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Real Identity: Joker Van
Affiliations: Legion of Zoom
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Sidekicked To The Curb, Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Cave Sweet Home, Scaredy-Bat, Zoomsday, Batty Race, Mechanic Panic, To The Batmobile!, and Batty Body Swap
Appearances (Shorts): Wheelin' and Dealin' and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Prop Weapons
Voiced By: Griffin Burns

Joker's main vehicle is the Joker Van. The van was brought to life with a stolen Bat Mother Board by Badcomputer and Crash. Badcomputer called all the villain vehicles brought to life his Legion of Zoom and sent them to steal the Batcomputer. At Gotham Amusement Mile, they were opposed by the Batwheels. Prank tricked Batwing into flying into some dangling lights. In the rematch battle, Bam slipped up Prank with some balls from a throwing game and he drove right into the strength test. During a heist at Gotham Central Bank, Red disobeyed Bam again and followed but rolled over a soda can and revealed their presence to Prank. Prank ejected a barrel of prop dentures then Bam fell prey to a power draining joy buzzer but Red was still following him and removed it. With the Bat-Link, they became turbo charged and caught up. They went after Prank together and performed the alley oop Red used to win a game of tag in the Batcave. Red applied the joy buzzer to Prank and immobilized him.

While Batman and Robin surfed after Joker at Gotham Point, Bam and Redbird battled Prank with beach balls. Prank blinded Bam with a bursty ball then rained pool noodles down on Redbird. Prank later tried to flood Gotham City by sending giant Joker balloons filled with water from Gotham Docks. Batman restrained his tires at Amusement Park unaware he was the culprit. After Batman refused to a street race with the Joker, Bam went to prove Batman wasn't scared and found Prank at the Hall of Mirrors in Amusement Mile. Prank took the lead with his drag racing mode. With no other choice, Bam used his Bat Booster but he drove through some shipping containers at Gotham Docks and came out covered in glue, a cone on his hood, and a foam finger stuck to his roof. Prank then modified the Gotham Docks into a race course that he called "Pranks' Super Sweet Showdown Supreme." Bam ignored Batcomputer and the other Batwheels and went to challenge Prank again.

Prank anticipated it and called a tip to a news station to televise the race. At the end of the track, Bam realized the loop-de-loop ended too close to the edge of the pier and activated his tire grip to stop himself. Prank kept going and won but was unable to stop and went off the edge of the pier. Bam fired his Bat-Winger and reeled him back before he landed in the harbor. Prank was stunned Bam saved him but kept trying to goad him but Bam left the docks. The reporter commended "Batman" on taking the high road. Prank's role in the Supermanium heist was to throw pies at the Batwheels and blind them. The Legion of Zoom stole the Supermanium at the Gotham Docks but they fought over it instead of delivering it to Badcomputer. Jestah took off with it but she was defeated by the Batwheels and they took back the Supermanium. The rest of the Zoomers pretended to leave her in the street with her wheels locked but they came back after she apologized.

During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Prank attempted to detour Bam off the race track but he returned towards the end of the race and tricked the rest of the Legion into taking each other out with their own cheats until Bam and Prank were the only contestants left. Prank tried driving Bam into the rails but Bam braked and used his turbo to get ahead of Prank at the last second and win the grand prize trophy. Prank whined over the loss and to add insult to injury, one of his bursty balls rolled over and covered him in glitter. The Legion was dispatched to ambush and capture the Batwheels after draining their power then kidnap Batcomputer. Four Batwheels were ambushed at Gotham Central Park. Prank's giant buzzer drained their power. They were taken to Gotham Docks. Jestah noticed Bam was missing. They voted to head to the Batcave and overpower Bam. The Legion dodged Bam's spin move attack and he was blinded by Prank's confetti.

A.D.A.M. intervened but Snowy eventually froze one of his tires. He advised the Legion to turn themselves into the authorities. The Legion was amused. A.D.A.M. used a buzz saw and Bam used a small laser to destroy the ice on the former's wheel. They agreed to combine their moves to win. A.D.A.M. towed Bam and spun him around, alternating attacks, and knocked each Zoomer into a shipping container. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Bibi swiftly took out Jestah and Prank with jump kicks. Bam recovered the Rumble Ray and blasted the Legion down into the Gotham Point beach.

Meet the Batwheels: Prank when on a spree tagging the city with graffiti. Bam followed and cleaned up after him and caught up to him in Gotham Central Park. Prank was about to paint the Batman statue. Bam leaped in front of the statue at the last second and took the paint instead then fired wheel locks on Prank. Crash and the Legion of Zoom were tasked with stealing the Batmobile. Crash sneaked into the Batcave and stole Batman's cowl then activated the Bat-Tracker at the Wayne Enterprises parking garage. As expected, Batcomputer tried to hail Batman but got no response so she dispatched the Batwheels. During Plan Keep Away, Prank hit Bibi with his boxing glove and snatched the frozen Bat Cowl but got locked in a shed.