Max Lord

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Real Identity: Max Lord
Appearances (Episodes): #WorldsFinest
Powers/Skills:: Public Relations
Voiced By: PJ Bryne

Max Lord is a public relations agent in Metropolis. Batgirl and Supergirl were besides themselves about Batman and Superman drawing such a large adoring crowd over a table top fighting game battle. Max Lord was eavesdropping on them and butted in, claiming they needed PR to solve their problem and separate themselves from all of the other "50 costumed clowns" in the city. Supergirl retorted she was asking herself why she wasn't punching the dork out of her way. Lord laughed and noted public figures seen as aggressive trended well because people liked jerks. He produced a black business card with a sleight of hand. Batgirl laughed sarcastically. Lord liked her bubbly persona and stated that sells. He instantly read them as A-listers trapped in a B-lister's career and promised he could get them the respect they deserved. Batgirl threw his card away. Jimmy Olsen agreed they needed more exposure if they wanted to make it big like Batman and Superman. Batgirl was skeptical of Lord's assessment. Anthony walked past and mocked their knock-off costumes. Olsen loved the costumes Anthony and his Superman cosplaying friend were wearing and asked them if he could take a photograph for his school paper.

Supergirl and Batgirl conceded and fished out Lord's card from the trash can. Lord tipped them off about something big going down at the public unveiling of the Mr. Moofy sculpture at the city park. Giganta crashed the unveiling and in exchange Max Lord secretly promised to make her an A-lister supervillain as long as she let Batgirl and Supergirl defeat her. They continued to make headlines like saving a picnic, finding the Mayor's lucky penny, reheating leftover pizza to the perfect temperature, saving a Mind & Body class as fill-in aerobics instructors, and saving puppies from nightmares. Lord soon informed them it was now time to capitalize on their brand. Batgirl did a commercial about puppy adoptions. Lord sold photos to children on the set. Danvers got jealous and Supergirl endorsed Pow-Power Loops cereal. Lord signed contracts held up by three executives. Gordon got jealous and Batgirl plugged a toy bat. Supergirl went on a book tour for "No, you're a Jerk," a memoir that was done by a ghost writer.

During the press tour, things became tense between Batgirl and Supergirl. Supergirl was still quibbling over the order of their names in headlines. Batgirl took issue with Supergirl's "S" really popping while her bat symbol was three shades too dark and reads a little flat. Supergirl scoffed and teased she should have a soft spot for anything flat based on her singing. Batgirl advised her to have her ghost-writer proofread her next book then pointed out the middle three chapters of her memoir were reprinted from a cookbook. Lord broke it up and emphasized they needed to protect the brand. He was horrified to watch a public spat unfold during a Q&A session. Max Lord tried to brainstorm a way to fix the schism. He thought about having them endorse the same product or sing a duet. Giganta entered Lord's office and demanded he hold up his end of their deal. Lord was not hearing it and made the mistake of calling her an epic failure.

Batgirl saw the Daily Planet headline "Super Friends No More" and felt guilty. She called up Lord to fire him but saw Giganta leap across buildings above her with Lord screaming for help. Supergirl also decided to fire Lord out of guilt. Giganta climbed up the Daily Planet building and dangled Lord from the rooftop balcony. Supergirl promised Giganta she would be beat up a third time in a week. Giganta couldn't believe she wanted to save the weasel then spilled on her deal with Lord. Batgirl, from atop the globe, proposed doing it the hard way or the fun way. Giganta was confused. Batgirl took out her binoculars and spotted the Mr. Moofy sculpture then explained the "fun way" would get her the bad guy cred Lord couldn't get her. Supergirl tossed her some distance to the city park where she landed on and crushed the Moofy sculpture. She was declared Metropolis's worst.