Lex Luthor

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Real Identity: Alexander "Lex" Joseph Luthor
Affiliations: Lexcorp and Legion of Doom
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 4, #AllyCat Part 1, and #AllyCat Part 2
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 14, Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High
Appearances (Games): Teen Power
Powers/Skills: Business Management
Voiced By: Will Friedle

Lex Luthor is the youngest mega-billionaire in the world and both the wealthiest and most powerful man in Metropolis. He runs his company Lexcorp and has shaped it into an international corporation. He also tries to maintain a public image as a doting brother and maintain that Lexcorp is a family company made for the people. In reality, Luthor and his sister Lena could barely stand each other and routinely exchanged raspberries. From a Lexcorp terminal at company headquarters, Lena Luthor secretly reprogrammed the Lexcorp VR Glasses and hacked the city's Demo-Bots, also built by Lexcorp, as part of her plan to take over Metropolis for all children. Lex Luthor eventually found out about the thefts of his creations and called their parents.

They arrived at the Metropolis Pier just after the Super Hero Girls foiled her plans to take over city for children only. Lena Luthor was forced into the car by their parents. Lilian Luthor told Lex she was sorry about his warsuit. Luthor brushed if off and claimed he was just happy his sister was line. As soon as their mother turned her back, they blew raspberries at each other. He assigned Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild the places destroyed by his sister, including the ice cream parlor Sweet Justice. After he waved goodbye to his family, Luthor turned and stared at the Super Hero Girls as they were cheered on. He said nothing and walked away.

Lex Luthor spent years and a fortune to find the Book of Eternity, a tome written by Merlin and whoever holds it the power to know and there by control, the future. Luthor arrived at his dig site near Stonehenge aboard his LX-461 helicopter. He ordered the activation of The Lexcavator. The machine temporarily and safely lifted Stonehenge and the land it occupied upwards so that Luthor and his men could search the underground ruins. Luthor openly admitted to his scientists that if it were up to him, he would have just blown up Stonehenge. The coffin of Merlin was found and pried open by Luthor's team then he took the Book of Eternity from the hands of Merlin's corpse. He blew the dust off the front cover and it activated. While Stonehenge was returned to its proper place, Luthor told a 24/7 Live reporter he hoped to use The Book to make the world a better place. The Book was kept in Luthor's private suite on the 38th floor of Lexcorp Tower back in Metropolis. Luthor began reading The Book to glean the future.

Luthor learned on the night of his latest charity gala, minutes before midnight, a meteor would hit Metropolis and cause an extinction-level event. Luthor realized he could provide food, shelter, resources, and leadership in the aftermath then rebuild the world in his image, a LuthEarth. He also saw the Super Hero Girls using Catwoman to stage a heist to steal The Book. He sought out Catwoman first and offered her a lucrative deal to ally with him instead. As The Book predicted, the girls blackmailed Catwoman into helping them since Batgirl was otherwise preoccupied. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite. The Book guided Luthor how to defeat each hero. The Super Hero Girls and Catwoman executed their heist on the night of charity gala at the tower. The girls arrived at the gala incognito. Wonder Woman pretended to bump into Luthor in order to steal his keycard but kept stealing the wrong thing like his library card and platinum credit card.

Zatanna was supposed to make small talk with Luthor and get him to say "Lex Rules" but he ignored her and talked to two other women. She eventually teleported the women away then told Luthor off and eventually got him to say the words with a guessing game. Green Lantern was supposed to pose as a waitress and scan a fingerprint off his drink. She kept dropping or losing his drinks until she lost patience and snatched it with a hand construct. In reality, Luthor already knew what was happening and played along. He pretended to get suspicious about who invited them to the party. While the girls and Catwoman used Luthor's personal elevator to get to the suite, Luthor somehow made it to his lair first. By the time they arrived, he was already waiting and did an evil chair spin. They were shocked to learn he was evil but Luthor preferred the term "visionary." Wonder Woman demanded the Book but he refused. Before they could launch an attack, Catwoman revealed her duplicity. Luthor then admitted he it was actually convenient and needed to bring them all to his lair anyway for his plan to work: all the super heroes in Metropolis had to be absent.

Supergirl was skeptical he could make that happen. Luthor pressed a red button on his desk and unveiled some shutters. Hawkman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, and Superman were already captured. Luthor recommended them to get in their cages. They still tried to stop him. Like with the other heroes, Luthor used a dance routine to dodge all of their attacks then he captured them all. When Luthor wasn't looking, Catwoman read the Book and didn't like what she saw. She ripped out a page that revealed she got on Luthor's helicopter and left the Tower after the girls were captured. Fireworks went off after the girls were imprisoned then Luthor informed Catwoman the agreed upon payment was already transferred to her account. He walked her to the helipad and advised her to leave the city. She inquired why. Full of himself, Luthor revealed his plan to let the meteor strike the planet and then use his resources to rebuild it in his image. He already knew she would call him insane and she did.

Catwoman asked him if he was really going to let all those people die. He didn't expect her to understand and reminded her he was a ninth level intellect and she was a common thief. He grimly walked up to her face and told her to get in the helicopter. Luthor, having already memorized events, wouldn't check again and see that Catwoman would betray him and release the girls to save the world. He went back inside the Tower. Catwoman jumped back to the helipad and infiltrated the tower. Luthor went off shore aboard his yacht to watch the devastation, Instead, he saw the girls destroy the meteor before it hit. Luthor noticed the future was altered and pages had changed in The Book. Catwoman got his attention from a beach chair. He didn't understand how he didn't see the betrayal in The Book. Catwoman presented the stolen page then stole The Book with her whip. However, the girls arrived before she could escape. With no other choice, Catwoman handed the Book over to Wonder Woman. The next day, Luthor was cleared of all charges.

Luthor made an official statement at city hall admitting he did detain the Super Hero Girls after he found them trespassing in his office the night before and called the accusation he was going to let Metropolis get destroyed ridiculous and everything that happened was just a simple misunderstanding. He was sure the "dangerous, vigilante" Super Hero Girls would be more careful in the future. That night, Luthor retired to his lair but discovered it had been stripped clean by Catwoman. He found a taunting note in his refrigerator and screamed at the top of his lungs. Superman and Da Invincibros were still imprisoned. Flash asked whatever happened with the meteor. Luthor groaned in defeat.

Lex Luthor drove around the city and found Lena in a powersuit. He grabbed it with a pincher and scolded her for ignoring her duties at the Lexcorp Toy Factory. He assigned her to quality assurance. She had to test every rubber duck that came down the assembly line. After he left his office, Lena sneaked in and searched for the super villains team on his city-wide monitoring system. He once again had to retrieve her, this time at the Metropolis Museum. He dumped the remains of her suit and rubber duck army in the rear like a garbage truck. As punishment, he put her on baby rattle duty. Luthor made an appearance at the Metropolis High School Fair to show off an updated version of his first prize winning Rube Goldberg Machine at the Previous Winners Gallery. Zatara realized if anyone was going to come back years later to gloat, it would be him. Luthor quipped being proud of their superior intellect was a Luthor family trait then supposed all style and no substance was a Zatara family trait.

Zee Zatara was about to cast a spell to make him bite his tongue but Beecher interrupted and offered to help her set up. Luthor looked on smugly. After the fair was interrupted by Sieve-bots, Luthor vowed they would pay. He let it slip only Lexcorp bots were allowed to sabotage but he stopped himself and concluded it wasn't like they ever would. Luthor was sitting in his office when dog poop in a bio degradable bag appeared on his desk. He immediately suspected it was Lena Luthor and yelled her name. Luthor discovered his company's illegal waste interacted with animal DNA uniquely and turned an animal into a giant. On a Saturday, Lexcorp activated a sewage pipe near a ferry station and released illegal waste then released a new app called Pigeon Party 15 minutes later at 9:45 am. Later in the day, he was surprised to see the Super Hero Girls in his building because he figured they were gamers, too. They admitted as much. Batgirl boasted she got to level 65. Luthor presented his back up plan and turned a hamster into a giant with an eyedropper's worth of toxic waste. Luthor retreated to his helipad and fled the building while the girls evacuated the building.

After Hob's Bay was wrecked by a giant robot and hacked Demo-Bots, Lex Luthor soon announced Lexcorp would take the lead in a restoration project. He added a caveat that students would take part in the fundraising campaigns and decide what buildings should be constructed. A few days after a campaign, the finished building would be unveiled at a ceremony where Luthor was on hand. However, the ceremonies and Hob's continued to be attacked by waves of a toy army. After sightings of the army under Old City near Lexcorp's control center, Luthor had security tightened and claimed his Demo-Bots were secured. He entered the underground control center with police after the security system was triggered and discovered the Super Hero Girls, some of the Super Villains, Toyman, and his prototype Toyman Robot in ruins. He took Toyman and the robot into his custody. Back at Lexcorp, Luthor tasked Demo-Bots to dismantle the Toyman Robot.

However, Toyman instead completed the robot in secret. Luthor was annoyed to see the toy army, Super Hero Girls and Catwoman in the control center again. He reminded them they were all trespassing on private property. They countered and accused him of being the mastermind. He took offense and told them they were sorely mistaken then threatened to have them arrested. Luthor discovered his sister started a Superstapost account and deleted it. She threw a public tantrum near Bayfront Park. Luthor told her the social media platform was for adults only and threatened to tell their mother. Luthor discovered the Super Hero Girls, the Super Villains, his sister, Toyman, and the Toyman Robot had a battle in his tower on the eve of the celebration for the climax of the restoration project. She was disgusted he was still trying to act like a good guy. He dragged her off to her parents and ordered Toyman to come along. He told the girls to hurry home. The grand celebration at Bayfront Park went off without a hitch.