Rose Wilson

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Real Identity: Rose Wilson
Affiliaions: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Episodes): #DinnerForFive
Powers/Skills: Unknown
Voiced By: Chelsea Kane

Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson. He was gone for most of her life. They reconnected in the last year or so. They had issues over him repeatedly trying to assassinate her friends. She decided to moved in with him to make up for lost time and enrolled at Metropolis High School. The day after Batgirl encountered Deathstroke, Barbara Gordon arrived late to band. The teacher and band stopped and stared at her. Gordon met Rose Wilson, who was starting her first day. Despite Wilson being a total stranger, Gordon confided the story of the break-in to her. Wilson invited her to her house of dinner on the weekend to get her mind off the break-in. Rose Wilson greeted her after her dad answered the door. Mr. Wilson remarked she looked lovely and hugged her. Mr. Wilson hoped Gordon was as hungry as she was late. Gordon replied she was up for anything as long as it wasn't something like bouillabaisse. Mr. Wilson frowned. Wilson assured Gordon her father's bouillabaisse was the best and if she didn't like it, she was sure he would be willing to whip up something else. She took the doughnut box.

Mr. Wilson joked he might have dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets wedged in the back of the freezer. He took the doughnuts and walked to the kitchen. Wilson took Gordon's hand and gave her a tour of the house. They settled in Wilson's bedroom. Gordon commented Mr. Wilson was "nice." Wilson laughed and told her he was trying then revealed they recently reconnected. Wilson showed a family portrait of when she was an infant. Mr. Wilson called out dinner was ready. Wilson advised Gordon not to worry about impressing him and he was totally harmless. At the dinner table, Mr. Wilson asked Gordon if she always wore her shoes on other people's carpets. Gordon quickly chucked her shoes off. Wilson chided him. Gordon tried to compliment the shaved fennel and asparagus salad. He responded sarcastically. Wilson told him he was being rude. Mr. Wilson feigned innocence and asked Gordon to tell him something about herself. Gordon went on stream of unconscious thought and listed off he was a Libra, had a dog named Ace, liked Physics and gym class the best, owns every Batman comic ever, and her dad used to be the police commissioner in Gotham City.

Mr. Wilson's interest was piqued and he started to put things together. His ominous grin made her nervous. Gordon kept going to the bathroom. Mr. Wilson was waiting for her out in the hallway and asked Gordon if she found everything she needed. Rose Wilson appeared and broke the tension by suggesting they skip to dessert. She began to suspect something was strange was going on. She suggested pairing the souffle with ice cream. Mr. Wilson agreed and told her it was in the freezer downstairs. After she left, a fight broke out between them. Rose Wilson walked in on them. Deathstroke assured her it wasn't what it looked like. Batgirl elbowed him. Wilson revealed he promised he wouldn't try to assassinate her friends anymore. She stated she was very disappointed in him. Deathstroke exclaimed it was his job. Wilson realized she should have known he couldn't change but she was just starting to trust him. Deathstroke apologized and stated she meant more to him than anything.

Deathstroke promised if she didn't want him to do the job, he wouldn't. He took off his mask, and swore he would not assassinate Commissioner Gordon. Wilson ordered them to shake hands. They objected. Batgirl licked her glove to his disgust. He didn't look and shook her hand. Commissioner Gordon rang the doorbell outside. The three of them answered, smiling. He invited Gordon inside for doughnuts. Gordon remarked he never said no to a doughnut and came in. The Wilsons visited the Gordon house the next day. Rose Wilson told Barbara Gordon she was moving back in with her mother because she and her father agreed to take it a little slower. Wilson promised she would still come and visit. She also promised Gordon's secret was safe with her. Mr. Wilson approached next and thanked Gordon for showing him what a father and daughter could be. He revealed he was taking time off to be a better dad.