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Real Identity: Jimmy
Affiliaions: Burrito Bucket
Appearances (Episodes): #BurritoBucket, #Beeline, and #GothamCon
Appearances (Super Shorts): #PrizeFighter and #FlashForwardFlashback
Powers/Skills: Food Service
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Jimmy is an employee at Burrito Bucket and co-worker of Barbara Gordon. Distracted with trying to stop a bank robbery across the street as Batgirl and not get fired, she attacked Jimmy while dressed up as Batgirl. Later on, a trio walked in and ordered two taco buckets, four buckets of quesadillas, three buckets of guacamole then put on their masks and held up O'Shaughnessy and Jimmy. Gordon improvised and dressed up in a bucket and pancho, armed with burritos and guacamole, then defeated the robbers. After waiting in line to talk to Gordon, Karen Beecher came face to face with Jimmy. Jimmy informed her Gordon went on break but left burrito buckets for her. Robin ordered a hot dog from Jimmy in the Gotham City Convention Center but Harley Quinn took his place and handed Robin a live stick of dynamite in a bun. Batgirl put it out with ketchup and mustard.

Jimmy was held up the robber wearing the horse mask. He demanded all the burritos but a basketball randomly crashed through the roof, knocked out the robber, and bounced back up into the sky. The Flash raced to Burrito Bucket for a breakfast burrito but a woman was taking a long time to order. She finally asked Jimmy if there was a vegan option for the three beef taco. Flash suggested a salad. She decided to go with on. Jimmy asked if she wanted Caesar or Garden Fresh. She asked which one had gluten because her yoga teacher told her to avoid them but her family psychic told her she should eat more of it and her Pilates instructor told her it was okay to eat it in moderation.