quest to kill Superman.

Episode 08: Stolen Memories
Brainiac, once Krypton's all-knowing planetary computer, comes to Earth as part of his information-gathering trek across the galaxy. But, as Superman discovers, Brainiac's intent after gathering the world's knowledge is to destroy the Earth.

Episode 09: The Main Man
Intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo is employed to capture the Man of Steel, but thanks to a double-cross by the rare-species-collecting Preserver, both Superman and Lobo end up trapped in the Preserver's personal zoo.

Episode 10: The Main Man Part Two
Superman and Lobo team up to escape the Preserver and a vile band of competing bounty hunters with their own vendetta against the "Main Man."

Episode 11: My Girl
Clark's childhood sweetheart Lana Lang comes to Metropolis, and puts her own life in danger by trying to spy on Lex Luthor for Superman.

Episode 12: Tools of the Trade
Bruno Mannheim's Intergang terrorizes Metropolis with hi-tech weapons from Darkseid, while SCU Inspector Dan Turpin goes on a personal hunt for answers.

Episode 13: Two's a Crowd
When embittered scientist Earl Garver goes into a coma before revealing the location of a ticking bomb, Superman risks enlisting the Parasite to drain the information from Garver's mind.

Superman: The Animated Series
Season Two (1997-1998)

Episode 14: Blasts From the Past
Superman decides to release Mala, a Kryptonian criminal, from the Phantom Zone, but when Mala proves too power-hungry for this world, Superman tries to send her back. Mala escapes with the Phantom Zone Projector and releases Krypton's most notorious traitor, Jax-Ur.

Episode 15: Blasts From the Past Part Two
Superman and Professor Hamilton start building a new Phantom Zone projector to balance the odds. However Jax-Ur and Mala manage to send Superman into the Phantom Zone, and then destroy the Projector. As their decimating attacks begin, it's up to Lois and Professor Hamilton to rescue the Man of Steel in time.

Episode 16: The Prometheon
A giant humanoid creature with incredible strength and heat-sapping abilities, falls to Earth and now threatens the planet. Superman has to fight the creature's advances and send it back into outer space.

Episode 17: Livewire
Radio shock-jock Leslie Willis is turned into a being of pure electricity, and begins her media-crazed rampage to drain Metropolis' power and kill Superman in the bargain.

Episode 18: Speed Demons
Superman and the Flash get together to stage a "Fastest Man Alive" charity race. However, the monitoring arm bands placed on them have been rigged by Mark Mardon, a petty extortionist who is using his brother's technological genius to control the weather and siphon off 'ionic energy' from the racing superheroes. Mardon plans on extorting a billion dollars with his weather threats. After his brother turns against him he tries to kill him, which attracts the attention of the two superheroes. Together they take down Mardon when his weather-control wand goes out of control and come to a grudging mutual admiration.

Episode 19: Identity Crisis
Superman encounters Bizarro, an imperfect genetic double of The Man of Steel, who tries to take Superman's place as Metropolis' hero.

Episode 20: Target
Someone has it in for Lois and tries to kill her. It's up to her and Superman to find out who the mysterious aggressor is.

Episode 21: Action Figures
Metallo appears on an island with temporary amnesia, and befriends a young boy who lives there. The only trouble is that the island is home to an active volcano - and it's about to erupt.

Episode 22: Mxyzpixilated
Superman must repeatedly deal with Mr. Mxyzptlk a strange and powerful being from the fifth dimension.

Episode 23: Double Dose
Livewire manages to escape from prison and tries to get her back on Superman, but once again, she underestimated his skills. So, she convinces an unlikely ally - the Parasite - to help her taking Superman out for good.

Episode 24: Solar Power
Edward Lytener escapes from Stryker's Island and becomes Luminus. He hopes to render Superman powerless by hijacking a number of satellites so that they permit only red light to filter through from the sun.

Episode 25: Monkey Fun
A monkey returned to earth from space begins to grow incredibly large and threatens Metropolis.

Episode 26: Brave New Metropolis
Lois stumbles into a parallel world where Superman and Lex Luthor work together as dictators of Metropolis.

Episode 27: Ghost in the Machine
Lex Luthor is forced to build a new body for Brainiac who has downloaded himself into LexCorp's computers.

Episode 28, 29 & 30: World's Finest Parts One-Three
Batman travels to Metropolis when the Joker steals a solid Kryptonite statue and makes a deal with Lex Luthor to kill Superman. Lois Lane becomes romantically tied to Bruce Wayne and is kidnapped by the Joker in an attempt to lure superman to his death. Lois ends her romance with Bruce Wayne when she discovers that he is Batman. Lex Luthor tries to end his alliance with the Joker, but the Joker turns the tables and kidnaps Lex and steals a powerful aircraft to attack Metropolis.

Episode 31: Hand of Fate
A thief breaks into an archaeology museum and inadvertently reads an inscription on a tablet, letting the demon Karkull possess him. When Karkull goes on a rampage Superman intervenes but his powers are useless against the demon's mystical powers. Karkull seals people within the Daily Planet building with an impenetrable force field. Superman goes to find the sorcerer Dr. Fate. Fate, having given up the battle, tells Supes to get lost but Inza, Fate's wife, gives him a talisman that lets him get through the force field. Karkull has transformed the entire Planet staff into demons (including Lois and Jimmy). Superman is on the ropes when Fate decides to intervene and reassembles the tablet that imprisoned Karkull. When Karkull knocks it into the pit Superman goes after it while Fate draws the demons' attention. Returning with the tablet, Fate casts the spell to imprison Karkull once more.

Episode 32: Bizarro's World
Bizarro learns of the destruction of Krypton and attempts to recreate the destruction in Metropolis.

Episode 33: Prototype
A suit of power armor is given to police officer who unfortunately is corrupted by the power it gives him.

Episode 34: Father's Day
Kalibak, the son of Darkseid, comes to Metropolis to kill Superman, and prove himself to his father.

Episode 35: The Late Mr. Kent
During the investigation of a homicide, Clark Kent suffers an attempt on his life and is thought to be dead. Superman must nevertheless save an innocent man from execution and find the real guilty party.

Episode 36: Heavy Metal
Superman teams up with Steel to deal with Metallo.

Episode 37: Warrior Queen
Maxima, Queen of Almerac, kidnaps Superman with the intent of making him her husband.

Episode 38: Apokolips...Now!
Superman teams up with Orion, an escapee from Apokolips, to take on Darkseid as he prepares to attack Earth.

Episode 39: Apokolips...Now! Part Two
Darkseid invades Earth with the help of Steppenwolf. With help from the citizens of Metropolis and the arrival of troops from New Genesis, Superman is able to stop his advance, but not without losses.

Episode 40: Little Girl Lost
Superman discovers a teenage girl in stasis while exploring the remains of his home world Krypton. She is the last survivor of Argos, a sister planet of Krypton whose civilization was destroyed when Krypton exploded. On returning to Earth she discovers that she has superpowers like Superman and wanting to prove herself she goes to Metropolis to take on Granny Goodness and Intergang.

Episode 41: Little Girl Lost Part Two
Granny Goodness gets help against Supergirl from the Female Furies from Apokolips. Superman arrives but is captured and taken to Apokolips. Supergirl must rescue him and destroy a comet directed towards Earth by Granny Goodness.

Superman: The Animated Series
Season Three (1998-1999)

Episode 42: Where There's Smoke
Superman gets caught in the middle of a fight between Volcana, a woman with powerful paranormal skills, and the government agents that want to turn her into a weapon.

Episode 43: Knight Time
After Bruce Wayne is kidnapped, Superman must go undercover as Batman to find him.

Episode 44: New Kids in Town
Brainiac travels back in time from the year 2979 to destroy a young Clark Kent before he can become Superman. The Legion of Superheroes, however, send three of their own to stop him: Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Chameleon Boy.

Episode 45: Obsession
Superman must stop the Toyman as he tries to abduct Darcy Mason a popular supermodel and robot created by the Toyman.

Episode 46: Little Big Head Man
Mr. Mxypzptlk magically transports Bizarro back to Metropolis in order to torment Superman.

Episode 47: Absolute Power
Superman stumbles across a world ruled by Phantom Zone criminals and tyrants Jax-Ur and Mala.

Episode 48: In Brightest Day...
Superman teams up with Kyle Rayner the new Green Lantern in order to stop Sinestro.

Episode 49: Superman's Pal
Jimmy becomes known as Superman's pal, which although may sound cool at first, it certainly attracts lots of trouble to Jimmy.

Episode 50: A Fish Story
Marine animals attack Metropolis because Lex Luthor has captured Aquaman.

Episode 51: Unity
Superman and Supergirl team up to save Smallville from an alien menance.

Superman: The Animated Series
Season Four (1999-2000)

Episode 52: The Demon Reborn
Superman and Batman team up against an aging Ra's Al Ghul who sees Superman as the key to his continued immortality.

Episode 53: Legacy
Superman is stripped of his memory and is adopted by Darkseid in an effort to take over Earth.

Episode 54: Legacy Part Two
Superman breaks free of Darkseid's control and goes to Apokolips to try to stop Darkseid once and for all.

Batman Beyond
Season One (1999)

Episode 01: Rebirth Part One
When Terry McGinnis' father is killed by a street gang, he turns to an elderly Bruce Wayne for help ... and a new Batman is born.

Episode 02: Rebirth Part Two
On the way to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Terry is stopped by Powers' guards and barely escapes - losing the evidence in the process. With no legal remedy, he takes matters into his own hands - stealing the Bat Suit.

Episode 03: Blackout
One of Wayne-Powers' chief rivals for government contracts is under constant attack by a saboteur - namely Inque, a woman mutated into a shapechanging, liquid, and extremely agile blue blob.

Episode 04: Golem
A nerdy kid, tired of getting picked on, steals a construction robot to have his revenge. When Batman shuts it down, the boy fuses with the controller, giving him a innate connection to the juggernaut.

Episode 05: Meltdown
The original Batman's former opponent Mr. Freeze, Victor Fries, has been reduced to a frozen head. Powers uses him a the guinea pig in an experimental cloning procedure that could be used to cure his own mutation. The new Fries claims he wants to make up for his past crimes, but Wayne doesn't trust him. When the cloning process goes awry, only Terry is willing to give Fries the benefit of the doubt... but it may be too late.

Episode 06: Heroes
Gotham gets some extra help in the form of The Terrific Trio, three scientists with superpowers gained from a radiation accident, now fighting crime with full government backing. Alas, behind the scenes, things aren't as terrific as they seem.

Episode 07: Shriek
When Derek Powers wants to knock down a certain place in Gotham City that seems mysteriously important to Bruce, Bruce reveals to Terry that the theater on this block is where his parents were killed. But when Terry goes to check on Bruce's dog, Bruce ventures off into the theater and then gets attacked by Shreeve who becomes later known as Shriek, and is rescued by Terry as Batman. When Bruce is taken to the hospital, he starts hearing voices... voices telling him to do something terrible.

Episode 08: Deadman's Hand
Batman faces a gang dressed up as playing cards, whose leader has a grudge against his former incarnation. Meanwhile, Terry has a falling out with Dana and ends up seeing a girl who seems to carry as much weight on her shoulders as he does.

Episode 09: The Winning Edge
Someone's selling dangerous strength enhancing drugs, and Terry is suspected of using due to his erratic schedule and constant exhaustion.

Episode 10: Spellbound
A strangly clad man with a mesmerizing eyeball prowls Gotham, altering people's perception of reality to make them commit crimes without knowing it.

Episode 11: Disappearing Inque
An employee at Gotham Cryogenics, infatuated with Inque, releases her in a fit of anger after getting fired.

Episode 12: A Touch of Curare
A ninja assassin is after Gotham's D.A., Commissioner Gordon's husband. When Batman tries to help out, he receives strict orders from the police chief to stay away.

Episode 13: Ascension
Unable to obtain enough artificial skin to maintain his charade, Powers plans to resign and put his son Paxton up as his proxy. But Paxton has had his eyes on something more, having learned from his father that power is never given - only taken.

Batman Beyond
Season Two (1999-2000)

Episode 14: Splicers
Splicing, mixing animal DNA into one's genes for an appearance change, has become the latest teen rage. But the D.A. wants to outlaw it, claiming that tests show it causes a dangerous increase in aggressive behavior.

Episode 15: Earthmover
A force capable of animating dirt into humanoid forms appears to have it in for one of Dana's friends and her adoptive father.

Episode 16: Joyride
The Jokerz hijack an experimental military vehicle and set out having "fun", not knowing that a design flaw in its reactor could cause it to blow up, taking half the city with it.

Episode 17: Lost Soul
An old man named Vance, who died many years ago, had his brain digitized to become an A.I. But when his grandson Bobby reactivates him years in the future after his father dies of a heart attack, Bobby wants his grandfather to help him with company. But when the A.I. tells Bobby to put him online, the A.I claims he just wants to see what has changed over the years. But what does he really want?

Episode 18: Hidden Agenda
Max becomes the target of vicious pranks when she beats the leader of a Jokerz gang on a school test (the GATs.) She decides to change the program that she was using to search for Batman's secret identity to search for Joker secret identities. When Terry's name shows up on the list, Max finds out about one of his little "secrets."

Episode 19: Bloodsport
An African hunter comes to Gotham to stalk the ultimate prey - Batman.

Episode 20: Once Burned
Melanie / Ten shows up again, forced back into the thieving business by the Jokerz, who are holding her family hostage.

Episode 21: Hooked Up
The Spellbinder returns, addicting teens to VR fantasies and forcing them to steal if they want more.

Episode 22: Rats
Dana has a secret admirer, one who's determined to be there for her - no matter what she might think of the arrangement.

Episode 23: Mindgames
Terry receives a telepathic plea for help from a young girl who he encountered the day before.

Episode 24: Revenant
Chelsea, Dana and a few friends hold a séance to summon the ghost of a student who died at the school. Much to their surprise, it seems like they're successful, as an invisible force starts tearing up the school.

Episode 25: Babel
Chaos grips Gotham, as Shriek sends disrupting soundwaves throughout the city, warping speech and sending animals into rabid frenzies.

Episode 26: Terry's Friend Dates a Robot
Terry's unpopular friend sees a way out his social problems when he's offered an illegal synthoid girlfriend. Trouble is, she's just a bit too devoted ...

Episode 27: Eyewitness
Batman is on the run from the law after Commissioner Barbara Gordon believes she witnessed Batman's involvement in the death of Mad Stan. Bruce works to uncover the truth of what really happened, as well as the involvement of the Spellbinder, before Batman's secret is exposed.

Episode 28: Final Cut
Curaré returns and kills the entire Society of Assassins - save one operative, who ends up seeking Batman for assistance in defeating her.

Episode 29: The Last Resort
An increasing number of parents are sending their kids away to a rehabilitation camp as punishment for misbehavior. When the reasons get more and more trivial, Terry starts to get suspicious ... and then Chelsea ends up in there.

Episode 30: Armory
A top weapons designer is fired and unable to find new work because of a industry recession. He ends up having to steal components and sell his prototypes on the black market to support his family's extravagant lifestyle.

Episode 31: Sneak Peek
An unscrupulous TV reporter is using a suit to become invisible and walk through walls in order to spy to get his stories. It's up to Batman to stop him before the suit makes him permanently intangible.

Episode 32: The Eggbaby
Terry's dual life once again gives him trouble, as he's stuck having to care for a robotic baby for Family Studies while Batman is needed to stop a gang of robbers on a crime spree.

Episode 33: Zeta
An infiltration synthoid, carrying a holographic emitter enabling it to mimic the appearance of anyone, is spotted at Terry's school. It was supposed to be tearing down a terrorist organization from within, but then it stopped following orders ...

Episode 34: Plague
Stalker returns, this time in the employ of the U.S. government. Batman reluctantly joins forces with him to hunt down a criminal named False Face, who has stolen a dangerous virus for a criminal organization known as KOBRA.

Episode 35: April Moon
A famed surgeon, Dr. Corso, is forced to mechanically enhance a gang of teenagers when they kidnap his wife and force him to do their bidding. They have Terry outmatched until he tracks down Corso. Corso has put in a voice-activated failsafe but doesn't want to reveal it and endanger his wife ... until he sees his wife April cavorting with the gang leader. Terry gets the keyword ("April Moon") and deactivates the cybernetic gizmos. The gang leader, Bullwhip, escapes but comes back to Corso for help unaware the doctor knows about him and April.

Episode 36: Sentries of the Lost Cosmos
A computer game designer uses his games to find kids he can trick into doing his dirty deeds.

Episode 37: Payback
After several attacks by a brutal vigilante known as Payback are linked to a teenage support group where members complain about parents and employers, Terry goes undercover to discover the connection. Can Batman find out Payback's identity and stop him before he can attack more innocent people?

Episode 38: Where's Terry?
Batman's deadly enemy Shriek lures him into the underground railway system and traps him there.

Episode 39: Ace in the Hole
Ace goes missing after chasing after someone from his past. Bruce recalls how he first met Ace, while Terry's searching uncovers a sick underground sporting ring.

Batman Beyond
Season Three (2000-2001)

Episode 40: King's Ransom
Down on their luck, the Royal Flush Gang decide to kidnap Paxton Powers and ransom him to the company. Trouble is - nobody wants to pay.

Episode 41: Untouchable
A seemingly invulnerable man steals a valuable isotope, using technology very similar to something Wayne-Powers' medical division has been working on.

Episode 42: Inqueling
After Inque pulls a job for a wealthy businessman, he betrays her and blasts her with a molecular destabilizing weapon, and she begins to dissolve. In need of help, she seeks out a troubled young woman - her daughter.

Episode 43: Big Time
A friend of Terry's, Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, is released from prison, and Terry gets him a job at Wayne-Powers, hoping he'll take the chance at living a normal life. But Charlie didn't earn his nickname for nothing...

Episode 44: Out of the Past
Talia shows up on Bruce's birthday with an offer - take a turn in the Lazarus Pits and join her philanthropic efforts with new youthful vigor.

Episode 45: Speak No Evil
A gorilla is loose in town, one that has been given an enhanced intelligence by illegal experiments, and he's out for revenge against the poacher that took him from his home years ago.

Episode 46: The Call Part One
Superman finds proof that one of the Justice League members is trying to kill the others, and brings in Batman as a replacement, hoping they'll be able to sniff out the traitor together.

Episode 47: The Call Part Two
Batman and the League confront Superman about his treachery, but he escapes to his secret fortress. The others have no choice but to follow him there...

Episode 48: Betrayal
Big Time escapes and hooks up with a smalltime gangster. Feeling alone, he has Terry abducted.

Episode 49: Curse of the Kobra Part One
Terry is sent to a dojo to brush up on his fighting skills after failed encounter with Kobra.

Episode 50: Curse of the Kobra Part Two
Max wakes up in the Kobra base, expected to be Zander's wife, Bruce and a badly beaten up Terry try to find her.

Episode 51: Countdown
Zeta returns to Gotham for a gathering of scientists, but ends up bumping into Mad Stan, who exploits the synthoid's naiveté in yet another plan to blow something up.

Episode 52: Unmasked
Terry recounts a story from his early days as Batman about how he brought a kid into danger from Kobra when he revealed his identity in order to gain the boy's trust.

Batman Beyond
Movie (2000)

Movie 1: Return of the Joker
While trying to uncover the Joker's secrets, Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, discovers the greatest mystery in the career of the original Batman - the true story of the night Batman fought the Joker for the last time. Though when Bruce Wayne is almost killed in one of the Joker's new attacks, it's up to Batman Beyond to avenge his mentor and put the Joker to rest forever.

Gotham Girls
Season One (2000)

Episode 1: The Vault
Poison Ivy attempts to crack a safe, but her concentration is broken because of Harley Quinn's annoyance.

Episode 2: Lap Bat
Batgirl attempts to recover a statue stolen by Catwoman, rumored to hold mystical powers.

Episode 3: Trick or Treat
After Harley Quinn receives a present from Poison Ivy, Harley sets out to get her one in return.

Episode 4: A Little Night Magic
Zatanna decides to use some of her magical powers while on a walk at night.

Episode 5: More Than One Way
When Harley Girl, Poison Ivy and Catwoman all go hunting for the same Belgian miniature, a true catfight breaks out.

Episode 6: Precious Birthstones
Catwoman decides to steal a necklace worth one million dollars on her birthday.

Episode 7: Pave Paradise
Poison Ivy takes her revenge out on the mayor when he plans to pave over paradise and put up a parking lot.

Episode 8: The Three Babes
While in prison Harley wants Ivy to tell her a fairy tale and Poison tells her the story of Batgirl and the three babes.

Episode 9: Gardener's Apprentice
When Poison Ivy goes out of town, Harley has a rough time looking after her plants.

Episode 10: Lady X
Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy team up to stop the crime spree of the mysterious Lady X.

Gotham Girls
Season Two (2001)

Episode 11: Hold That Tiger
Catwoman and Zatanna join forces to save a Tiger.

Episode 12: Miss Un-Congeniality
Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and a mysterious fourth contest compete in a 'Miss Criminal Mastermind' showcase.

Episode 13: Strategery
After losing to Batgirl once again, Poison Ivy decides to teach Harley Quinn about proper strategy.

Episode 14: Baby Boom
While on a museum heist, Harley Quinn is accidentally transformed into a baby via Poison Ivy's special plant toxins.

Episode 15: Cat -n- Mouse -n- Cat -n- Mouse -n-
One night during a robbery, Catwoman runs into another thief who matches her in every way.

Episode 16: Bat'ing Cleanup
While talking to her father on the phone, Batgirl recalls her night of crime fighting.

Episode 17: Cat Sitter
Looking for something new to do, Harley Quinn offers to babysit one of Catwoman's baby tigers.

Episode 18: Gotham Noir
Harley Quinn is a private investigator who attempts to solve a missing persons crime, with a unique twist.

Episode 19: Scout's Dishonor
After seeing how a group of girl guides can make a profit, Harley Quinn decide's to open her own version..

Episode 20: I'm Badgirl
After being doused with some of Poison Ivy's special toxin, Batgirl turns to a life of crime.

Gotham Girls
Season Three (2002)

Episode 21: Ms.-ing In Action
Catwoman is on the run, and Batgirl is right behind her. It's chase, run, jump through the rooftops and streets of Gotham until, finally, Batgirl commandeers a Taxi and orders the driver to catch Catwoman. Suddenly the Taxi skids out of control! The Taxi Driver vanishes into thin air, along with every single Man and boy in Gotham City!

Episode 22: Gotham in Pink
Gotham City launches an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Male Population. But it's a vicious catfight as the acting female Heads of State argue for political power. The female Commissioner appears to have the crime situation under control until Harley and Ivy decide to finish what Catwoman started and break in to the Police Dangerous Evidence Vault.

Episode 23: Hear Me Roar
Batgirl surprises Harley and Ivy as they ransack the Dangerous Evidence Vault. Harley & Ivy serve up explosive surprises from the buffet table of supervillian technology stored, but Batgirl is holding her own against until her efforts are undermined by interference from the overzealous female Commissioner, letting Harley & Ivy escape. The Commissioner blames Batgirl for the escape and declaring her persona-non-grata to all Police Personnel.

Episode 24: Gotham in Blue
Batgirl surprises Catwoman rifling through a computer belonging to a Detective Reesdale ¬ a woman who disappeared at the same time as the men. Working together they discover the missing Detective's secret which may help explain the disappearance. But when they find out the device has been stolen by Harley & Ivy during their raid of the police vault, everything is thrown into jeopardy!

Episode 25: A Cat in the Hand
Harley and Ivy escape, but Catwoman is arrested and blamed for the three day disappearance of the men of Gotham. Batgirl – as Barbara – tries to convince her father of Catwoman's innocence, but he is unyielding. Harley and Ivy – trying to help the captured Catwoman - are themselves arrested. Batgirl is alarmed by the ferociousness of the Police and disturbed by her father's apparent sanctioning of this new brutality.

Episode 26: Jailhouse Wreck
Batgirl pays a visit to Commissioner Gordon to express her concern over his new "Get Tough On Costumed Villains" policy. She suspects that he is experiencing some kind of post-traumatic shock because of the three days he and the men spent lost in suspended animation. Unable to persuade the Commissioner of the danger Harley, Ivy and Catwoman are in, Batgirl takes the unprecedented move of breaking them out of prison. They are safe, but Batgirl has been declared "Public Enemy Number One."

Episode 27: Honor Among Thieves
Despite the Commissioner's "Get Tough" policy, Harley, Ivy and Catwoman still have to make a living. Carefully they go about their business: The business of crime! But one by one, despite their care, they are captured by a mysterious stranger. The stranger reveals himself at the last moment. It’s Batgirl, come to exact payment on a promise the ladies made her.

Episode 28: No, I'm Batgirl!
Detective Montoya is arguing with Commissioner Gordon when the call comes in that Batgirl has been spotted on the North Side. As they head off, Batgirl is sighted on the West Side. Then the South Side. Each of these "Batgirls" is unmasked, revealing them to be Harley, Ivy and Catwoman. Under cover of this diversion, Barbara Gordon slips into the unmanned Police Headquarters and steals the key to the Dangerous Evidence Vault from her father's drawer. As she slips the key into the Vault she is surprised by Detective Reesdale.

Episode 29: Signal Fires
Detective Reesdale assumes Barbara has the Commissioner's permission and gives her the "grand tour" of the vault. Reesdale lets slip some information that disturbs her. Barbara secretly steals some of the evidence confiscated from Mr. Freeze and slips away. In the glare of the Bat-Signal, Barbara confronts her father. When he insists he has incontrovertible evidence implicating Batgirl, Barbara's fears are realized. Her eyes turn to steel. She forces the Commissioner into the Batsignal and to certain death. What's wrong with this picture?

Episode 30: Cold Hands, Cold Heart
The Commissioner, twitching in the Batsignal, explodes into a pile of gears and wheels and microchips: He’s a Robot! Who is behind this robotic Commissioner? None other than the Commissioner's supposedly loyal assistant, Dora Smithy. Sister to Nora. Sister-in-law to Mr. Freeze. The Robotic Replacement was designed to crack down on the costumed villains like Mr. Freeze whom Dora blames for her sister's fate. In a final pitched battle in an old Mr. Freeze hideout, Dora falls into a vat of cryo-solution and is turned into a female version of Mr. Freeze. The very thing she hated.

The Zeta Project
Season One (2001)

Episode 1: The Accomplice
Zeta, a robot on the run from the government, meets Ro, a young teenage runaway.

Episode 2: His Maker's Name
Zeta searched for one of his creators, but Bennett finds out about it and tries to capture him. However, Zeta's creator helps him escape and gives him the name of the man who can clear his name - Selig, the head of the Zeta project.

Episode 3: Remote Control
Zeta searched for one of his creators,Ro and Zee encounter Bucky, a brilliant but bratty kid genius, while looking for Dr. Selig at a science competition. Bucky's supervisor Dr. Tannor steals his invention, a remote that can control any mechanical device. When he offers it up at the competition as his own creation, Bucky takes control of Zee and sets him after Tannor for revenge.

Episode 4: Change of Heart
Zee and Ro track Selig to a museum in Grandview, but get waylaid when a little girl becomes trapped in a fusion power chamber. Zee reveals himself and fights to save her life, while the NSA closes in.

Episode 5: The Next Gen
Zeta breaks off his search for his creator to stop another Infiltration Unit from carrying out its mission.

Episode 6: Westbound
Zeta and Ro take to a train to avoid pursuit, but West follows them.

Episode 7: Hicksburg
Ro returns to visit her first foster family, the Morgan's, in hopes of digging up information on her biological family. Determined to show them she wasn't a failure, she creates a rich girl persona via Zee's unlimited charge-card, but Zee goes overboard when he holograms as a famous vidstar. Things get dangerous when he's revealed as a robot, but before the pair escape Ro discovers evidence that she has a brother.

Episode 8: Shadows
Infiltration Unit Seven returns, and a brutal battle erupts in a mall. Ro is hurt and taken to hospital, and Batman picks up on it from Bruce Wayne. Vid records make it look like Zee is solely responsible and Batman vows to take him down before he can hurt anybody. Meanwhile, Zee contemplates abandoning Ro so she will not be put at risk anymore. IU7, Zee, and Batman duke it out in an explosive hospital battle.

Episode 9: Crime Waves
Zeta and Ro come to the aid of a rich boy who mistreats robots.

Episode 10: Taffy Time
Zeta and Ro must rely on Agent Lee for help to avoid a bounty hunter.

Episode 11: Kid Genius
Bucky coerces Zeta and Ro into helping him track down his missing parents.

Episode 12: Ro's Reunion
Ro takes a chance and appears on a tv show because they claim to be able to reunite her with her brother.

The Zeta Project
Season Two (2002)

Episode 13: Absolute Zero
Zee and Ro track Dr. Selig to a cryonics lab, but their own intrusion causes an accident which leaves Selig cryonically frozen. Zee must keep Selig alive long enough for help to arrive.

Episode 14: Wired Part 1
Zee and Ro encounter a gang of tech-savvy teens, who have followed them on the net and want to help. At first Zee and Ro trust them, but then realize too late that it's a trap, and all these kids want is to strip Zeta for parts.

Episode 15: Wired Part 2
Zeta is captured by Agent Bennett and wired to a supercomputer in the NSA labs for reprogramming. It's up to Ro to sneak in and save her friend.

Episode 16: Hunt In The Hub
Zee and Ro travel to the Hub, the country's central transit nexus, to meet Dr. Boyle (a scientist who worked on the Zeta Project). But instead of helping the duo, Boyle disables Zee's cred-card, forcing them to steal items for his research from around the Hub.

Episode 17: Ro's Gift
A mysterious group with strange psychic powers kidnaps Ro, believing she is able to communicate with machines. It's up to Zee to rescue her and save the town from utter destruction.

Episode 18: Quality Time
When both Zee and Bennett follow a lead on Selig to a man-made coral reef, Ro finds herself on a submarine ride with Bennett's son, James. An accident on the sub strands Ro and James at the bottom of the reef, and Bennett and Zeta must work together to save them.

Episode 19: Resume Mission
When a computer-nut kid unwittingly plugs IU7's salvaged CPU chip into his home computer, IU7 begins to rebuild himself in the boy's bedroom. Zee and Ro have to stop IU7 before it harms the kid and them.

Episode 20: Lost and Found
While on the run from Krick, Zeta malfunctions and drops into unconsciousness. Ro hides the immobile Zeta and calls Bucky for help, while Zeta flashes back in his mind to the mission when he decided to be peaceful.

Episode 21: On the Wire
Zee and Ro find Ro's brother, Casey, who's working as a reporter for a vid-news station. When Casey's boss pressures him to turn our heroes in for the exclusive story, Casey has to weigh family loyalty against career advancement.

Episode 22: Cabin Pressure
Agent Bennett discovers and arrests Bucky, the mysterious ally who's been helping Zee and Ro all along. Bucky sends out a distress call to our heroes, and the pair sneak onto Bennett's heavily-guarded supersonic transport to rescue him.

Episode 23: The Wrong Morph
When Zee morphs into Kevin, a wheelchair-bound teen, he accidentally implicates the boy in the commission of a crime. Zee and Ro struggle to clear Kevin's name, without exposing Zee's own identity.

Episode 24: Eye of the Storm
Zee and Ro hitch a ride through tornado country with Dex and Carl, a pair of tornado-fighting brothers. But when Dex (the hotshot pilot of the pair) steals all the credit from Carl (the brains of the outfit), Carl tries to prove himself by flying their twister-busting pod into a too-huge tornado. Carl's only hope, Zeta has to reveal his identity and travel into the tornado to save the young man.

Episode 25: The River Rising
Zee and Ro find temporary asylum from Bennett, among a clan of technology-fearing people called the Notechs. But while Bennett works on getting a warrant to enter their land, the Notechs discover that Zee is a synthoid and try to destroy him.

Episode 26: The Hologram Man
Zee and Ro finally track down Dr. Selig, only to find him being forced to work with Brother's Day, a terrorist organization. Shocked, Zee and Ro intervene, only to discover that it isn't Dr. Selig but is instead a man using a portable holo-emitter to look like Selig. They vow to help this man escape the terrorists especially when Zee realizes it may lead them to the real Selig after all.

Static Shock
Season One (2000-2001)

Episode 1: Shock to the System
Fifteen year-old Virgil Hawkins, harassed at school by a dangerous bully, is transformed by a powerful gas mutagen into a master of electromagnetic energy, and decides to use his powers for good as a superhero.

Episode 2: Aftershock
Static learns that the person responsible for the Big Bang is Edwin Alva, the city’s philanthropic billionaire businessman, but his efforts to gain evidence are hampered by HotStreak himself transformed by the gas mutagen.

Episode 3: The Breed
Virgil’s friend Derek, a track athlete, is transformed into an ionic energy being recruited by Ebon, the malevolent leader of the Meta-Breed, and it’s up to Static to convince his friend to resist joining the group before it’s too late.

Episode 4: Grounded
Static encounters a giant, Big Bang-created worm-like organism, which somehow worms its way inside Virgil’s school after hours, endangering many students, including Richie and Frieda, who’s writing an editorial protesting the school’s budget cuts.

Episode 5: They're Playing My Song
Rubberband Man, an angry young teen with the power to stretch his body into any shape, seeks revenge on the corrupt record producer who cheated him out of profits for a hit song. Static gets involved when the producer has sinister plans of his own to eliminate Rubberband Man.

Episode 6: The New Kid
Science whiz Virgil is sent to a school for gifted students funded by billionaire Alva, where he works on a fantastic robotics project, not realizing that the robot is a sentry specifically designed to locate and destroy Static.

Episode 7: Child's Play
Eight year old Dwayne McCall, with the power to make anything his young mind can imagine, is being manipulated by his evil older brother Aron to use said powers for his own gain. Static must prove to Dwayne that Aron doesn't have his best interests at heart.

Episode 8: Sons of the Fathers
Virgil pressures a reluctant Richie to invite him to a sleepover, only to learn that Richie's father is a stubborn bigot. An embarrassed Richie runs away and is abducted by Static's archenemy Ebon. Virgil's father Robert and Richie's dad must set aside their differences and team up to find Richie before any harm befalls him.

Episode 9: Junior
Edwin Alva's son, angered that his father pays no attention to him, applies his vast scientific knowledge to manipulate the properties of the Big Bang gas, turn himself into a multi-powered being bent on destroying Alva's business interests. At the same time, Virgil and Robert are at odds over what appears to be Virgil's increasing irresponsibility.

Episode 10: Winds of Change
Richie's resentment of Virgil's blossoming friendship with Daisy, and Virgil's annoyance at Richie's over management of Static's activities, causes their friendship to strain. At the same time, Static must contend with Slipstream, who controls winds. When Slipstream gets the upper hand on Static, it's Richie to the rescue.

Episode 11: Bent Out of Shape
Sharon's new boyfriend, a musician, is revealed to be Static's old nemesis Rubberband Man, who recently escaped from prison. This time, Rubberband Man will stop at nothing to reveal Static's secret identity, and with Sharon hiding him right under Virgil's nose at home, the odds are stacked against our hero, big time.

Episode 12: Replay
Static's latest villain is Replay, who is able to create energy clones of himself. During battle, Sharon gets suspicious that Virgil and Static are one and the same and is determined to prove her theory correct. If things aren't bad enough for our hero, he comes into freak contact with Replay, which results into an "evil" clone of Static!

Episode 13: Tantrum
Everything happening to Virgil lately reminds him of how much he misses his deceased mother Jean. Virgil must deal with his feelings of loss even as he tangles with Tantrum, a repressed student whose irrational outbursts of anger turn him into a massive being of brute force out to destroy everything in his path.

Static Shock
Season Two (2002)

Episode 14: Sunspots
The Dakota City area is bombarded with sunspots, a phenomenon which boosts Static's powers to an uncontrollable degree. His attempt to burn off his excess energy works all too well: Static ends up powerless just as a group of old metahuman foes, led by HotStreak, stir up the old trouble pot once more.

Episode 15: Trouble Squared
Armed with new gadgets and powers, Static's old enemies Specs and Trapper attempt to impress their boss, Alva, by capturing our hero. But in the process, they destroy a machine meant to restore Alva's stone son back to human form. When Alva fires them, they kidnap his son, forcing Static to join forces with Alva to get him back.

Episode 16: Brother-Sister Act
A new brother-sister metahuman team, bullying Boom and his shy younger sister Mirage, use their powers to create elaborate sound-based images to terrorize Dakota. Not only must Static deal with them, his own sister Sharon is on the verge of discovering his secret identity!

Episode 17: Static Shaq
Virgil's excited when NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal, pays him a visit, but Shaq's perky public relations person constantly overbooks his schedule, leaving the two with no time to kick it. Complicating matters further, metahumans known as the Roughpack have locked onto Static's scent and are tracking him all over town, in and out of costume.

Episode 18: Frozen Out
It's Christmas time in Dakota, but our hero's holiday spirit is put on ice by Permafrost, a female metahuman with cold powers. In dealing with her, Static discovers that Permafrost is a homeless teen, with a troubled past that has rocked her stability to the core. Static must overcome his grumpiness and find a way to help Permafrost before it's too late.

Episode 19: Bad Stretch
Static's old foe Rubberband Man is out of prison and trying to be a superhero himself. But when Meta-Breed leader Ebon rears his ugly head, ol' Stretchy begins acting like a bad guy again. It's up to Static to find out what secret Ebon has over Rubberband Man before he gets sent back for a long stretch of more jail time.

Episode 20: Pop's Girlfriend
Widower Robert is finally dating again, a police officer named Trina Jessup. Try as they might, Virgil and Sharon are having a very hard time accepting their dad with anyone other than their mom. To make matters worse, circumstances lead Trina to believe that Virgil has something to do with a stolen briefcase containing a concentrated version of the Big Bang formula!

Episode 21: Attack of the Living Brain Puppets
Virgil inadvertently pledges his vote to Madelyn Spaulding, the bratty, unpopular candidate for freshman class President. But when Virgil switches allegiance to Richie, an angry Madelyn uses her metahuman powers of mind control to turn the entire school, and Virgil's own family, against him.

Episode 22: Power Play
Richie, jealous that Virgil's the one with superpowers and not him, encounters a Fagin-like vagrant called the Ragtag, who has the ability to give temporary powers to others. Richie uses his dose to be the superhero he's always wanted to be, but unfortunately, the dosages are addictive. Static must convince Richie of the dosages' negative side-effects before it's too late.

Episode 23: Consequences
Virgil's been sporting a cocky, boastful attitude lately, both in and out of costume. In battle with Puff and Onyx, Static shows off in front of Daisy, and she gets hurt in the process. Now, Static must deal with his own feelings of guilt as he teams with Rubberband Man to bring Puff and Onyx to justice.

Episode 24: The Big Leagues
Dakota gets a real jolt when the Joker hits town, recruiting a band of metahumans to wreak his own special brand of havoc. Of course, with Joker on the loose, Batman and Robin can't be far behind. Static must put his hero worship in check as he teams up with the Dark Knight to put a shock to Joker's system.

Episode 25: Jimmy
Virgil has a classmate named Jimmy Osgood, and he is one of those kids who just doesn't fit in socially. Unfortunately, Jimmy is very troubled, so when a popular clique who has relentlessly bullied him goes too far, Jimmy is pushed into thinking that the only way to solve his problems is with a gun. Can Jimmy be reached before it's too late?

Episode 26: Duped
Adam Evans, Rubberband Man, is on the verge of a big break when A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys encourages a record company executive to sign Adam to a deal. But Replikon, a powerful shape-shifting metahuman (and Adam's talentless rival), kidnaps A.J., assumes his identity and threatens to wreck the deal. It's up to Static to sniff out the faux A.J. and save Adam's career.

Static Shock
Season Three (2003)

Episode 27: Hard As Nails
Static travels to Gotham City to rescue Nails, a school girl friend of his who has fallen in with Harley and Ivy, who are promising to cure her of her Bang Baby affliction.

Episode 28: Static in Africa
While visiting Africa in his secret identity, Static teams up with Anansi to defeat Osebo before he blows up a dam.

Episode 29: Gear
Richie's newfound super-smartness leads to him becoming a superhero in his own right and Static's newest partner.

Episode 30: The Usual Suspect
Virgil inadvertently makes an enemy out of a school tough guy when he mistakenly believes the fellow to be Dakota's latest metahuman monster.

Episode 31: Shebang
Static encounters a sassy, female, teenage superhero, She-Bang, who shows him up every time they meet.

Episode 32: Flashback
When Static becomes involved with a metahuman who can manipulate space-time, he is thrown back in time and encounters his mother.

Episode 33: Showtime
Static becomes the star of reality show called "Heroes."

Episode 34: A League of Their Own Part One
Static and Gear are alone in the Justice League's headquarters when Brainiac takes it over.

Episode 35: Blast from the Past
Static teams up with a retired superhero when the old hero's nemesis comes back to threaten Dakota.

Episode 36: A League of Their Own Part Two
Back on Earth, Static discovers that Brainiac has taken over Gear through Backpack, and needs the help of the Justice League to save his friend.

Episode 37: The Parent Trap
She-Bang returns to Dakota to enlist Static and Gear's help when her parents are missing and believed kidnapped.

Episode 38: Romeo in the Mix
Lil' Romeo joins forces with Static to defeat the Leech, a metahuman who is stealing metahuman powers.

Episode 39: Toys in the Hood
Static teams up with Superman when the Man of Steel’s old nemesis, Toyman, appears in Dakota.

Static Shock
Season Four (2004)

Episode 40: Future Shock
When Static is thrust into the future, he has to team up with Batman (Beyond) to save the adult Static.

Episode 41: She-Back!
She-Bang becomes a problem when she forces herself on the Static-Gear team.

Episode 42: Out of Africa
Static reunites with Anansi, who is tracking down a powerful golden spider, which has fallen into Sharon's hands.

Episode 43: Fallen Hero
Static is forced to fight his idol, Green Lantern, thinking that he has gone renegade.

Episode 44: Army of Darkness
When mysterious metahumans start committing robberies at night, Static and Gear investigate, uncovering an underground group of Bang Babies who have an aversion to sunlight.

Episode 45: Hoop Squad
During a visit to L.A. for the All-Star game, Static is amazed to discover that the NBA is also a cover for a superhero organization.

Episode 46: Now You See Him...
Static and Gear must contend with Speedwarp, a super speedster who has eyes for Daisy.

Episode 47: No Man's an Island
Static and HotStreak have to work together when they are chained at the wrists.

Episode 48: Linked
Static and Gear help an up-and-coming football star who is being blackmailed by Chainlink, a powerful metahuman.

Episode 49: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Static realizes that Rubberband Man is a severe dyslexic when they track down a stolen device.

Episode 50: Wet and Wild
When HotStreak sabotages an experiment that would have turned Aquamaria back to normal, her wrath threatens all of Dakota.

Episode 51: Kidnapped
Static is forced to work for the evil Omnara when she kidnaps his father.

Episode 52: Power Outage
All of the metahumans are turning normal, including Static and Gear, when an antidote to the Bang Baby gas is sprayed throughout Dakota.

Justice League
Season One (2001-2002)

Episodes 1, 2 & 3: Secret Origins
An alien invasion brings together the world's greatest superheroes.

Episodes 4 & 5: In Blackest Night
The Green Lantern is taken back to GL headquarters to stand trial, but the League believes he's innocent and step in to defend their team mate.

Episodes 6 & 7 : The Enemy Below
A nuclear submarine goes down and the League try to perform a rescue, only to be thwarted by Aquaman and his Atlantean army. Will the League be able to keep the peace?

Episodes 8 & 9: Injustice For All
Lex Luthor breaks free from prison and forms 'The Injustice League', then plots to destroy the real League.

Episodes 10 & 11: Paradise Lost
Wonder Woman returns home to find all of her sisters turned to stone, in order to help them she must make a deal with the man responsible, but the decision will pit her against the rest of her team!

Episodes 12 & 13: War World
Superman and the Martian Manhunter are taken prisoner to another planet where they must fight as gladiators for entertainment!

Episodes 14 & 15: The Brave and the Bold
The League try to prevent the destruction of a secret Gorilla city.

Episodes 16 & 17: Fury
Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman are left to fight a renegade Amazon called Aresia after she creates a virus that is harmful to men.

Episodes 18 & 19: Legends
While fighting a giant robot, The Flash, Green Lantern, J'onn and Hawkgirl are catapulted into a parallel universe, where they meet fictional comic book characters in a town called seaboard city.

Episodes 20 & 21: A Knight of Shadows
The League rush to prevent Morgaine Le Fay from getting the Philosopher's Stone, which she will use to get her son onto the throne.

Episodes 22 & 23: Metamorphosis
To keep his daughter, Sapphire, from a relationship in which he doesn't approve, Simon Stagg goes to all measures to remove her fiancé.

Episodes 24, 25 & 26: The Savage Time
The Justice League return home to an alternate dimension where the Germans won the second world war, now it's up to them to set things right.

Justice League
Season Two (2003-2004)

Episodes 27 & 28: Twilight
Darkseid returns asking the League for their help in fighting against a new threat.

Episodes 29 & 30: Tabula Rasa
On the run from the League after his armor is damaged, Lex goes to his old scientists home to discover his body and his last science project: A.M.A.Z.O.

Episodes 31 & 32: Only a Dream
While the Justice League deal with a prison break, Prisoner John Dee uses an experimental ESP machine to gain the power to manipulate the dreams of the people who have wronged him, including the members of the League.

Episodes 33 & 34: Maid of Honor
Vandal Savage persuades Princess Audrey of Kasnia to marry him so that he can gain control of their space programmed and make an orbital ray gun to blackmail earth.

Episodes 35 & 36: Hearts and Minds
After Katma Tui, GL's old Girlfriend, is captured, GL goes to rescue. But he soon discovers that she's working undercover to get information on how to defeat Despero who is using an energy to brainwash and control people.

Episodes 37 & 38: A Better World
The Justice lords, an evil version of the League from a parallel universe, discover the dimension of the Justice League who do not live in the world like they do.

Episodes 39 & 40: The Terror Beyond
After Aquaman frees Solomon Grundy, Hawkgirl and the Justice League are convinced that the Lord of Atlantis has gone rogue. But when the trail leads them to the mysterious Dr. Fate, they discover there is more to this strange partnership than meets the eye.

Episodes 41 & 42: Eclipsed
When peace-keeping soldiers in the Middle East unearth an ancient hidden temple, they unwittingly release a vengeful spirit that possesses one of them. This spirit’s only goal is the total destruction of mankind, and even the Justice League is powerless to resist it.

Episodes 43 & 44: Hereafter
After Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his fellow heroes, the Justice League and rest of the grieving planet must learn to live in a world without Superman.

Episodes 45 & 46: Secret Society
While the strain of working so closely together begins to tear apart the Justice League, Gorilla Grodd returns and forms a tightly-knit group of villains – a Secret Society whose only goal is the destruction of the League.

Episode 47: Comfort and Joy
After saving a distant planet, the Justice League returns to Earth just in time for Christmas Eve. While Flash plays Santa for some orphans, Superman invites J'onn home to celebrate the holidays in Smallville. Meanwhile, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl share their favorite holiday traditions with each other.

Episodes 48 & 49: Wild Cards
In the ultimate reality show, the Joker pits the Justice League against the clock and against the Royal Flush Gang as the Justice League races to find and disarm all the bombs he's planted along the Strip in Las Vegas.

Episodes 50, 52 & 52: Starcrossed
When a Thanagarian force arrives and occupies Earth, Hawkgirl is torn between loyalty to her homeland and love of her adopted planet.

Justice League
Season Three
also known as
Justice League Unlimited
Season One (2004-2005)

Episode 1: Initiation
A reluctant Green Arrow joins forces with the new Justice League to stop a rampaging nuclear monster in Asia.

Episode 2: For the Man Who Has Everything
Batman and Wonder Woman visit the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday, only to find him trapped by Mongul.

Episode 3: Hawk and Dove
Wonder Woman teams up with two super powered brothers, one warlike, the other a pacifist, to stop Ares' plans to escalate a European civil war into World War III.

Episode 4: Fearful Symmetry
Supergirl discovers that a series of nightmares she's been having about being an assassin may be far more than just a bad dream.

Episode 5: Kid's Stuff
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are transformed into eight-year-olds in a desperate attempt to save the world from the magic of Mordred.

Episode 6: This Little Piggy
It's musical mayhem when Batman and Zatanna join forces to save a teammate from a fate worse than death.

Episode 7: The Return
Nearly two-dozen heroes join forces to prevent an all-powerful android from reaching his goal: the recently reformed Lex Luthor.

Episode 8: The Greatest Story Never Told
The Justice League is in epic battle with Mordru in downtown Metropolis, but the real story is what happens to Booster Gold while he's supposed to be on "crowd control."

Episode 9: Ultimatum
The Justice League meets the Ultimen, a popular group of young heroes who are about to discover their own horrifying secret origins.

Episode 10: Dark Heart
When the entire League is helpless to stop an alien invasion, the world's only hope is the Atom, a microscopic super hero.

Episode 11: Wake the Dead
When Solomon Grundy rises from the grave, an old friend must come out of hiding and team up with the League once more.

Episode 12: The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales
Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern chase a time-travelling villain to the past, where they team up with the greatest heroes of the Old West.

Episode 13: The Once and Future Thing: Time Warped
The Justice League's adventures in time take them to a futuristic Gotham City, where they join forces with that era's Batman and his super team: The Justice League Unlimited.

Justice League
Season Four
also known as
Justice League Unlimited
Season Two (2005)

Episode 14: The Cat and the Canary
Black Canary and Green Arrow team up to help save her mentor, Wildcat, from an underground, super-powered fight club known as The House.

Episode 15: The Ties That Bind
The escape artist and superhero known as Mr. Miracle approaches the Flash for helping in breaking out a special prisoner from an inescapable prison on a distant planet.

Episode 16: The Doomsday Sanction
While Superman battles Doomsday in the heart of a Volcano, Batman discovers an elaborate conspiracy to destroy the Justice League.

Episode 17: Task Force X
Five incarcerated super villains are offered suspended sentences if they can survive an impossible mission: steal a deadly weapon from the Justice League’s satellite headquarters.

Episode 18: The Balance
Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must put aside their feud and go to the depths of Tartarus when the evil sorcerer Felix Faust establishes dominion over Hades.

Episode 19: Double Date
Green Arrow and Black Canary race to stop The Question and Huntress from killing organized crime lord, Steven Mandragora.

Episode 20: Clash
The world’s mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel, joins the Justice League but even his power may not be enough to foil Lex Luthor’s latest plot.

Episode 21: Hunter's Moon
Responding to a deep space distress call, Shayera leads her reluctant teammates Vigilante and Vixen into a deadly trap.

Episode 22: Question Authority
The Question discovers a secret that threatens to shake the very foundations of the Justice League.

Episode 23: Flashpoint
To avenge a fallen comrade, Superman decides to declare war on Cadmus until Lex Luthor initializes his latest plan.

Episode 24: Panic in the Sky
With most of the founding members under arrest, the remaining heroes fight to survive Cadmus’ ultimate attack on the Justice League.

Episode 25: Divided We Fall
The founding members of the Justice League and Amanda Waller confront two of Earth's deadliest enemies.

Episode 26: Epilogue
65 years in the future, the history of the Justice League and Cadmus is the key to Batman’s origin –and his final destiny.

Justice League
Season Five
also known as
Justice League Unlimited
Season Three) (2005-2006)

Episode 27: I am Legion
Lex Luthor escapes from a maximum security prison, only to be invited to join Grodd's unstoppable Legion of Doom.

Episode 28: Shadow of the Hawk
Batman is suspicious of Shayera's new boyfriend, a mysterious archeologist with sinister ties to her Thanagarian past.

Episode 29: Chaos at the Earth's Core
Supergirl, Stargirl and Green Lantern go to Skartaris, the fantastic, hidden world at the Earth's core, to help free it from the rule of a brutal dictator.

Episode 30: To Another Shore
Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000 year old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, Viking Prince.

Episode 31: Flash and Substance
Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogues' gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor.

Episode 32: Dead Reckoning
The ghost of a circus performer convinces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of Monks.

Episode 33: Patriot Act
When an out of control super soldier threatens Metropolis, Green Arrow leads seven non-powered Justice Leaguers, including Crimson Avenger and Shining Knight, in a battle they can't hope to win.

Episode 34: The Great Brain Robbery
A mystical accident leads to Lex Luthor and the Flash's minds being swapped into each other's bodies.

Episode 35: Grudge Match
Roulette and Metabrawl returns, this time with an all-female roster of superheroes from the Justice League.

Episode 36: Far From Home
Supergirl, Green Lantern and Green Arrow travel to the 31st century and encounter the Legion of Superheroes and their greatest enemies, the Fatal Five.

Episode 37: Ancient History
Hawkman and Shadow Thief return, as more history from ancient Egypt is revealed.

Episode 38: Alive!
As Lex Luthor looks for remaining traces of Brainiac in deep space, Grodd breaks free from imprisonment and leads a mutiny, inciting a civil war within the Legion of Doom.

Episode 39: Destroyer
The Justice League must work together with the Legion of Doom to stop Darkseid's army from taking over the entire planet; Lex Luthor searches for a way to end Darkseid's terror permanently.

Batman Beyond
Short (2014; 2020)

Short 1: Batman Beyond - Batman 75
Terry McGinnis faces his most formidable foe of all--himself.

Short 2: Batman Beyond - Beyond Batman
The Batman of Swinging Sixties culture clashes with the Batman of the far-flung future when Batman Beyond and his mentor, Old Bruce Wayne, intercept a broadcast of the 1966 Batman TV show!

Justice League
Movie (2019)

Movie 1: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five
The fate of the earth hangs in the balance when the Justice League faces a powerful new threat --- the Fatal Five! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman seek answers as the time-traveling trio of Mano, Persuader and Tharok terrorize Metropolis in search of budding Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz. With her unwilling help, they aim to free remaining Fatal Five members Emerald Empress and Validus to carry out their sinister plan. But the Justice League has also discovered an ally from another time in the peculiar Star Boy--- brimming with volatile power, could he be the key to thwarting the Fatal Five? An epic battle against ultimate evil awaits!

Justice League Infinity
Comics (2021-2022)

Issue 1: The Mirror Crack'd
There is a being wandering the universe searching for its true purpose, but what it finds out on the furthest edges of the cosmos will change not just our universe, but multiple!

Issue 2: The Mirror Crack'd Part Two
Across the globe people begin disappearing, replaced with different but similar individuals. So where is Superman and who is this new monstrous Overman?! In order to get to the bottom of what's happening, the Justice League will need to first take down the new villain! And what horrors are revealed in the twisted mirror room?!

Issue 3: The Mirror Crack'd Part Three
As the worlds continue to bleed in and out of each other, the Justice League looks to the cosmos to learn how to stop the chaos that's been wrought. Meanwhile, Superman's journey through the Multiverse brings him face to face with another Man of Steel, but is this one friend or foe?

Issue 4: The Mirror Crack'd Part Four
After being whisked across the Multiverse, Wonder Woman finds herself trapped on a desolate and barren planet with the last person she'd ever expect to find: DARKSEID! What does the former ruler of Apokolips want with the Amazonian warrior? And what lurks in the shadows of this devastated world?

Issue 5: The Mirror Crack'd Part Five
Superman, trapped on Earth-X, teams up with the Freedom Fighters to help them liberate the world from Vandal Savage's control. Thanks to the added power of the newly arrived Superman-D, the Freedom Fighters might just have what it takes to break into Savage's stronghold. But what secrets has the immortal tyrant hidden within its walls?

Issue 6: The Mirror Crack'd Part Six
Both Justice Leagues arrive at the nexus of all realities, the Mirrored Room. Though they had hoped to find their old friend Amazo, what the League finds left behind in the ruins of the shattered mirrors is a far cry from the sentient android!

Issue 7: The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
The entity released from the Mirrored Room has accomplished its goal and is erasing the Multiverse and all of existence once and for all. In a last-ditch effort, using all his willpower, John Stewart saves what friends he can. Trapped in a construct bubble, the team works to formulate a plan of action, but is it too late? Is this the end of the Justice League?

Other Parallel Dimensions

The following titles are considered a parallel dimension of the main line continuity. Similar to how there is a parallel dimension inhabited by the Justice Lords, there is a parallel dimension inhabited by these titles.

2006: Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Embittered by Superman's heroic successes and soaring popularity, Lex Luthor forms a dangerous alliance with the powerful computer/villain Brainiac. Using advanced weaponry and a special strain of Kryptonite harvested from the far reaches of outer space, Luthor specifically redesigns Brainiac to defeat the Man of Steel.

2010: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
A "good" Lex Luthor arrives from an alternate universe to recruit the Justice League to help save his Earth from the Crime Syndicate, a gang of villainous characters with virtually identical super powers to the Justice League. What ensues is the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a war that threatens both planets and, through a diabolical plan launched by Owlman, puts the balance of all existence in peril.

2014: Batman: Strange Days
A brand new short from producer Bruce Timm featuring a lost tale from Batman's past, the Dark Knight tracks a strange giant to the mysterious lair of Dr. Hugo Strange.

2014: Batman: The Brave and The Bold "Night of the Batmen!"
When Batman gets hurt, his friends Capt Marvel, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man attempt to fill his cowl.

2015: Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Witness a divergent reality where the Justice League protects the planet - but answers to no one but themselves. Employing methods of intimidation and fear, this Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman deal brute force in the name of justice.

2017: Batman and Harley Quinn
When a break-in at S.T.A.R. Labs leads to a secret dossier being stolen by the gruesome duo of Poison Ivy and Floronic Man, aka Jason Woodrue, it's a green light for crime and mayhem. The Dark Knight and Nightwing are on the case, but they look to a certain wild card for help: Harley Quinn! Recently released from Arkham Asylum and trying to acclimate to life out of the super villain spotlight, Harley finds herself suiting up and mouthing off once again. So pucker up, puddin' - Who knows, maybe even Batman will have a good time!

2020-2023: Batman: The Adventures Continue
From the visionary producers of Batman: The Animated Series comes all-new stories in this seminal animated world.

2021: Teen Titans Go! "Space House - Part 4"
The free vacation in space was just an elaborate plot by Brainiac to collect every hero and villain in the DC Multiverse. The Titans and Superhero Girls agree to help Brainiac become an adult in exchange for letting them go.

2023: Teen Titans Go! "Intro"
Control Freak leads the Titans on a chase through various cartoon intro sequences.