Up Past 8

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Real Identity: Braxton McNair, C.J. Casablanca, and Ashton Van der Wurf
Appearances (Episodes): #LeagueOfShadows Part 2 and #DoubleDanvers
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude and Dancing
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Up Past 8 is a popular boy band and the favorite band of Karen Beecher. She thinks they are cute and have nice singing voices and their songs make her feel good. In particular, Braxton McNair has dreamy voice, C.J. Casablanca's lyrics that he writes is pure poetry, and Ashton Van der Wurf's moves make her want to dance all day long. During their Breakin' Curfew tour, Up Past 8 had a concert scheduled for the Metropolis Gardens. Beecher scored two tickets the day before but no one was interested in going with her. Ra's Al Ghul plotted to use Red Kryptonite to take control of Supergirl's mind and use her to destroy Up Past 8 as part of his goal of purifying the planet of the infestation of humanity. He wanted to start with bad music. Beecher suspected Danvers of stealing her tickets but was only met with laughter.

On the night of the concert, she followed Danvers on her own and confirmed her suspicions but was naturally confused why she would attend an Up Past 8 concert in the first place. She suited up and followed her into the Gardens then found Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows in a box room. She sneaked in and overheard Ra's discussing his plans. Up Past 8 was tied up back stage by Bumblebee while Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein took their place on the stage. Bumblebee assured them it was for their own safety and she thought they were all the cute ones. She couldn't resist and took a selfie. They obliged and posed as best they could. The audience was none the wiser and the Super Hero Girls were able to save Supergirl. Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein used one of Up Past 8's songs to shatter the Kryptonite.

As part of a deal for Bizarro Supergirl to impersonate Kara Danvers for her father's pitch meeting to Ted Kord on a Friday night, Danvers had to take her to an Up Past 8 concert. They attended a show at Metropolis Gardens and got front row seats. They serenaded Bizarro. Danvers regretted making the deal and liked Bizarro better when she was angry.