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Real Identity: Helen
Appearances (Episodes): #PowerSurge
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By:

Helen invited Powergirl, who was really just Kara Danvers, on her talk show at the height of her fame. After a break, Helen continued a discussion about how her powers were totally different from Supergirl's. Powergirl confirmed that was true and stated while Supergirl had freeze breath, she had frost air. She added it was a thing on Earth-2 and people from that dimension say "supposebly." She sipped her drink. The crowd applauded. Helen asked if she would be joining a team like Supergirl did. Powergirl chuckled and declared teams were overrated. She pointed out she had an awesome outfit, great name, and best non-angry temperament ever so she didn't need a team. The other Super Hero Girls saw the episode and were not pleased. Zee Zatara asked if anyone had Kryptonite.