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Real Identity: Kongulon
Appearances (Episodes): #TheGreenRoom
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement, Sound Manipulation, and Survival in Space
Voiced By: Jane Carr

Kongulon is an officer of the law on her home planet Getalorpia and responded to a tip that a juvenile prankster planted a world-destroying bomb on Earth millions of years ago. In the present, it was set to blow. In her haste, Kongulon rushed to Earth and forgot her universal translator. She arrived in Metropolis on a Tuesday. Instead of being able to warn anyone, she emitted sonic blasts from her mouth and destroyed some of the city. Green Lantern revealed she used her ring as a translator to communicate with Kongulon. Together, they figured out the bomb was located under the Metrobelisk in Centennial Park. She was en route but got attacked by Supergirl. Lantern intervened and made a wall construct that bounced Supergirl into a Fresh Fish delivery truck. Kongulon proceeded to Centennial Park and she blew up the obelisk to extract the bomb in time. Hawkman attacked her but luckily, Cruz caught the bomb. She feigned injury so Hawkman would stop and congratulate himself. She flew into space with the bomb and threw it to a safe distance where it detonated.

Before the Guardians of the Universe could rule on Lantern's hearing, Hal Jordan requested he summon one more witness. They agreed to it but if they still decided Cruz was guilty, they would take his ring away, too. Jordan called Kongulon the Getalor to the witness stand. It was the alien from the rampage. The Guardians cowered together and Kilowog stepped back and made a big hammer construct. Kongulon started to emit a sonic blast. Cruz made an umbrella construct then reminded Kongulon about her collar. She covered her mouth in embarrassment and pressed a button on her gauntlet. A glass helmet formed around her head and she began speaking in English. She apologized and admitted she constantly forgot to activate her universal translator, including last Tuesday when she visited Earth. She explained who she was and why she went to Earth. Cruz concluded if she used violence, Earth would have been no more. Kongulon added it was all in her report, held out her copy, and remarked it was a fascinating read. Cruz signed it for her. The Guardians were about to absolve her of any wrongdoing but she quickly summed it up as not guilty, they would read all the officers' reports before passing judgment and rethink their policy on violence being the only solution