Lois Lane

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Real Identity: Lois Lane
Affiliations: Metropolis High School and Daily Planetoid
Appearances (Episodes): #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #MisgivingTree, #BreakingNews, and #CruzControl
Appearances (Super Shorts): #LetThemEatPie, #EqualTights, #PhotoOops, and #StarStruck
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High and Midterms
Appearances (Comics): Giant #2 (A Sticky Zit-Uation)
Appearances (Games): Teen Power
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Grey Griffin

Lois Lane is a student at Metropolis High School and is the Editor-in-Chief at the school paper, the Daily Planetoid. Both she and Jimmy Olsen cover Superman's exploits in an effort at earning an internship at the Daily Planet. Kara Danvers thought Metropolis High was a refuge from non-stop Superman coverage but the Daily Planetoid had Superman on the front page snatching a jewel thief. A copy landed on Danvers' face as a skateboarder passed by. She went to the confront Lane. Lane, meanwhile, wanted layouts in five from Jimmy Olsen and wanted an ETA on the Enviro-Beat column from Jessica Cruz. She quickly snacked and typed up the next article, "Superman: What Will He Do Next?" Danvers closed her laptop and asked why she was printing stuff about Superman when there were more important stories out there. Lane couldn't find her pencil. She tried to open her laptop but Danvers kept closing it. Cruz agreed and chimed in about a lead on chemical dumping. She was ignored.

Lane was intrigued with Danvers' claim of another superhero with the same powers as Superman but more awesome. Lane liked her pitch but wanted some proof then asked what other hero would get her an internship with the Daily Planet. Danvers told her about Supergirl. Lane thought it sounded like a retread and couldn't find her pencils. Danvers removed three pencils from her hair and snapped them in half then left. Lane and Olsen spent the day covering Superman's exploits like stopping bandits at the Bank of Moolah, saving a Metropolis Railways train, putting out a burning building, saving the Daily Planet globe, punching sharks, and saving a cat in a tree. After laying a runaway train down, Superman even blinked at Lane - causing her to blush. Outside the Metropolis Library, Lois Lane saw a newly created chemical monster, Chemo, as the opportunity at the Planet internship. She threw a rock at Chemo. Its mass splashed and dissolved everything it touched. Chemo chased after Lane and Olsen.

Karen Beecher happened to be at the library reading up on advanced chemistry and saw everything. Lane called out to Superman for help. He tossed Supergirl across town and stood up to Chemo, easily dodging its punches. Supergirl zipped it off in space to destroy it but Superman got the credit. Leslie Willis let herself into the Journalism Club room and waited for Lois Lane to come. Willis claimed she had an idea that could save the Daily Planetoid and make it at least somewhat readable. Lane told her to make it fast because she had deadlines. Willis pitched a gossip column. Lane shot it down. Willis accused her of being worried it would upstage her puff pieces. She couldn't believe there was an article about Wonder Woman saving cats. Lane told her she had the spunk, gumption, and bravado needed for a great reporter, but gossip columns were too mean. She thought Willis was mean, too. Willis stormed out but stopped and took out her phone. She shot electricity at a socket on the sly. The current went up to Lane's laptop, startled her, and coffee spilled all over her.

Willis took a photo and submitted it to Metropovids as #JavaJolt. She soon got followers into the thousands. Lane was laughed at in the halls. Willis mocked her about the gossip column. Lane reached for the door knob to Journalism Club but Willis zapped it. Lane was jolted and dropped her papers. Unaware of what really happened, everyone laughed at "Lois Lame." Livewire called out the Super Hero Girls and invited them to her epic prank night at the Glen Morgan Square. She ended up running out of power and was mocked by the crowds herself. She escaped into Lane's phone and left a message promising they haven't seen the last of her. Lane promptly deleted it then wrote an article about how the "Bully gets what for." Lois Lane rated Oliver Queen's acting as "bold," "brash," and "bang on the beam" in a Daily Planetoid. Queen wasn't sure what "bang on beam" meant but assumed it was good.

Jimmy Olsen presented the photos from a Moth-Monster battle to Lois Lane. She called them vanilla and as stale as the half-eaten doughnut under her desk. She threw them into the trash then reminded him she was angling for an internship at the Daily Planet. Lane held out a Daily Planet and emphasized she needed a story to wow them. Olsen blinked. Lane interpreted that as a new idea, to uncover the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. Jessica Cruz happened to be in the office and freaked out. During lunch, Cruz told the other girls about Lois Lane's new story idea to find out the Super Hero Girls' secret identities. Danvers wasn't concerned. Cruz pointed out how tenacious Lane could be until she got her story then told them they would no longer have any privacy, news and villains would hound them, and their parents would blow up. Beecher began to panic and hyperventilated into her paper sack. Danvers was confident Lane wouldn't figure out who they were. Lane quickly figured out who the Super Hero Girls really were but she still needed proof.

Lane found Zee Zatara at her locker. Zatara tried to back away but couldn't resist an interview about her amazing magic show. Zatara explained it was a performance that artfully blended divination, transfiguration, and conjuration with a dash of incantation to create a unique and surreal experience. Lane then asked her where she was on the night Sweet Justice got destroyed. She answered she was there with her friends and almost slipped. She shrieked and ran off. Lane jotted down notes. She talked to Hal Jordan next and asked him about the General Zod incident. He recommended asking Barry Allen about that. Jordan spelled out his name to her but she was pretty sure his last name ended in A-N. He was surprised. The girls zipped over to them and took Jordan away to talk about some "school stuff." Lane asked him about his job at Sweet Justice and if he was there when it got destroyed. He noted it was the same day he met them and the Super Hero Girls. At lunch, they noticed Lane was at a table across the cafeteria, staring at them.

Barbara Gordon recognized the stare as the classic, "I'm trying to put the pieces together" detective stare. She instructed everyone to freeze. Lane jotted down notes. Gordon realized it didn't work and told everyone to move. They made awkward gyrations. Lane jotted down more notes. Gordon freaked and told everyone to run for it. In class, they saw three Moth-Monsters knock down a powerline outside. All six asked the Algebra teacher if they could go to the bathroom. Lane noted they needed a pass. They put their arms down. A monster flew away with a car. Many Moth-Monsters flew over the Metropolis Pier. The girls sat at a table on the pier. They stood up. Lois Lane was at another table. They tried to look innocent. A monster flew into them. In the chaos, they changed into their alter-egos and defeated the monsters. Batgirl ate a burrito and threw the wrapper away. Lane grabbed it and noted it was from Burrito Bucket. Diana Prince greeted Lois Lane outside the front entrance to Metropolis High and sighted Wonder Woman across the street. It was clearly Karen Beecher atop Jessica Cruz badly dressed as Wonder Woman. Lane was speechless at first then jotted notes. Prince got nervous.

Supergirl left off some steam by punching a Moth-Monster into space. Batgirl noted a good reporter like Lois Lane was going to investigate the scene so they should plant false evidence to throw her off their trail. She dumped a bunch of things then hid behind a dumpster with Supergirl. Lane arrived and deduced it was the work of Barbara Gordon. Supergirl was stunned. Batgirl concluded they needed to steal her notepad. Bumblebee hid in Lois Lane's locker and waited for her then stole her notepad. She flew to the other girls. Gordon realized it was a fake notepad that Lane made in anticipation of their scheme. Beecher fainted. The girls sulked at Sweet Justice. Danvers asked Cruz why she didn't warn them about Lois Lane. Cruz was livid and recalled she did a "zillion" times. Zatara was annoyed to see Lane at a table. Cruz lamented their normal lives were soon over. Prince took solace in her ice cream. Beecher thought of moving to a new town to be unappreciated in. A news bulletin came on TV about Killer Moth leading its Moth-Monsters in a city-wide invasion.

Zatara lamented over people seeing her tricks as real magic. Gordon lamented Batman would never accept her to his team. Killer Moth left eggs in its wake that immediately hatched. The Moth-Monsters starting eating everything in sight from buildings to tires to poles to taxi cab roof signs. Cruz lamented she would have to leave the space sector to Hal Jordan. Beecher yelled at them. Moth-Monsters chased people around outside. Gordon was sure other superheroes would intervene. The anchor noted no superhero team has yet stepped up to fight the monsters. A monster hit the storefront and startled Lane off her chair. She got up and saw the girls were gone. Lois Lane finished typing up her email to the Daily Planet. She looked up at all the articles about the Super Hero Girls up on the Daily Planetoid's wall. She trashed her email and work, exhaled and closed her laptop. She passed the girls in the hall without acknowledging them. They were elated they finally got her off their trail. Lane thought they were such dummies. She set her eyes on the scoop of scoops, Superman then noticed the article "Superman – Great or Greatest" was by the Planet's newest intern Clark Kent. Lane decided she was coming for him next.

Lois Lane represented the Daily Planetoid school paper and presided over the final debate on the day of voting for class president. Hammy was the student-selected moderator much to her chagrin. Once Cruz was done with her flashy entrance, Lane asked the first question to Jessica Cruz and Oswald Cobblepot, "what can you promise to do to make this school a better place?" As part of his Plan B, Oswald Cobblepot tried to sway votes to him by staging an incident in which Livewire kidnapped Hammy. Cobblepot pretended to pummel Livewire then took back Hammy in triumph. However, Cobblepot only paid her to take a fall and didn't pay her for everything else she did so she formed an unstable electrical field around Cobblepot, Lane, and Hammy. Cruz used her shirtzooka to fire a shirt at the electrical panel to switch off the power.

Lane presided over the annual pie eating contest at Sweet Justice. She introduced the three entrants, Barry Allen, Doris Zeul, and Diana Prince. Lane stopped Prince from making a big speech, citing she didn't have a budget big enough for it. Lane then went to the Sweet Justice owners to unveil the flavor of pie, pumpkin. She was shocked with how fast Allen was eating them and wondered if he was chewing. She noted Zeul was keeping pace and commented Prince was moving as fast as a square boulder then advised her to use her mouth instead of her nose. She noticed Zeul slow down then fall over soon after and declared Prince the winner after Allen ran off but Prince ate the pies leftover from Zeul and Allen's stacks. Lane wrapped up but Prince lunged for her pie and the feed was lost. After Superman turned over another criminal to the police, he was surrounded by reporters and fans as usual. Lois Lane asked him what made him different from other heroes in the city. Before Superman could answer, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) wormed his way to the front and claimed it was because he and Superman were partners.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) visited Lois Lane at the Daily Planetoid and gave her a "scoop" on Superman. Lane ate it up and implored to tell her more. He informed her he was the senior partner in the duo, "Man of Steel" was originally his nickname but let Superman have it, and Superman wanted a green and white suit but he told him to step out his shadow and develop his own identity. Superman was outside the building and heard all his lies. Superman had enough. Jimmy Olsen walked to the Daily Planetoid office and overheard Lois Lane telling herself she needed a big scoop. He tried to silently back out and close the door but it creaked. Lane ordered him inside and assigned him to get her photographs of superheroes. She looked over past editions like the lunch lady resigning because she said something unsavory, Jessica Cruz protesting frog dissection in a Biology class, and Karen Beecher winning the state robotics meet. Lane tossed him the camera. He juggled it around but finally caught it and saluted her.

Some civilians saw someone flying above them. Jimmy Olsen tried taking a photo but all he got was a silhouette barely in focus. Lois Lane told him it wasn't news and sent him back outside. She crumpled the photo into a wad and threw it over her shoulder, hitting Olsen's head. Olsen later handed Lois Lane a photo of Aqualad riding two dolphins like skis. She told him she wanted superheroes, not cosplay. Olsen was devastated with his lack of success. He returned to Lois Lane with all the photos he took. She rejected all except one to his surprise as he made his way to the exit. She told him it was a gem and ordered him to go down to the presses and tell them they had a new front page. She assured him they were gonna be something real special and people would remember their names. In the hall, he looked at the photo and realized he accidentally took a selfie with the Super Hero Girls posing for him as they fought Starro.

Lois Lane covered the homecoming football game and reported live from Lombard Field. However, she struggled with stayed hyped for it. She wondered where the drama, human interest, and stakes really were and admitted she wasn't interested in the sport. She failed to see Star Sapphire rise up from behind the bleachers. Jimmy Olsen tried to point her out but he was too frightened. Lane wanted to cover something about good vs. evil. Everyone in the bleachers ran away. Lane had no idea what was going on and figured someone stole the mascot's head again. Olsen took off and hid behind one of the practice dummies on the field. Lane was almost hit by a construct. She looked up and saw Sapphire then decided to look out for her own human interest then ran off and hid behind a merchandise cart. The cart was annihilated by a construct. Lane realized she had the story of the century but Olsen ran into the boys locker room. She steeled herself and went in after him. The football team freaked out another girl came inside.

Lane opened a locker where Olsen was hiding in and took his camera then closed the door. She believed it was the biggest moment in her career and nailing it would lead to swanky parties, awards ceremonies, and trophy shelves as far as the eye could see. She ran out but Star Sapphire already left. She was deflated. Jessica Cruz greeted her and commented on the game. Hal Jordan didn't get her ploy and almost blew it but she elbowed him. Jordan understood and cheered on the Hamsters. Lane unenthusiastically cheered. A goal post fell onto the field.

Lois Lane accepted Jessica Cruz into the Debate Club. Ever the diplomat, Cruz suggested why they needed such a club because they were on the same side. Lane presented the topic of debate: Should cell phones be banned in school? Lane believed they should not and cited the need for it during an emergency or when there was a breaking story. Cruz was convinced so much, she asked if she could change her stance. Lane tossed her papers in the air and took pro. She thought phones were distracting. Cruz instantly agreed with her. Early one morning before school started, a very tired Olsen asked Lane what was going on. Lane reminded him "the early bird gets the story" but he recalled that had something to do with a worm. She explained they needed a lead story for that day's school paper that would wow the school and all of the city, helping them get a step closer to jobs at the Daily Planet. Olsen looked over his notes but Lane stated she didn't want an interview with the janitor or another behind-the-scenes Mystery Meatloaf expose. Olsen stated he had nothing. Lane when to the News Tips box to see if anyone submitted a good idea. Olsen only saw candy wrappers and a fortune.

Lane was sure the next tip was the big story. It stated Hal Jordan's stinky socks stink up the boys' locker room. Lane was not pleased and checked her phone. There was a crime in progress at the Metropolis Boulevard of Cars. They rushed off just after 6 am. Olsen wanted to do the expose on stinky socks next time. Outside the car lot, Lane was happy they were getting the scoop. Olsen set up his stand for the perfect shot but the two criminals drove right towards them. Luckily, Supergirl stomped on the hood of car and stopped the criminals in their tracks. Olsen set up again but Batgirl drove by on her moped and knocked over the tripod. Olsen grabbed the camera and took several shots of the battle. He looked at his watch and informed Lane they had 45 minutes before school started. Lois came up with an angle for the story, "Super Hero Girls or Super Disaster?"

Karen Beecher and Lois Lane were tied the whole semester for best G.P.A. And midterms would decide who would be #1 once and for all. At the leader board in the hall, Lane wished Beecher good luck. Beecher freaked out there was something more to it than genuine well wishes. Some time later, Olsen emerged from the dark room with photographs he took for the "Ready for Midterms" cover story but they weren't up to par. Lane looked up from her American History book and surprisingly told him to change the headline to "Not Ready for Midterms." She wasn't confident about her history midterm coming up the next day. Olsen assured her she would do great. Lane admitted she was mixing up the dates of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Olsen didn't know what either of those were. He was about to leave but Lane decided she should go home, too, then work on the cover the next day. Her backpack was too heavy to lift up so she only took her history stuff home. A glitter bomb hidden in her backpack started counting down.

After the history midterm, a stink bomb went off in Beecher's locker. Lane joked something died like her dreams of being number one. They returned to the Planetoid's newsroom to discover it was glitter bombed. They solemnly walked through the cafeteria covered in glitter. On day four, Lane took the number one spot after Beecher didn't do well in the public speaking midterm. After everyone left the library, Harley Quinn sealed herself in it with Lane and Beecher, who stayed until closing to study for the science midterm. She subjected them to "The Harley Games," her own set of tests. Beecher and Lane kept up pace with Harley in water balloon target practice and a whack-a-mole game. Lane mused she was going to win an award for her first-person "My Evening With a Villain" story. She excitedly asked Harley if this was how she trained and if she was going to practice her evil laugh. Beecher went last and got the highest score. Harley was not having it and went to the next test, and grabbed a pie. The girls beat her to it and both nailed her.

For the final, they had to navigate the room filled with obstacles and glitter bombs while hopping on a pogo stick. Lane asked Harley how it felt to be bested by a super reporter. Harley landed on a glitter bomb. They hopped through a smoke screen. Harley set off TNT but was buried in books. Beecher and Lane thought that was fun. Annoyed, Harley tied them up back to back on a chair. They both realized it was fun not staying up late studying for once and admitted they pushed each other to be better. Eventually, Lane fell asleep. When the coast was clear, Beecher changed into Bumblebee and rigged up some cushions to take her place. She disabled the booby trap and drove Harley out the window. The other Super Hero Girls arrived. Bumblebee changed back just in time as Lane started to wake up. She saw the mess and mused they were going to be barred for life. The girls cleaned up the room like new. Lane proclaimed they weren't a complete disaster after all. After midterms, Lane remained in the top spot.

Lois Lane wanted a scoop on Lexcorp's Hob's Bay restoration project. She wasn't interested in Diana Prince and Babs Gordon's encounter with a weird girl's doll and tried to interview Lex Luthor. The next day, Gordon spoke to Lane at the Daily Planetoid room and learned the project entailed fundraising campaigns where students could decide what they wanted rebuilt in Hob's Bay. Lane was intrigued when the girls returned with a potential story about someone with a beef against Lexcorp but noted there wasn't many clues. She informed them the next fundraising campaign was starting in Hob's. During the following ceremony, Lane tried to interview Toyman but he refused to talk to her because she wasn't a customer. Kara Danvers overheard them and joked one pretended to be a reporter and the other pretended to own a toy store. Toyman exclaimed he wasn't playing make-believe and stormed off. Lane was impressed Gordon was willing to go underground to a story and take photos of the toy army. She let Gordon know the next fundraising campaign was starting in two days.

The girls brought Lane photos of another battle between the Super Hero Girls and toy army underground. Lane was sure it would catch the attention of Lexcorp and informed them the company managed the underground and were strengthening security. Diana Prince and Selina Kyle went to see Lane but Lena Luthor barged in and demanded her source but was refused. Gordon later presented a battle between a Lexcorp Warsuit, Super Villains, and the Super Hero Girls. Lane was impressed she would go absolutely anywhere for a story but Gordon downplayed it as total luck. She told Gordon about a grand event at Hob's Bay's Bayfront Park the next day to celebrate the climax of the restoration project. During the celebration, Lane lamented things would go back to slow news days.