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Real Identity: Paulette
Affiliations: 99 Ways to Dye
Appearances (Super Shorts): #DyeHarder
Powers/Skills: Hair Styling
Voiced By: Jessica McKenna

Paulette is a master hair stylist at 99 Ways to Dye in Metropolis. Zee Zatara chose Paulette as her personal stylist. Zatara convinced Diana Prince to give her a try and was a satisfied customer. Prince remarked her hair now reminded her of the twilight surf flapping gently against the shores of Themyscira. Kara Danvers bumped into them outside the salon. They insisted she try Paulette, too, and shoved her inside. Paulette looked her over, told her not to speak, and decided she would get the extra special treatment for being her last customer of the day. Danvers became concerned when she said it was going to be about cleaning up the old and making way for the new. She instructed Danvers to remain quiet and to close his eyes. She played some soothing music and massaged her scalp. The music put Danvers to sleep. Paulette tried scissors but it could cut her super hair. She wondered what kind of product she used then tried a shaver but it failed, too, and broke.

Paulette tried unconventional methods. A grinder bounced off her head and Paulette went sliding across the floor. She tried a flame thrower then lost her composure. She fashioned dynamite as hair curlers then detonated them. The front doors were blown away. Danvers strode out convinced Paulette was a master, too, but her hairstyle looked the same. Amid the wreckage inside, Paulette put up the closed sign.