The Beechers

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Powerless (Voice only) and Midterms
Powers/Skills: Unknown
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The morning after a city-wide power outage, Bumblebee managed to return home stuck in her shrunken form thanks to her own ingenuity, namely using things like a toy car or her pet cat Mr. Whiskers. Mrs. Beecher knocked on her door and told her she was heading to work then asked if she needed anything. Bumblebee had to improvise a megahorn with a piece of paper and shouted she was okay. Mrs. Beecher was none the wiser of what was going on and bid her a good day at school.

Mrs. Beecher noticed Karen was awake already at 6 am studying for midterm exams. Mrs. Beecher noted that was next week but she "needed" to study and asked her to close her door. Mrs. Beecher advised her not to study too hard. She later fell asleep studying chemistry. Mrs. Beecher came home and quietly put a blanket on her. The next morning, she asked Karen if she was ready for her first exam.