Julia Kapatelis

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Real Identity: Julia Kapatelis
Appearances (Episodes): #HousePest, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, and #SirensConch
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Archaeology and Ancient Culture
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Julia Kapatelis is a professor of archaeology with a specialty in ancient Greece. She considers Themyscira her first love and has collected several artifacts over the years. After her daughter went away to college, Kapatelis got lonely. One night, she walked through Centennial Park and was knocked off her feet by a sack thrown off a bridge above her by Diana Prince. Kapatelis recognized a Hestian Xiphos and a dory engraved with the symbols of Artemis. Prince hurried down to her and apologized. Kapatelis realized she was an Amazon and invited her to her apartment. Prince accepted and learned about her occupation and hobby. Prince gasped at the sight of her collection. She recognized a bracelet once owned by her aunt, Antiope, her Jumpa stuffed animal that she had when she was 72 years old, and a bust of Hippolyta. Prince stopped herself and resolved to put her past aside.

Kapatelis recalled an Amazon proverb, "A warrior's home is where she needs no armor." Prince gasped in surprise. Kapatelis reckoned in the world of man it was "home is where the heart is." She showed Prince her daughter's room next and explained she was away at college. Kapatelis empathized with Prince's loneliness and if she cared to stay, she could always be Diana of Themyscira. She accepted and they hugged. Later in the night, Kapatelis checked in and saw the room was already adorned with her belongings but Prince was already asleep with her Jumpa. She smiled and turned the light off. Prince sighed happily in her sleep. Diana Prince returned home after another day of high school ended. Julia Kapatelis informed her dinner was in the oven, kissed her goodbye on the cheek , and revealed she was able to get those dents out of her armor. Kapatelis came back into the condo and remembered something came for her, too, and she left it in her bedroom. That night, Kapatelis thought she heard something. She called out to Prince to see if everything was all right. Prince grabbed the newly hatched griffin, reassembled a broken pot by hand very quickly, and answered everything was fine.

Prince paced in Kapatelis's office trying to brainstorm a way to perfect her singing for Jessica Cruz's talent show. Kapatelis entered the room and asked her if something was wrong. Prince pretended she had a "friend" who was good at everything, except for one small thing that hardly mattered but knew she would never be at peace until she could do it better than anyone else. Kapatelis caught on and noted it was okay to not be good at something. She talked bout how Perseus was a great warrior but horrible at discus, Odysseus was a brilliant king but had zero sense of direction, and the Sirens who were great singers but terrible friends who put people in trances and lured them to their dooms. She showed Prince the Sirens' Conch. Kapatelis asked Prince if she understood no one was good at everything. Prince instead thought up a scheme to use the Conch's magic to make herself a great singer.