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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 10
Appearances (Episodes): #FromBatToWorse, #SoulSisters Part 1 (Bruce), #TweenTitans (Bruce), #AmBatgirl Part 1, #AmBatgirl Part 2, #WorldsFinest, #MultipliciZee (Bruce), and #TheWarriorAndTheJester
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Powers/Skills: Genius, Technological Aptitude, Advanced Deduction, and Knowledge of Martial Arts
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson

Batman and his sidekick Robin protect Gotham City from crime. Ironically, Barbara Gordon idolizes Batman but thinks Bruce Wayne is the worst. On a summer day, Barbara Gordon put on her makeshift costume and pedaled on her bicycle to the scene of the crime using a walkie set on the police band. Commissioner Gordon informed Batman he may have to stop the robbery himself. After struggling uphill, she made it to where the robbery was reported but saw the robber was already tied up and left to hang from a street light. She glimpsed Batman on top of a roof. As he fired a grapnel and swung away. Batgirl observed a fight between Batman and Professor Pyg on the roof of a building. She planned to show up and impress him with her Bat grappling hook but Robin showed up and Batman had to save him. She missed her chance to meet Batman before she moved to Metropolis with her father. Batman and Robin learned Poison Ivy was heading to the Metropolis Pesticide Plant and called Commissioner Gordon's Batphone to request back-up from him. Gordon's daughter, Barbara, answered instead and pretended to be him.

However, she couldn't understand a thing he said so Robin repeated. After she suited up as Batgirl and left, the Batphone rang again. Gordon was confused when Batman told him he was running late. He departed for the plant, too. He arrived and saw Batgirl dragging Poison Ivy outside. Batman happened to call Gordon's phone and he apprised him of the situation. He never mentioned Batgirl and told him he didn't need to come anymore. Batgirl almost called him dad again but she improvised and deduced he was dad of a lucky kid if he had any. He wondered she wasn't Batman's sidekick and admitted he always thought she was more capable than Robin, whom he thought was a twerp. He noted he wasn't even on theme. Batgirl smiled. Ivy managed to escape while they were distracted. Gordon asked her to do him a favor and not tell Batman what happened. On an episode of the reality show "Make It Wayne," Alfred asked Wayne if he bought another boat. Wayne asked him what else he would use in his new lake.

On an episode of "Make It Wayne," Bruce Wayne suddenly burst into the study with a conga line of friends including a 24/7 Live anchor and the actor who portrays Aiden in the "Just Before Dusk" movies. Wayne asked Pennyworth to bring the elephant around back. Dick Grayson, his ward and secretly Robin, asked him if he was still going to still help him with his report. Wayne remembered his promise and told him maybe later because he only had the band for three more hours. Wayne later asked Pennyworth to refill the caviar fountain. On Dick Grayson's birthday, Wayne was upstairs being recorded for another episode and talked about putting the pool next to the other pool but then had to move the lake. The production crew followed him along. Pennyworth announced the birthday chaperons, Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher, arrived. Wayne was pleased but asked who's birthday it was. Pennyworth informed him it was Master Dick's. Wayne played it cool and assumed he got him something nice. Pennyworth confirmed he did as always. After Pennyworth introduced Cruz and Beecher to Grayson and his friends, Wayne called out to him to ready the "Bruce-mobile" and they left the manor. Raven restored the wrecked manor to pristine condition just in time. Wayne tossed a huge stack of money to Beecher and continued on with the production crew not far behind.

Batman and Robin tracked the Riddler to the Metropolis Museum. He found Batgirl and Robin arguing over who caught Riddler. Batgirl's annoyance turned to joy as Batman arrived. She shook his hand and quickly asked him a series of questions like if it was true there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Batcave, what ratio of potassium nitrate was in his smoke-bombs, and how many miles per gallon the Batmobile got in the city and on the highway. He remained silent. She realized he was down to business and she told him it was a honor catching one of his archnemeses. Robin claimed he did. She called him a liar. Batman grunted something and walked away. Robin pointed out the Riddler was gone and rubbed it in as Batman left through the skylight. Some time later, Batman presented Riddler's latest clue, "What has branches and leaves but no bark?" Robin guessed a dog then a tree then a silent dog tree. Batgirl stated the answer was a library and realized Riddler was planning to steal the ancient volume of puzzles on display at the Metropolis Library's Antiquities Room. Batman nodded in agreement. Robin's hamstring still hampered him. Batgirl volunteered to help. Robin was amused an "amateur" would even say that but to his surprise Batman took off with her.

Batman and Batgirl staked out the Metropolis Library. She inquired how he could squat for so long and not cramp up. Riddler found the Ancient Volume of Puzzles inside and gloated about how easy it was. Batgirl shined a spotlight on him from the skylight then Batman leaped down. Riddler gasped and ran down an aisle. It was a ploy and he revealed he placed bombs all over the library to cover his escape by asking, "Put an "A" in front of my name and I'm awful. But put a "D-A" before it, and I can do no wrong! What is my name?" Batman and Batgirl pretended to be scared then took one step forward in unison. Riddler kept bluffing. They took another step. Riddler realized his hands were stuck to the book. Batgirl revealed they swapped the real Ancient Volume of Puzzles with a fake coated in Bat-Glue. Batman ripped his detonator away and muttered something. Riddler refused to go back to Arkham Asylum.

Suddenly, Robin swung towards them. Riddler sidestepped him as he hit a wall. Robin tried to take the book but got stuck to it, too. Batman was miffed and yanked Robin off with all this might. He was launched back and landed on Batgirl. Riddler ran for it and escaped. Robin informed Batman he was going to take money out of the petty Bat-cash to get new gloves. Batman asked Batgirl to be his new sidekick. Batman and Batgirl shook down the criminal underbelly of Metropolis for leads on Riddler. They took turns shaking a man in a ski mask. Batman shined the special flashlight on the side of a building and found a Riddler clue. Batgirl input the data on her tablet and pointed in the direction they needed to go next. They broke up a poker game and beat up the three players, all criminals. Batgirl punched one of the men and put him in a bear hug. Batman kicked the other and punched his gut repeatedly. The lady criminal tried to sneak off but Batman fired his grappling hook without looking and snagged her then Batgirl backhanded her. She teared up and declared it was the happiest day of her life.

Batman and Batgirl investigated a tip and entered a warehouse. Batman shined Batgirl's special flashlight around and discovered Riddler's clues on several crates. Batgirl realized the crates were moved recently and Riddler left them a jumble. They rearranged the crates and found the clue, "To steal a king's treasure, I must first steal the job of gasoline. How shall I proceed?" Batgirl figured out the answer was cargo and Riddler was planning to steal the king of Markovia's treasure while it was being transported across town the next night via cargo truck. Batman agreed. Batgirl called it a victory and suggested ice cream. She realized Batman had left. Batgirl observed the cargo truck being loaded with the king of Markovia's treasure outside a Bank of Moolah. She reported into Batman on comms that there was no sign of Riddler. He muttered. She followed the truck after it drove off. Over comms, Batgirl pretended Riddler got the jump on her.

Batman caught up to the truck and opened the back up. He was surprised to see Batgirl tied up and Robin standed in triumph over the villain. While Riddler was turned over to the police, Robin told his version of events to Batman. Batgirl told him it was an honor and quit as his sidekick. Before she left on her moped, Batman nodded to show he understood she helped Robin get back in his good graces. Superman and Batman battled each other in a city mini-park. A big crowd of fans gathered and cheered them on. Batgirl and Supergirl followed Jimmy Olsen to see what was going on. In reality, Batman and Superman were playing against each other in a fighting table top game. Batgirl and Supergirl couldn't believe the crowd was eating it up. Olsen snapped multiple photographs and proclaimed they were real superheroes in action. Supergirl admitted they were definitely doing something wrong. Max Lord was eavesdropping on them and butted in, claiming they needed PR to solve their problem and separate themselves from all of the other "50 costumed clowns" in the city.

Jimmy Olsen agreed they needed more exposure if they wanted to make it big like Batman and Superman. A little pudgy boy cosplaying as Batman named Anthony got him to sign his belly. He stated he was going to remember this day forever. The new season of Making It Wayne started in the kitchen of Wayne Manor East. Alfred Pennyworth admitted he hoped Bruce Wayne learned his lesson after the fire his monster truck started in the library. He hopped onto the stove top as Wayne drove back and forth through the kitchen on a motorcycle. Wayne pointed out that happened yesterday and advised him to stop living in the past. He then hopped around atop the motorcycle. At the end of the twelfth episode, Wayne and Pennyworth stood in the empty swimming pool. Wayne's motorcycle was a flaming wreck. He told Pennyworth his motto, "No Wayne, no gain!" In the penultimate episode, Wayne faced the prospect of losing the entire Wayne fortune. However, in the season finale, he saved Wayne Enterprises. Pennyworth came into the study to congratulate him but it was seemingly empty. Wayne swung from the chandelier and caught him by surprise.

According the legend, the Joker sliced off an ear off Batman's cowl and it made its way through the black market were it was snagged up by Harley Quinn. Quinzel gave it to Gordon as a gift. Diana Prince accidentally used the ear as a whetstone to sharpen her sword and went to Gotham with Harleen Quinzel to get a replacement. At Sprang Station, Quinzel revealed her plan was to cut an ear off Batman himself. Prince asked if she was serious. Quinzel was sure Batman was just one word but wasn't sure if he hyphenated. Prince clarified she was talking about her plan. Quinzel confirmed she was because the station was on Batman's night patrol. She produced a spray can and elaborated she was going to tag a wall and when Batman came to scold them, her connection would sneak up behind him and snip the ear off. Prince thought it was a terrible idea and told herself she should have known better and should have been upfront with Gordon from the start.

Prince wanted to return to Metropolis and fess up but Quinzel tagged a wall with "Batman Stinks!" Prince was horrified and tried to wipe it off. Batman arrived. Prince told him it was an honor to meet him and it wasn't what it looked like. Harley Quinn suddenly sliced a fence in half with a giant pair of scissors and rushed Batman. Batman threw two Batarangs. Quinn used her scissors like a pogo stick and dodged them then counter attacked. Batman dodged her twice so she charged but one of the Batarangs returned and pinned her to a stucco wall. She couldn't believe of all the walls, it had to be stucco and got itchy. Prince told Batman she had much higher hopes for the first time their paths crossed. He put a hand on her shoulder and consoled her. She perked up. However, Quinn was gone. Batman departed. On Halloween, Batman was in Star City working on a case.

While testing out her Sparrow robot, Batgirl day dreamed about Batman being so impressed after he read a Daily Planet article, that he recruited Batgirl to his team. He then tossed Robin his keys and told him to wash the Batmobile.