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Real Identity: Hippolyta
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #SirensConch, and #MotherKnowsBest
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Powers/Skills: Immortality and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Cree Summer

Hippolyta is the immortal queen of the Amazons and mother of Diana, known later as Wonder Woman. She sculpted Diana from clay and was given life by the Greek gods. At dinners, Hippolyta pronounced Diana's failings and shortcomings for all to hear so she may improve. She drilled the drive to be perfect into Diana. One day, a spear landed at the feet of Hippolyta. Diana and Antiope, the sister of Hippolyta, stood at attention. Before Diana could come up with a story, Hippolyta scolded her. She reminded her she still had two more years of training before she was allowed to use a sword. Diana looked at the floor. Antiope tried to calm Hippolyta down and pointed out Diana was working hard. Hippolyta picked up the spear and reminded Antiope she was told many times not to interfere with Diana's studies. As queen, Hippolyta commanded her to stop. She threw the spear to her. Antiope acknowledged her decree but winked at Diana on the sly. Hippolyta decided to let the punishment fit the crime. Diana was ordered to polish every single weapon in the Amazons' arsenal.

Diana thought studying was boring and just wanted to be a warrior. Hippolyta instilled in Diana the belief that there was more to a warrior than running around with a sword. She taught her that studying was important because no matter what the challenge, they would always be ready. Hippolyta continued the lesson and asked Diana what were the three ways to stop a Kraken. After finding out Diana left their island home of Themyscira without permission, Hippolyta set sail for Metropolis with a crew of Amazons. They arrived right after the Super Hero Girls failed to save Sweet Justice from destruction. Hippolyta emerged from a mist and listed off Diana's offenses: disguising herself as a warrior and entering the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite against her mother's wishes and then leaving Themyscira without permission. Batgirl was confused and thought it was Diana's destiny to save the world of man. Hippolyta revealed the truth, her insolent child had no such destiny and only brought shame on her people. She pulled Diana by the ear back to the ship and noted she was in for the grounding of her immortal life.

Batgirl triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. Danvers asked her to report what she said because she cut out. The girls caught up to the Amazonian ship and hung on the rear but were quickly caught. Hippolyta grabbed Batgirl by one of her bat ears and was insulted they boarded her vessel without permission. She ordered them to be thrown to the ocean beast Cetus. The girls broke free and fought back after Supergirl punched an Amazon into the ocean. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and ordered the Amazons to stop. They complied. Hippolyta ordered them to continue. Wonder Woman ordered them to stop.

Hippolyta ordered them to continue. They kept reissuing their order until they were face to face. An Amazon asked which to do. Hippolyta stated Wonder Woman was only 317 years old, too young and too naive to make her own decisions. Wonder Woman disagreed and stated she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite which proved she was her own woman and could decide who she wanted to be according to Amazon law. The Amazons echoed it was the law and bowed. Hippolyta grunted in frustation and walked away. Wonder Woman left with her team back to Metropolis. Batgirl declared she was officially a teenager for disobeying her mother, normal teenager lesson number 218. At some point, Julia Kapatelis acquired an ancient bust of Hippolyta for her collection. Some time after Diana moved in with Kapatelis, Hippolyta sent a scroll to her daughter with news. Included with it was Themysciran nectar, her summer toga, socks made from wild boar intestines, and a griffin egg. She ordered Antiope to change the lock on the Kraken's cage before Friday came. Antiope forgot and the monster escaped.

Prince had the girls help clean up the secret base in anticipation of Hippolyta's visit. Cruz dusted, Gordon swept, and Zatara fluffed pillows. Prince scrubbed the same spot on the floor for hours. She was anxious. Gordon finally acknowledge Prince's feelings. She recalled one of Hippolyta's sayings, "It is not clean unless you have scrubbed until your fingers bleed." Beecher pushed down a box of awards down the slide and onto the mattress and stacked the second box on top. Prince zipped by and grabbed them while she was still leaning on them. Gordon caught her. Prince perfectly stacked her awards but became anal about it, prompting Beecher to yell out they look fine. Prince reminded everyone it was important for Hippolyta to approve of her life and everything must be perfect because she has high standards. Prince thought she saw a dust particle Zatara missed and scrubbed the floor very quickly. She went over the three S's: sit, smile, and do not speak unless spoken to. Zatara inquired about the elephant in the room, Kara Danvers.

Prince was not sure how to put it but didn't think Hippolyta would approve of her. Beecher answered "bluntness." Gordon answered "crassness." Zatara answered penchant for belching the alphabet. Prince revealed she sent Danvers on a wild goose chase to keep her preoccupied until she and Hippolyta left for the mother-daughter tour of the city. Prince dreamed of her mother finally telling her, "Diana, you are perfectly adequate." She could hear it. It turned out Hippolyta was already in the base. She immediately dressed it down noting if her warrior command post was in a basement, she would keep it a secret, too. Danvers returned with a wild goose. Gordon realized Prince sent Danvers on a literal wild goose chase. Danvers named it Hank because its honks sounded like "hank" instead. It honked in Hippolyta's face then ran away. Prince frantically wiped Hank's feathers off her then introduced Supergirl. Danvers held out her hand to shake. Prince told her she didn't shake. Hippolyta chose to do a warrior's embrace. They both grunted and noted the other had quite a grip.

Nobody noticed little green flames leave Prince's body. Hippolyta noted Supergirl had a warrior's mettle and the name was fitting. She told her to call her Kara. She declared she would. Danvers then decided to just call her "Polly." Prince was eager to start the mother-daughter tour. Hank chased Zatara while Gordon followed with a net. Hippolyta invited Danvers to join them. Hank scooped up Gordon in the net. Prince was mortified when Danvers accepted. Prince, Hippolyta, and Danvers walked on the world's second longest tied-arch bridge and made a joke they were arch enemies but Hippolyta didn't get it. Danvers suggested getting something to eat. Hippolyta agreed to the idea. Prince was speechless then decided to skip the tour for the city's excellent water and power facilities but revealed the reservation was only for two. Danvers had no issue with it since fine dining gave her "gut rot" anyway. She was about to leave but Hippolyta grabbed her and asked where she ate her meals.

Danvers took them to the S'ghetti Dogs food cart. Hippolyta inquired what manner of beef they were made from. Danvers told her it was best not to think of it but summarized it as a "little of this, a little of that." Prince suggested they eat elsewhere but Hippolyta downed several whole. The worker at the cart was impressed with Danvers' mom. Prince did a spit take. Hippolyta laughed and corrected him. Prince took a bite of her dog but squirted mustard and ketchup all over Hippolyta. Before things got bad, Danvers laughed, prompting Hippolyta to laugh, too. She pounded the cart in delight and left a dent. She mused the next stop would be a new outfit. More green flames left Prince. Lyssa hid behind a nearby fence. Hippolyta emerged from Tokyo Thrift dressed similar to Danvers while Prince appeared in a traditional Amazonian white robe. Hippolyta and Danvers left arm in arm. More green flames left Prince for Lyssa.

On the Metropolis Pier, Prince and Hippolyta posed for a street artist. Instead, he drew Hippolyta hugging Danvers while Prince stood behind a streetlight. Hippolyta cheered on Danvers as she ate burgers. Green flames left Prince and went to Lyssa, who was on the carousel. Prince, Hippolyta, and Danvers rocked out at the Lazarus Pit. Hippolyta caught a guitarist when he moshed. Prince tried to mosh but nobody caught her. Green flames left her. Prince asked Danvers if they could talk in private. Outside, Prince demanded to know what she was doing. Danvers was clueless and thought they were showing Hippolyta a good time. Prince stated they never made such plans. Danvers realized she never wanted her to come along and apologized. Prince couldn't believe she didn't realize that until now. Danvers said she was sorry and thought Prince should thank her for saving her bacon. Prince didn't think that way and accused Danvers of stealing her mother's approval. Hippolyta was coming out and overheard everything. Danvers told Prince if her mother didn't approve of her, that was on her and she should get lost.

Prince found that to be the most absurd thing she ever heard and told Danvers to back off. They ran into Hippolyta. She told Prince that jealousy didn't suit her. Lyssa made herself known and stated jealousy was delicious to her. Danvers asked who the prune was. Prince informed her the woman was Lyssa, the goddess or rage and frenzy. Lyssa added envy and how she fed off the jealousy of her enemies. Danvers was amused they had a god for everything. Lyssa revealed she waited centuries to exploit Prince's legendary desire for a mother's approval that never comes and thanked Danvers for making her envy peak. She fed on all of Prince's envy at once and was restored to a youthful revitalized giant form. Hippolyta took out her sword and charged but Lyssa lassoed her and bound her to the Lazarus Pit building. Prince spun around and changed into Wonder Woman. Supergirl hopped out onto the sidewalk putting on her boots. Lyssa blocked Supergirl's heat vision then knocked her away with a wing. Wonder Woman went to a roof while Hippolyta coached her. She was punched off the roof.

Hippolyta asked her what she was doing. Supergirl asked how long she was that supportive. Wonder Woman noted she wasn't always like that, she did sleep. Lyssa threw them into a building. Supergirl said apologized for messing up Wonder Woman's plans. Wonder Woman replied she should be the one to apologize. Supergirl admitted she apologized first to get the ball rolling. They blocked Lyssa's attacks while they worked things out. Wonder Woman understood she was just trying to be a friend and she let her jealousy consumed her. Supergirl stopped Lyssa's stomp and tossed her on her back. Supergirl exclaimed to Wonder Woman that she was great at everything. Wonder Woman smiled then ducked a thrown car. Hippolyta yelled at her to get her head in the game. Wonder Woman countered not everyone would agree. Supergirl asked her when she was going to learn, not everyone needed to. Lyssa grabbed them. Supergirl started to get queasy and regretted the street meat. Hippolyta continued berating Wonder Woman and asked her if she forgot everything she was taught.

Wonder Woman cut her off and told her enough. She stated she would always honor and love her but she would no longer endure the fear of falling short of her unachievable standards. Lyssa started to weaken. Wonder Woman declared if she didn't approve of the person she chose to be, she could get lost. Lyssa's lasso dissipated and Hippolyta fell on her butt. Wonder Woman and Supergirl were released as Lyssa shrank to normal size and was reduced back into a crone. Lyssa didn't understand what happened. Wonder Woman stated she made peace with her feelings of envy and therefore Lyssa's strength was gone. Supergirl asked them if she could. They nodded. Lyssa looked up. Supergirl grinned and cracked her knuckles. Lyssa nervously grinned. She was punched past Lexcorp and the Daily Planet. Hippolyta finally got the bridge joke and laughed. Supergirl bid them goodbye, shook Hippolyta's hand and flew away. Hippolyta told Wonder Woman that as Princess of the Amazons, she had to be held to an impossibly high standard but admitted she may not have said it always but was proud of her daughter. They hugged. Hippolyta lamented she heard of the city's excellent water and power facilities but had no idea how to tour them. Wonder Woman perked up and they continued on with their tour.