Shane O'Shaughnessy

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Real Identity: Shane O'Shaughnessy
Appearances (Super Shorts): #HamsterConQueso, #Babsgirl (voice only), and #VeggieBurritoBucket
Appearances (Episodes): #BurritoBucket and #WorkingStiff
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 11
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Ghosting
Powers/Skills: Management
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson

Shane O'Shaughnessy is a manager at a Burrito Bucket in Metropolis. He is very strict and stern with employee Barbara Gordon. After Gordon arrived for her shift, O'Shaughnessy announced the health inspector was performing his inspection, handed her a mop, and told her not to mess it up, and left the room. Gordon scrambled to find Hammy the Hamster, her school's mascot who escaped her locker, before O'Shaughnessy or the inspector noticed it. It somehow ended up under a bucket and ran along a counter towards O'Shaughnessy and the Health Inspector by the wash station. Gordon ran over and awkwardly rested her arm on the bucket, announcing the floor was done and touted the soda machine's cleanliness. After they left to check the soda machine, Gordon checked and Hammy was gone. It somehow climbed atop the soda machine and ate a straw then fell in. O'Shaughnessy demonstrated the flow and prattled on about the model. As Hammy fell through the dispenser, Gordon caught it with a spatula and flipped it.

Hammy bounced off a decoration, then a seat, then an order sign and landed in a burrito. Hammy started eating. O'Shaughnessy, unaware of Hammy, offered the burritos to the inspector as a taste test. He ate the one with Hammy in it but Hammy fell out the other end onto Gordon's open hands. The inspector praised Burrito Bucket's secret ingredient and gave them a pass grade. At the end of a night shift, Gordon went out the back exit and told O'Shaughnessy good night and the stack of dishes was right behind him. It was too late, he tipped the stack over and they broke into pieces. He yelled for Gordon but she zipped away. Shane O'Shaughnessy stated he normally wouldn't allow a friend to cover for an employee but he noted a mop could do a better job than Gordon. He reminded her to put on the uniform. Cruz looked in a locker and saw a dirty uniform. She declined and put on Gordon's name tag only. O'Shaughnessy advised her to familiarize herself with the menu before the lunch rush.

O'Shaughnessy took a bowl to customer but she pointed out it was supposed to be a triple meat burrito. O'Shaughnessy stormed into the back and yelled for Gordon. Cruz corrected him. He ordered her to give the customer what they order. She continued to substitute vegetables for meat in orders. O'Shaughnessy had enough and dragged Cruz to the counter to take orders. The customers started complaining about their orders being wrong and filled with veggies. O'Shaughnessy yelled at her again and told her to give customers what they ordered or she and Gordon would be fired. Cruz watched customers eating meat and sank to the floor. She couldn't bring herself to serve meat. O'Shaughnessy was amused and asked her if she thought Burrito Bucket could afford real meat. She looked over to a barrel filled with substitute meat. Cruz was ecstatic it wasn't real meat and declared burritos for all. The customers cheered.

Gordon was late to work six times and it was still only Monday. At 10:05 am, O'Shaughnessy lectured Gordon about the importance of a good work ethic like punctuality and responsibility. Gordon showed him her childhood photo and reiterated was a big fan of Burrito Bucket since she was five years old. He warned her she would be fired if she was late one more time. At 10:35 am, she asked for bathroom break. He told her no at first but she ran up to him and pleaded. He caved and gave her two minutes. She was unable to stop a bank robbery across the street and zipped behind the counter then tried to get her 15-minute break early but O'Shaughnessy was adamant she take it at noon. She asked for another bathroom break but he pointed out she just had one then she took a drink from the soda fountain. She noticed the trash can was full and asked for a short break to take it out to the dumpster. He got irritated and gave her a minute. O'Shaughnessy glared at her when she returned.

Gordon took the opportunity to empty the hot sauce bottle onto the customer's taco order then went off to buy more hot sauce. He yelled she had two minutes. She returned without any sauce and he pressed her about it but a Metropoleats Delivery Service worker walked in. She zipped out and took the order instead. He gave her two minutes. She had to run back and dived behind the corner. O'Shaughnessy glared at her from a booth. Gordon called the Flash for help. He gestured to her he was watching. A customer came in and took forever trying to figure out what to order. Gordon propped up a bucket on a broom and left. She returned and the customer decided to get sushi instead. O'Shaughnessy informed her there was an order of 100 buckets to fulfill. Luckily, she noticed it was noon and took her break. He was annoyed but upheld the mandate. He warned her not to be late or he would rain down a firing upon her like she never saw before.

O'Shaughnessy did a count and fired Gordon for only making 99 buckets. A trio walked in and ordered two taco buckets, four buckets of quesadillas, three buckets of guacamole then put on their masks and held up O'Shaughnessy and Jimmy. Gordon hid by the restroom. She put on her bucket and a pancho then jumped atop the counter as the Burrito Bucketeer. She knocked their guns away with burritos, squirted guacamole on the floor, they slipped, then she garnished them and rolled them up in a rug like a burrito. After a police officer took them into custody, O'Shaughnessy admitted she saved the restaurant. She asked for her job back. He grumbled and agreed to. She hugged him. He simply extended his arm out to push her away. She asked for hour-long breaks. He said no. She knocked it down to half-hour. He said no. She asked for Employee of the Month. He compromised and gave her Employee of the Night. She accepted.

Shane O'Shaughnessy refused to hire Karen Beecher on Gordon's recommendation. Gordon stated Beecher was smart, responsible, and didn't even like burritos so she wouldn't be sneaking free food to the break room. O'Shaughnessy told her to stop talking. Beecher held Gordon's mouth shut. He liked that Beecher was quiet and hired her. Gordon got excited and shook him while asking to train her. He conceded as long as she left him alone. Gordon told Beecher he acted grumpy but deep down, he loved their boss-employee banter. O'Shaughnessy heard her and stated he did not. He tried to tell her to get to work but Gordon finished his sentence with glee. She snatched a burrito from a boy's tray as he walked by and scarfed it down then placed the trademark miniature sombrero on her head and Beecher's. Gordon demonstrated how she stuffed napkin dispensers so she wouldn't have to refill it later. O'Shaughnessy told Beecher not to do it that way. A boy walked over to get a napkin but they all shot out into his face.

Next, Gordon showed Beecher how she made her Babs Special, a burrito overstuffed with extra cheese, extra meat, and extra, extra cheese. Beecher deduced it would explode all over as soon as she bit into it. Gordon confirmed that was what made it so special then bit down. It exploded all over O'Shaughnessy. He told Beecher never to make bad specials. Beecher finished making her first burrito. O'Shaughnessy was dazzled. A holy light shone down on it and angelic burritos flew past him He measured with his hands and confirmed it was the ideal bean-to-rice ratio and the tortilla was folded to corporate specifications. He proclaimed it was magnificent. Beecher thanked him for the compliment. He insisted she call him by his first name. Gordon tried to, too, but O'Shaughnessy ordered not to. Gordon laughed and cited it as their banter. Beecher mopped the floors while Gordon shared her theory about what gets cleaned gets dirty tomorrow so it should wait until the next day when everything could be cleaned all at once. Beecher pointed out they were off the next day. Gordon winked and touched her nose conspiratorially. O'Shaughnessy told her not to save it for tomorrow.

While Beecher wiped the counter, O'Shaughnessy told her she was doing a great job. Beecher insisted she was just doing what she was asked to. O'Shaughnessy confirmed that was what makes it so great then added her baseline competence reminded him of how bad Gordon was and fired her. Gordon was bereft. Beecher issued an ultimatum that she and Gordon were a package deal and he couldn't fire one without firing the other but Gordon told her it was okay. Gordon stated Burrito Bucket was her everything and O'Shaughnessy was like a father to her. O'Shaughnessy pointed out he was only four years older than her. Before she left, O'Shaughnessy checked if she clocked out. Gordon wanted to mark her goodbye at quarter past. He told her to clock out. Gordon whimpered, handed her sombrero to Beecher, and tearfully requested they tell the burritos she loved them. In five minutes, Gordon lost it and saw burritos everywhere. She returned to Burrito Bucket and witnessed O'Shaughnessy put Beecher's photo up on the Employee of the Month wall.

Gordon begged him for her job back because her life had lost all meaning. He sighed and told her she wasn't a bad kid just the worse employee any manager ever had the misfortune of hiring ever. He repeated "ever." She took offense to the last "ever." O'Shaughnessy mused she wouldn't know what a good Burrito Bucket employee looked like. She soon returned with Mitchell Mayo. O'Shaughnessy was speechless at first then told Gordon about Mayo getting so intense that the company had to fire him, then he got fired elsewhere and blacklisted. O'Shaughnessy, Gordon, and Beecher hid by the soda fountain. Mayo was insulted by the current state of the workstation and threw things around. He revealed he was now the Condiment King and was now dressed in a costume. O'Shaughnessy crawled away. Gordon yelled she would get help and left. Batgirl arrived soon after.

O'Shaughnessy peeked out a little later and was dismayed by the mess all over. He took solace in having Beecher for an employee but she quit and asked him to mail her her day's earnings, which included overtime. He was shocked. Gordon blinked at him. He sighed in exasperation. She squealed at being rehired. He ordered her to clean up the mess. She tried to get out of it, he threw her a mop, and ordered her to just clean. Gordon asked him if he was going to call the police. She started mopping Condiment King's belly and he groaned.

Shane O'Shaughnessy came out into the front and warned Gordon she better not be fraternizing on company time. Gordon denied it and asked Zatara and her "cousin," whom she never saw before, if her order was two burritos. Zatara confirmed and asked her not to skimp on guacamole. She told O'Shaughnessy her quality of service merited a raise. He suspected something was fishy. Gordon reminded him the daily special was Mahi-Mahi tacos. He went back to his office to do paperwork but told Gordon he was watching her. Sparrow, Gordon's robot project, couldn't get the fountain to work and attacked it. Zatara called in the other girls to help get Sparrow away. Gordon wrapped herself around Sparrow and tried to calm it down. O'Shaughnessy thought she was attacking a customer. Zatara interrupted him and asked for guacamole. She mentioned the customer was always right and would hate to have to leave a bad Welp review and Gordon saved her cousin with the Heimlich Maneuver. She again mentioned Gordon should get a raise. He scooped the guacamole himself.

After a run-in with Catwoman, the Super Hero Girls and Katana raced to Burrito Bucket so Gordon wouldn't be late for her shift. O'Shaughnessy reprimanded her and repeated the napkins should be dispensed from right to left and not left to right. Tatsu Yamashiro found his yelling to be an ineffectual managerial style. Gordon agreed. He pointed at a burrito and told her the fold was unacceptable because the angle of the crease was all wrong. He tossed it in the trash and ordered her to make Yamashiro a new one. Yamashiro believed he needed to be taught a lesson. Katana confronted him in his office. At first, he thought she was sent by the Burger Prince. She told him to learn to treat his employees better or she would have to teach him some respect. He quickly agreed to her terms. He heard something outside and yelled to Gordon the drink machine had better be clean. He became one of the many victims of Cheetah and the Mask of Dolos. At the end of the lunch shift, Gordon was unable to find him so she couldn't leave.

Zee Zatara tried using spells but was unable to locate him. Yamashiro admitted she was the last person to see him. They tried meditating to figure out a plan. Gordon suggested using the Soultaker to find souls. Katana took the burrito he threw away then invoked the power of the sword. A wisp of O'Shaughnessy's soul manifested. She hoped the wisp would be pulled towards the main soul. After doing hours of paperwork, the wisp finally departed and went to a dry cleaners. She pretended to be sent to pick up O'Shaughnessy's dry cleaning. The worker asked for the slip. He noticed she dripped a lot of water inside and told her to inform O'Shaughnessy he was charging double next time. She was given a colorful Irish outfit. She followed the wisp to his place where it watched "Watching Paint Dry." Tiring of waiting, Katana presented the green sequins to the wisp. It led her to Mallory O'Madden's where an Irish Fest Dance-Off was about to begin. She found the team O'Shaughnessy belonged to and was convinced to be his alternate.

Some time later, while fighting a coalition of Cheetahs, Wonder Woman noticed one with burrito breath. She called over Katana. They realized the Mask of Dolos just obscured a victim's true identity. Katana invoked the Soultaker's power and ordered the soul trapped in the fake Cheetah to be released. O'Shaughnessy was restored to normal and confused about his bad breath. To add to the confusion, Katana advised him to go home, eat some soup, and enjoy his dry cleaning.