June Moone

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Real Identity: June Moone
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Episodes): #OneEnchantedEvening
Powers/Skills: Artistry
Voiced By: Ashely Spillers

June Moone is the new art teacher at Metropolis High School. She hid the fact that Enchantress, an evil sorceress, was in possession of her body and could periodically take control and switch places by using a reflective surface to communicate with her. Zee Zatara schemed about setting Moone up on a date with her father so he wouldn't be lonely anymore. Moone remarked her bust was a handsome sculpture. She accidentally tipped it over and tried to pick it up in vain. Zatara told her it was okay and asked if "Miss" was correct. Moone didn't understand, confirmed it, and went to get a mop. Beecher became suspicious. Zatara believed she was perfect for her father. Beecher remarked for a magician, she was really mad at mind-reading. Zatara noted Moone was sweet, single, and adorably clumsy and probably irresistible once the hair came down and the glasses came off. Moone got the mop tangled in her hair and her glasses fell in the mop bucket. Beecher asked Zatara if she was aware they weren't living in a movie. Zatara told her to play along and she pretended to be sick.

Moone walked Zatara to her locker. Zatara asked her if she minded helping with her books. She gave Moone a tall stack of textbooks. She saw her father coming around the corner and guided Moone from behind so they would bump into each other. He apologized and helped her up. He asked Zee how she was feeling. She blurted out she was great then quickly pretended her stomach was sore then told Moone her father was a magician. She was intrigued. Zee implored him to do a trick because she loved magic. He obliged and used a coin to perform a sleight of hand and produced a rabbit. Moone clapped and asked how he did that. He was eager to get his daughter home, fed, and put to bed. She got an idea and on a shaky premise both liked to eat, reserved them a table at Chez Romantique at 7:00. He started to get what she was doing but she pretended to faint. Moone shrugged and walked back to class. She stopped at Zatara's locker mirror and fixed her hair. After she turned around, Enchantress grinned evilly and her eyes turned green.

They both felt awkward as a violinist played at their table. Zee Zatara was at another table incognito and conjured a giant ham. It landed on their table but some candles were disrupted and it caught fire. Moone threw her cup of water on it but Giovanni Zatara got wet, too. Zee Zatara hid behind her menu. They went to see a movie after they had dinner. They grazed hands while putting down their popcorn at the same time. From the row behind them, Zee Zatara cast a spell that combined their popcorn into one big bag. Not knowing what happened, he reached for more popcorn and grabbed Moone's hand by mistake. He tried to explain himself but everyone else shushed him. He slinked in his chair. The date ended at the Metropolis Pier. While they looked out at the bay, Zee Zatara hid behind a cart and cast a wind spell to trip her father up and get him closer to Moone for a kiss. She pushed him away but he was so unbalanced, he went over the rails into the water. She heard the splash and looked in horror at her mistake. Zee Zatara cringed and hid.

Still soaking wet, he walked her home at the end of their date. He remarked it certainly was eventful. She agreed. After some silence, she bid him good night. They shook hands. In some bushes nearby, Zee Zatara was elated and thought the date was a success. She noticed Moone admired her father's scarf so as the ultimate romantic gesture, she was going to plant it wrapped around a bouquet of flowers in Moone's classroom and when Moone found it, she would flip and completely fall in love with her father. The next night, she sneaked into the art classroom. She was startled by the sound of the locked door becoming unlocked and hid under the desk. June Moone saw the flowers. In a mirror, Enchantress noted them. Moone admitted she still didn't know why she wanted them to go on the date. Zatara didn't get who she was talking to. Moone then admitted there wasn't a spark between them. Enchantress didn't care about that and believed things went better than she'd hoped and revealed her true form. She switched places. Enchantress appeared in Moone's place and Moone was now in the mirror.

Moone wanted to know she wasn't going to hurt Giovanni Zatara. Enchantress vowed she was going to annihilate him. She vaporized the flowers but held onto the unharmed scarf. Both father and daughter were able to vanquish Enchantress. Moone returned and fell out of the sky. He flew after her and caught her. Moone awoke and shrieked then asked if Enchantress was gone. He told her she was. Moone mused that was a plus. They both got flustered and he put her down on the roof. She asked if he could keep the whole thing about her being possessed by an evil sorceress a secret since she was up for tenure next year. He promised her secret was safe. She was relieved. After an awkward silence, she bid him goodbye and walked to the elevator. Zatanna cleared her throat. He crossed his arms.