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Real Identity: Antiope
Appearances (Episodes): #AwesomeAuntAntiope
Powers/Skills: Immortality, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: April Winchell

Antiope is an Amazon and the sister of Queen Hippolyta. Antiope is the complete opposite of her stern and rigid sister. For a long time, Diana thought her Aunt Antiope was a legendary monster hunter and slayer (and super duper fun). According to legend, she once captured the Cerberus when it escaped from the death realm Hades. In reality, it was Antiope's mistake that led to the Cerberus escaping in the first place. Many years ago, Antiope and Diana played a pretend fight despite the latter being forbidden from using any yet due to her being a child. Antiope donned a green bandanna turned crude Cyclops mask and battled Diana with a spear while she used a sword. Diana avoided the spear thrust of the "Cyclops" and counter attacked. The "Cyclops" pretended to lose and declared it was outmatched. The spear landed at the feet of Hippolyta. They stood at attention.

Before Diana could come up with a story, Hippolyta scolded her. She reminded her she still had two more years of training before she was allowed to use a sword. Diana looked at the floor. Antiope tried to calm Hippolyta down and pointed out Diana was working hard. Hippolyta picked up the spear and reminded Antiope she was told many times not to interfere with Diana's studies. As queen, Hippolyta commanded her to stop. She threw the spear to her. Antiope acknowledged her decree but winked at Diana on the sly. Hippolyta decided to let the punishment fit the crime. Diana was ordered to polish every single weapon in the Amazons' arsenal. She began her new chore but Antiope returned atop a Pegasus and whispered to her, asking her if she wanted to see a real Cyclops. Diana gasped and ran to Antiope then they departed the temple.

In the present, Hippolyta tasked Antiope with changing the lock on the Kraken's cage before Friday. Antiope was so enthralled with the world of man, she forgot to change the lock. Antiope pulled up to Sweet Justice on a motorcycle and complimentary attire. Diana Prince zipped over and hugged her. Antiope could not believe it had been over 100 years since they last saw each other. Prince introduced her friends. Antiope declared they were her friends as well. She slid into the booth and Barbara Gordon popped out as a result. Antiope asked what the plan was for the evening's entertainment. They informed her they had to study for their final exams the next day. Antiope was aghast they chose to read books when they lived in a world of motorcycles, movies, men, pizza, men, and even more men. She pointed out they didn't give their minds a rest, they would be exhausted when they needed them. The girls saw some logic in that. Gordon admitted she was secretly reading a comic book for the past hour anyway.

Antiope and the girls took a study break and went dancing at a night club. They became sullen when they remembered they had to go back to studying. Antiope stated a warrior's mind could not function properly if their body was depleted. Danvers admitted she could eat. They went into an eatery and Antiope demanded hot wings. Zee Zatara wanted just a side salad but Antiope took her menu away and declared there would be no leaves on her dinner table. She pounded the table yelling for her hot wings. Soon, the table was packed with hot wings, onion rings, French fries, nachos, hot dogs, and burgers. Antiope declared the world of man's greatest delight must certainly be breaded. Antiope chugged the hot sauce. The girls cheered her on. Antiope breathed fire and scorched a wall. Prince was left with the bill. Antiope hit the pool hall next. She won an arm wrestling match against a biker and even slammed him off his seat. He was a sore loser and a bar brawl broke out. The girls won.

Prince was eager to end the festivities since their final exams were now seven hours away. Gordon didn't take kindly to her bringing down the mood. Antiope defended her but stated one last thing to do was find something to help them unwind. Prince wasn't having it. Antiope ended up in card game against the Royal Flush Gang. Gordon was sure they were bluffing. Suddenly, a SWAT team interrupted the game. A police officer told everyone to freeze and announced they came to arrest the Royal Flush Gang. At first he was confused why teenage girls were present but assumed they were friends of the gang and wanted to arrest them, too. Antiope flipped the table and told the girls to run. They climbed out of a basement window into an alley. Antiope pulled up in a green car. They piled in and fled the scene. Prince questioned why they were fleeing the scene then realized she had no idea when her aunt got a car. Antiope thought parked cars were for anyone to use. With the police in hot pursuit. Antiope took evasive maneuvers and went left past a big rig truck while the police went straight.

The girls recuperated in the hideout. Antiope was still amped and wanted to go get breakfast. She dug around in the fridge while Prince pointed out they had no more time to study. She told her aunt to leave and stop interfering with their schooling. Antiope realized how she sounded like her mother. Prince gasped. The tension was interrupted by a city-wide rumble. A Kraken rose up near the Metropolis Pier. Antiope realized it was already Friday and became nervous. She revealed Hippolyta tasked her with changing the lock on the Kraken's underwater cage. She forgot to do it and as a result, the Kraken escaped. Prince could not believe she was the same Antiope she grew up admiring. Antiope admitted she captured the Cerberus because she was the reason it escaped in the first place. The Kraken marched onto the city. The girls were unable to stop it on their own.

Antiope pointed out they needed to journey to Greece, secure a Gorgon's head, then turn the Kraken to stone. Wonder Woman was annoyed and yelled they had no time for that. Antiope presented an alternative, feed a beautiful maiden to it and suggested drawing straws. They glared at her. Wonder Woman told her to think of another way. Antiope stammered she didn't spend her life studying Krakens. Wonder Woman suddenly remembered the third way to stop the Kraken. The girls regrouped at Metropolis High and Wonder Woman performed the ceremony to conjure a Stygian Bloom. It was crushed into a powder and used to place the Kraken into a deep slumber. The Kraken fell asleep and landed on top of Metropolis High. Antiope declared victory and held up her hand for high fives but none were given. Bumblebee pointed out finals were probably canceled. Antiope cheered again. They all turned towards Antiope. She tried to leave but Wonder Woman, as princess of the Amazons, gave her a command.

Antiope noted she sounded like her mother. Wonder Woman knew that. Antiope struggled to drag the sleeping Kraken across the city and back to its cage. She fell to her knees and was crushed by a tentacle in front of a sushi bar. She asked some scared teenagers for some help.