Renee Montoya

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Real Identity: Renee Montoya
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Episodes): #DetentionClub
Powers/Skills: Security
Voiced By: Roxana Ortega

Renee Montoya is a security guard at Metropolis High School. In search of Pamela Isley during Saturday detention, Hal Jordan noticed Hammy the Hamster in its cage by a vending machine then heard Officer Montoya patrolling the halls. He quickly floating himself up to the ceiling just as she turned the corner. Montoya brushed off the noise to Hammy and continued her patrol. Isley tried to pick the lock of the storage closet with a seedling but Jordan interrupted her. He changed his mind after he heard Montoya. He ordered Isley to get on his shoulders and get in through the transom. She found it humiliating. She climbed in. At the last second, a vine grabbed Jordan by the wrist and pulled him through the transom. Montoya paused then continued her patrol. Montoya returned. Jordan grabbed a golf club and hit a ball out the transom. It bounced off lockers, triggered a fountain, and knocked the door loose on Hammy's cage. Hammy ran past Montoya. Montoya believed that was the noise and gave chase. Jordan got cocky and leaned on a shelf. It broke and all the items fell off. Montoya opened the closet door and busted them.

Jordan later realized what the significance of why Isley was looking for her plant. Jordan decided to forgo sitting in silence and instead pull off a good old-fashioned plant heist. Everyone was down, to Isley's surprise. For the first step, Kara Danvers and Zee Zatara cleared Montoya out of the halls. Zatara animated lost and found clothes and it led Montoya into the storage closet. Danvers locked the door. After detention ended, Isley paused in the hall and raised her fist in triumph over destroying Mr. Chapin's laptop, and by extension the file holding everyone's report cards. Montoya interrupted her moment and ordered her to go home. Isley blew a raspberry at her.