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Real Identity: Tommy
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 4, #AdventuresInBunnysitting, and #IllusionsOfGrandeur
Appearances (Super Shorts): #GoFish, #SpeedyDelivery, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #CruzControl, and #TheCommute
Appearances (Games): Teen Power
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Tommy is a boy who had a Lexcorp VR Glasses like any other youth in Metropolis. He wore it once outside Matt's Vegan Cafe. He celebrated his birthday at Metropolis' Pelham Park. His parents hired Zee Zatara to perform a magic show and it happened to be her first paid performance as a solo magician. Just as she was about to produce a quarter from behind Tommy's ear, a wave of magical rabbit babies made its way to the park. Tommy pointed out there was a rabbit in her hand instead of a quarter. One of Tommy's friends, a red headed girl, pointed to more rabbits. A wave entered the park. Tommy, now seated at the top of a slide, complimented Supergirl's "Superman" costume. Supergirl corrected him that it was not. Zatanna introduced Supergirl as her lovely assistant for her next trick, to make all the rabbits disappear. She demonstrated and tossed a baby rabbit into her hat, an open portal. Tommy and his friends cheered. Supergirl tossed more then ripped the slide off and funneled them into the hat. She flew around the rest and created a whirlwind that went into the hat.

As Zatanna and Supergirl bowed, Tommy proclaimed Superman's sister was the best. Supergirl had just about enough of him but more baby magical rabbits arrived and flooded the park, carrying everyone into the streets. Tommy loved it. When Zatanna's hate spell to split her rabbits failed and produced a giant monster, she told Tommy and the children to run. Tommy, his friends, and other citizens cheered after Supergirl pulled Blackberry and Dandelion apart and the monster vanished. Tommy was jumping in a bouncy castle and riding the carousel with friends on the Metropolis Pier when it was plagued by Gremlins.

Tommy attended a football game between Metropolis High and Gotham High with his mother and sat in the bleacher. It ended with Garth Bernstein running onto the field for a miracle touchdown. Tommy was playing on one of the spring riders in Pelham Park when the Flash stopped by for a turn on the swings. Tommy was making a castle in the sandbox with a girl in Pelham Park but ran for it with her right before Jessica Cruz drove through the park in her mother's van due to bad directions from Diana Prince. Jessica Cruz caught Tommy throwing a plastic water bottle away. He walked right into her legs and bounced off. She tried to lecture him but he left without her noticing. Tommy took the bus with his mother and crying sibling on the night Batgirl was forced to take the 139 to Metropolis Pier.

After an embarrassing photo of Supergirl flying into live power lines went viral on Superstapost, Tommy defended her. Kara Danvers overheard the conversation and happy to hear there was a Supergirl fan, chased the other children away.