Mr. Chapin

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Real Identity: Mr. Chapin
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #BackInAFlash, #ScrambledEggs, #EmperorPenguin, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #AngerManagement, #AcceptNoSubstitute, and #DetentionClub
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Part 1 and Chapter 14
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High (Voice only)
Appearances (Super Shorts): #VanityInsanity (voice only), #StressTest, and #AbraKachoo
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Mr. Chapin is the principal of Metropolis High School. He happened to be passing by the cafeteria amid a food fight. After being hit in the left eye, he yelled again and ended the food fight. The students stepped aside pointed at Barbara Gordon, Karen Beecher, Kara Danvers, Jessica Cruz, and Zee Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention. Chapin couldn't believe he was giving detention on the first day of school and clicked his tongue. Chapin returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. Chapin couldn't believe a student was cutting class on the first day. He clicked his tongue and left to figure out which homeroom she was with. A fight broke out between Danvers and the girl, who turned out to be Wonder Woman. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left.

Mr. Chapin summoned Kara Danvers to the principal's office immediately after several incidents were attributed to her doing. Chapin told her she went too far and didn't mean her spelling. He showed a photo of graffiti that read, "MR CHAPIN STINCKS!" Danvers denied it and assured him she knew his name was spelled with two "p"s. He yelled it didn't have two "p"s then continued about how she stole the roof off his convertible, threw the bell from the tower into the pool, tp'ed his house, and flipped the Lady Justice statue upside down. Danvers thought the last one was funny was something she would do but she didn't in this case. She insisted she was one of the good guys. Chapin moved her files aside and picked up her redacted file from Smallville High School and read about her expulsion. Danvers claimed she was framed. Chapin suspended her for a week and advised her to get it together or she would be expelled a second time.

Mr. Chapin was satisfied with his lecture about shower safety and got ready. The student body of Metropolis High gathered for another morning assembly and chatted away while Mr. Chapin tried to get things in order. Barbara Gordon ate her six bean breakfast burrito while the other girls looked on. She noticed and offered them a bite. There were no takers. Chapin finally lost it and slammed a book down on his podium. Everyone sat down at the same time. Gordon farted and went into a fetal position. Leslie Willis stood up in the back of the auditorium and pinned the fart on her. Everyone laughed at her. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs: Diana Prince and Karen Beecher, Hal Jordan and Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon and Garth Bernstein, Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen, Tatsu Yamashiro and Leslie Willis, Jessica Cruz and Pam Isley, Carter Hall and Barry Allen, and Harleen Quinzel and Kara Danvers.

Carol Ferris was on her own because Doris Zeul ditched class as usual. Chapin rubbed it in and mused Ferris was destined to be alone. As a precaution, Chapin stamped his eggs with his likeness so no one could buy a replacement egg if the first one was broken. Danvers and Quinzel asked Chapin if they could switch partners. Quinzel told Chapin Danvers had emotional problems and wanted to be with Ferris. Chapin denied them and stated Ferris was alone. Ferris shouted she wasn't. Chapin reminded them they were one F away from summer school and they could either spend the next two days or the next three months together. Danvers and Quinzel glared at each other, groaned, and shook hands. The Home Ec teacher returned on Monday and disavowed Chapin's assignment to everyone's delight but assigned them to watch one of Hammy the Hamster's babies each. Mr. Chapin stopped a student in the hall for stealing test answers. The boy already shoved it to Barbara Gordon and pretended to be ignorant of what he was talking about. Chapin ordered him to empty his pockets but he had nothing. Chapin warned him he had his eye on him.

Once school elections were over, Chapin kept the ballot box in his office overnight. The next day, he didn't even notice the box was stuffed past the brim and declared Jimmy Olsen the new class president. Diana Prince smuggled Steve the Griffin into Metropolis High School in her back pack. She tried to act normal but the girls saw right through her awkward facade. Cruz thought Prince lost her mind and pointed out the trouble she would get if Mr. Chapin found out. Mr. Chapin asked them what he was going to find out. They quickly grouped around Prince to hid Steve. Danvers improvised and revealed he wouldn't believe how much they admired him. Chapin wasn't buying it. More so after they smiled. He gestured he was watching them and walked away. Prince assured Cruz that Steve was well-behaved. She discovered her back pack was empty and there was a big hole in it. Steve ran past Chapin undetected as he took a drink from a water fountain.

Mr. Chapin confronted Danvers in the hall about flunking homeroom somehow. Thanks to Cruz's hypnosis, Chapin looked like a cute cat to Danvers. Chapin wondered how she failed a block of time that doesn't give grades and wondered what he was going to do with her. She just wanted to boop his nose. Chapin told her to stop but she kept doing it. He eventually tried to run away but she chased after him. Danvers cradled Chapin and kept booping his nose. Chapin got away and ran but Danvers chased him again. She dragged Chapin by the back of his shirt. After Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl defeated Bane in a classroom, Mr. Chapin walked in and was distraught. Gordon understood finding out a evil villain was hiding in his school as a teacher was hard to believe. Chapin clarified he had to hire another art teacher because of Bane's arrest. Babs Gordon quickly noted her father couldn't draw anything past a stick figure and was terrible at color theory.

Hal Jordan, Pamela Isley, Kara Danvers, Garth Bernstein, and Zee Zatara showed up at Metropolis High on Saturday for detention. Zatara asked Mr. Chapin why he chose Saturday. He revealed it was inspired by his favorite movie growing up that involved a heroic principal bravely standing up to his school's no-good kids. Danvers groaned about people always cramming stupid '80s stuff down kid's throats. Chapin instructed them to sit in silence for the next eight hours but if they were caught talking, getting out of their seat, or even thinking about sneaking out, they would all have detention again next Saturday. Chapin left for his office. He turned on his laptop and had a fanboy moment over a news report about Green Lantern saving Coast City the previous week. Hal Jordan overheard him and spied from his door. He and Isley were busted by Officer Montoya. Chapin told everyone to thank Jordan and Isley for an additional Saturday detention. Recalling the best part of his favorite movie, Chapin ordered everyone to write a 1000-word essay. Danvers declared she hated the 80's. Chapin took Isley's plant back to his office.

Jordan came up with a heist to get Isley's plant back. Isley's role was to sneak into Chapin's office and swipe her plant. Jordan escaped out the library's window, changed into Green Lantern, and distracted Chapin. Chapin was elated by the visit. Lantern lied he was asked by the Association of Principals and Other School People to deliver a special commendation. Bernstein was given the most important task, writing everyone's essays. Isley took her plant and left undetected. Lantern chucked his constructs and bid goodbye to Chapin. He wiped away a tear but checked his watch and realized detention was almost over. Bernstein presented the essays and almost blurted out that he wrote them all. Chapin crumpled them up and admitted he was never going to read them. He was in such a great mood that he was canceling next week's detention. Chapin discovered his laptop was destroyed by a plant and as a result, he lost the file with everyone's report cards. He wondered who would do it and warned aloud he was friends with Green Lantern.

After Zee Zatara fled the cafeteria a mess, Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and announced Picture Day was starting up in the gymnasium. Mr. Chapin administered a History test on September 19. He frequently looked up from his desk at Gordon as she talked to herself. She got a group text from Beecher about Starro on the rampage. Mr. Chapin took her phone away and put it in his desk drawer. An explosion was set off elsewhere in the city. Gordon frantically called on Chapin and asked to go to the bathroom. Chapin pointed to the notice to be quiet on the chalkboard. She starting coughing, pretending the Black Plague returned, and asked to see the nurse. He ignored her. Gordon slyly put on her backpack and crawled to the front. She accidentally knocked over Chapin's waste bin. She continued to the door but walked right into Chapin's legs. She tried to play it cool like she was sharpening her pencil. Instead, she sharpened her pen and it splattered all over Chapin's shirt. He gave her a pen and ordered her back to her desk.

Gordon tried to push a window up but struggled. She propped it up with a Batarang but it failed and the window fell and crushed her hands. Chapin looked up but Gordon was already seated but with a weird grin. She then saw a hole in the ceiling and fired a grapnel. Her activity caused dust to drop down. Chapin brushed it off his desk but looked up the second time. Gordon and the ceiling fell on him. She ran back to her desk before he stood up and realized it was her doing. He pulled the tile over his head and threw it aside. A red headed girl turned her test in and was elated she got a B plus which prompted Gordon to choose the simple solution. She randomly chose answers to finish her test and ran to the front. Chapin congratulated her on outdoing herself. She got a F minus. To his bewilderment, she was happy and ran off. At the end of science class, Mr. Chapin concluded his Biology 101 lecture by asking the students what a virus was. No one raised their hand. He called on Zatara, who was sleeping on her desk. She sat up and blew her nose on her handkerchief first before answering. Chapin's pants disappeared and the whole class saw his Batman boxers. Chapin dismissed the class.

Mr. Chapin caught the girls coming to school late again. To teach them about taking their school time seriously, Chapin assigned them to sign up for an after-school activity and give a presentation at the end of the week on what they learned. Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker on a Monday morning and told everyone to report to the auditorium for a special announcement. He revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve. Dr. Sieve revealed the winner would receive a summer internship with Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. Karen Beecher inquired what the parameters were. Dr. Sieve revealed the one rule they had at Cadmus was to take risks or it wasn't worth doing. Beecher and Barbara Gordon agreed. Zatara asked if participating in the science fair was required. Chapin revealed all the teachers in the science department agreed to make the fair worth 80 percent of each student's final grade, no matter which science class they were enrolled in. The science fair dissolved into chaos when Dr. Sieve's Sieve-bots attacked. He wasn't in the mood to give an award but the school board informed him failing to do so would be considered a breach of science funding.

Mr. Chapin was about to declare the winner when Barbara Gordon thanked him. He informed she wasn't the winner, especially after what the robots did to the school. He awarded Zee Zatara with first prize and the internship then mentioned Project Cadmus was very interested in purchasing her patent. Zatara deferred the prize to Beecher. Chapin didn't care as long as the funding remained with the school and he could pay a janitor to clean the gym up.