Hacker Helen

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Real Identity: Helen
Affiliations: Hacker Helen's House of Hard Drives
Appearances (Episodes): #SmallVictories
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Technology and Business
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Hacker Helen is the owner of tech store, Hacker Helen's House of Hard Drives in the East Side of Metropolis. Wonder Woman kicked the door open with her sword drawn and asked Helen if she was Hacker Helen. Helen pointed at her nametag. Wonder Woman went into a long speech about saving a hero's life. Helen nonchalantly asked her what she needed. Wonder Woman asked for a pre-formatted key drive. Helen dug around behind the counter and asked if she wanted a F drive or an E drive. Wonder Woman asked for a moment and tried to hail Bumblebee on her headset. She mistook Bumblebee's scream as telling her to get the E drive. Helen asked if she was paying with cash or credit. Wonder Woman admitted her costume had no pockets. Helen told her the store also accepted GokiPay, Frubox, or E-Dime. Wonder Woman had none of those and proposed a barter. Helen eyed her sword. Wonder Woman sighed and agreed to the exchange. Helen swung the sword around and sliced two TVs in half by mistake. She thought that was cool.