Jennifer Pierce

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Real Identity: Jennifer Pierce
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Powerless
Powers/Skills: Electrokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jennifer Pierce is a teenage girl with electrical powers she couldn't control yet. Pierce's powers caused in incident in Gotham City, enough to make Batman mad. The family decided to move to Metropolis and bought a home in a new neighborhood. Jennifer Pierce went alone to unpack at the new house and get ready for school while her parents cleaned up the mess she made in Gotham. Pierce downloaded the Metropolis High School app to register but she had a power surge again and it wiped out the cloud and everything. After examining old maps of the city and the power grid, Barbara Gordon discovered the epicenter of the power outage and went there on her own. The other Super Hero Girls eventually found them because the Pierce home was the only one lit up. Gordon warned them she was like lightning. Bumblebee's suit charged off it and she was restored to normal size. Gordon saw a box marked "Rain Gear" and donned a rubber raincoat. Since it was nonconductive, the electricity wouldn't go through it.

Gordon looked for a way to ground her. Pierce was afraid her dad was going to ground her and they would have to move again. Gordon found a power cord and explained she had too much power floating around her so connecting her electricity to the earth will limit the voltage. Gordon would hold one end and Pierce would hold the other. Pierce asked her if she was sure it would work. Gordon tossed her an end and ran out the house. She jammed it into the ground and it seemed to work but Pierce still had a lot of power left. The electricity went to a nearby streetlight and soon the whole city regained power. The girls talked to Pierce on the porch, where she explained her recent history. Wonder Woman asked if she had any other family to look after her. Pierce revealed she had an older sister who was away at college then asked if she was going to jail. The girls cheered her up and each confessed about a mistake they made in the past then promised to help train her and did a group hug. The next morning, they all walked into Metropolis High together.