March 24
Main Stage
6 pm

March 26
Encore Screening
Main Stage
2 pm

March 28, 2023
4K/Blu-Ray/Digital Release

April 21
Digital Release
Gardener Recordings

June 26
Streaming Release

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This section of the DCAU Resource is dedicated to the Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham movie.

An Ancient Evil Awakens! This chilling and bizarre story is a mash-up of Batman and classic cosmic-horror fiction. Returning from a decades-long voyage of discovery, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City, where his parents fell victim to the knife of a madman 20 years earlier. On his journey, Bruce has taken on an international trio of orphaned street kids - whom Batman fans will recognize as various iterations of Robin. During a deadly Arctic encounter, Bruce learns that a doomsday cult is planning Gotham's destruction. Bruce must now return home and take on the mantle of Batman. But when this man of science discovers he faces not criminals and crazies but actual ancient magic, fiery demons and interdimensional Old Gods, can he retain his sanity?


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