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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Ghosting
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Blundie is a musician who was set to perform at the Lazarus Pit. However, she was one of many victims of Cheetah and the Mask of Dolos and went missing. Livewire was a fan who bought two tickets but her allies went missing, too. She and Supergirl happened to find out they were both fans and called a temporary truce to attend the performance together. Livewire, too, went missing and Supergirl was stood up. Eventually, the Super Hero Girls figured out how to reverse the power of the Mask of Dolos at a Lexcorp construction site. Supergirl and Livewire were elated to see Blundie, who was naturally confused about what was going on. Livewire asked for her autograph and if she needed a roadie who was good with lighting design.

The Lazarus Pit held a weekend long event Mosh-A-Thon featuring The Metropolis Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Kittie Riot, Bathing Suit Murder, Le Panther, The Stay-Stays, Blundie, and more. Some time after Blundie, Bathing Suit Murder, and Kitty Riot performed, all the bands and patrons became enamored with Lexcorp's Pigeon Party app. Danvers was bummed the marathon ended early and checked her phone.