Silver Banshee

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Real Identity: Siobhan McDougal
Appearances (Episodes): #SchoolGhoul
Powers/Skills: Sound Manipulation, Flight, Intangibility, Memory Manipulation, and Possession
Voiced By: Cristina Milizia

Siobhan McDougal was the eldest child in an ancient line. When her father died, she became the leader of Castle Broen in Scotland and all of Clan McDougal. Everyone in the clan bowed without hesitation to her except her cruel younger brother Bevin McDougal. He was not interested in taking orders from her and wanted the clan for himself. During a thunderstorm, he pursued her up to the bell tower. She fell to her death. Bevin McDougal placed her crest badge on his person and took over the clan. Siobhan McDougal returned in spirit form but discovered her castle was gone. She searched the world over and found the McDougal Academy in Metropolis. She could not rest until she had back what was hers. Each night when the bell tolled midnight, McDougal's ghost manifested, stalked the halls, and ransacked rooms. The students nicknamed her "Silver Banshee" based on her vengeful cry. Tatsu Yamashiro heard of the haunting and infiltrated the school as a student to investigate on her own.

Like clock work, Silver Banshee appeared in a dorm room. Banshee looked in the girl's jewelry box. As the girl nervously turned, Banshee stopped, turned, and screamed. Tatsu Yamashiro returned to the room and found the girl sitting on the floor whimpering with her hair blown back. She pointed. Yamashiro saw the jewelry box on the floor broken. Unable to capture Banshee on her own, she sent a text to Diana Prince. Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers came instead to her annoyance. Danvers didn't believe in ghosts but wanted to document all the "ghost activity" with her phone for laughs. She was unaware a bagpipe was levitating on its own behind her. The others pointed but by the time Danvers turned around, it was back on the mantle. She shrugged. Flying books followed Danvers but when she looked, they were back in the book case. While Danvers looked in a closet, Gordon and Yamashiro were chased around by levitating chairs, a piano, lamp, and billiard balls. Yamashiro hopped into Gordon's arms and they screamed.

Danvers was bored and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gordon asked Yamashiro if she saw all that. Yamashiro nodded. A window shattered and Banshee flew in. They chased after it and bounced off Danvers, who didn't see Banshee. They came upon three paths and split up. Gordon gave everyone comms and instructions to hail everyone whoever encountered the ghost first. Gordon and Yamashiro fell for Danvers' ruse and made their way to the kitchen. Danvers prepared to get a shot of Yamashiro and Gordon for Metropovids. Danvers saw Banshee on her screen reflection and screamed. Banshee screeched and it knocked Danvers into the others. They quickly suited up. Katana unleashed a slash from her Soultaker but Banshee's scream neutralized the attack. Danvers charged but flew through Banshee into a cabinet. Batgirl prepared her pack and told Banshee to prepare to eat highly-focused and radially-polarized proton but it glitched and she went flying. While Banshee was distracted by Batgirl, Katana got behind her and slashed. Banshee was successfully trapped in the Soultaker. She cried out it was not justice. She took hold of Katana and revealed her true origins.

Katana realized she made a grave mistake and knew where to find what Banshee was looking for. The girls went to Headmaster McDougal's office and burst in. He yelped and asked what was the meaning of their intrusion. Supergirl asked if this was the right move. Katana was sure what they did was not justice and released Banshee. Naturally, Headmaster McDougal freaked out and ran away. He ran up to the bell tower. Katana pleaded with Banshee that killing him was not justice. She looked at his crest badge, the one Bevin McDougal stole from her and she got angry. Banshee charged and possessed Headmaster. He experienced all of her memories and learned the truth. He apologized and gave her the badge, then acknowledged her as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan. Banshee accepted the badge, put it on, and peacefully dispersed. The next day, a wisp passed by the academy's front gate.