Guardians of the Universe

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Episodes): #TheGreenRoom
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By:

The Guardians of the Universe held a disciplinary hearing to determine whether or not Jessica Cruz was in violation of the Green Lantern code 3.4.8-0, Article V. If she was found guilty, she would be stripped of her power ring. Hal Jordan volunteered to be Cruz's peer advocate and floating up to the five Guardians presiding over the hearing, making an opening statement that he was just a simple man that dealt in simple truths. After Supergirl and Hawkman testified, the Guardians were ready to adjourn to deliberate unless Cruz had anything to add. Cruz was relieved and wanted to read her report. The Guardians nodded off while she read the title of the forward, "Forward, The Heroism in Pacifism." Cruz believed Jordan was going to get her ring taken away. Jordan believed her blind belief in the system would and insisted the Guardians weren't going to read her report. Cruz fired him. The Guardians adjourned.

The Guardians were about to issue their ruling. Cruz once again asked them if they read her report. They, too, got nervous and lied they did and it was "wordful." Cruz realized Jordan was right. She was about to be declared guilty but Jordan burst in and stated the defense un-rests. Kilowog countered that wasn't a thing. Jordan planted the report in his face and thought he was pretty sure it was a thing because he had to un-fire himself to do it. He wanted to call in one more witness. One of the male Guardians stated Jordan made a mockery of the tribunal and they began to question his judgment as a Lantern, in general. They granted Jordan's request but with the caveat he would lose his ring, too, if they still found Cruz guilty. He accepted. Jordan called Kongulon the Getalor to the witness stand. It was the alien from the rampage. The Guardians cowered together and Kilowog stepped back and made a big hammer construct.

Kongulon revealed she was an alien cop responding to a bomb plated on Earth by a prankster from her planet and Lantern helped act as a translator so they could work together but Supergirl and Hawkman thought she was evil and attacked her. Thanks to Lantern, Kongulon was able to throw the bomb into space for it to detonate safely. The Guardians were about to absolve her of any wrongdoing but she quickly summed it up as not guilty, they would read all the officers' reports before passing judgment and rethink their policy on violence being the only solution. The Guardian conceded but asked her to promise not to tell the Blue Lanterns or he would never hear the end of it. She volunteered to write up a report on the new policy that's so long, they wouldn't get through the title.