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Real Identity: Kitty
Appearances (Episodes): Bam's Clawful Mistake and Ride Along
Voiced By: Kinza Khan

In search of a sixth player for Bat-Ball, Bam observed the agility of Catwoman's car during a pursuit with Batman. He called Moe and the other Batwheels to Gotham Central Park and asked for an extra Bat-mother board to be brought. Bam presented the car and despite some uncertainty from Batwing and Moe, the mother board was installed. Bam named her Kitty. Kitty's low attention span was evident but ignored. She pawed at Moe then Batwing then Buff's winch then bailed on a staring contest with Bam to chase a pigeon. She got distracted by the light pole then chased a pigeon during Bat-Ball. Bam grapneled some feathers and dangled it on a pole to get her attention. It worked and Bam got the ball back. She apologized then left to continue after a butterfly hoping they would play again.

During his patrol, Bam ran into Kitty. He informed her "Boop, Knock It Over" was not very nice because she was knocking other people's things over. She suggested "Hide-and-Go-Seek" and drove off. Bam searched but ran over an oil slick and went off the overpass. Kitty grabbed him with her tail and saved him. Bam was convinced she could be a Batwheel and believed she might get more serious about things if she came on a ride along with him. Batcomputer told him she had her way of doing things and he had his own as well and he shouldn't try to change her. Bam was sure she would love it and promised her it would be fun. Kitty was in. Kitty only found a pigeon eating a hot dog. Batcomputer notified Bam that one of the boats had broken loose at Gotham Docks and needed him to tie it down properly. Bam pulled the boat in with his grappling hook but Kitty became distracted with hiding in a shipping container than tying down the boat. Bam did her part as well.

Kitty opted to go to the Amusement Mile rather than shadow Bam on patrol. She went on the roller coaster then came up behind Bam at the bumper cars and surprised him. Bam slowly realized she wasn't cut out to be a Batwheel. He dealt with a traffic jam alone, picked up trash, and patched a gushing hydrant. Kitty made the hydrant leak water again. Penguin was insulted he wasn't invited to the premiere of "The Grey Ghost Begins" and plotted to steal the movie and broadcast the ending above the city for all to see, spoiling the experience. Bam elected to deal with it on his own and advised Kitty to stay behind. He tried to take back the reel with a grappling hook but Penguin countered with his trick umbrella and sent him flying. He then used his umbrella to take remote control of the theatre's spotlights to blind Bam. Bam confessed to Batcomputer what he told Kitty. Batcomputer pointed out Kitty would rather just be herself.

Luckily, Kitty the Catmobile showed up despite Bam telling her stay behind. Bam got an idea and suggested they play her game "Boop, Knock It Over." They knocked the spotlights over and while Penguin was blinded, Kitty knocked the film projector over and prevented the movie from being spoiled. Bam fired a pair of cuffs and immobilized Penguin just in time for the police. Kitty asked if there was more serious stuff to do but Bam realized the error of his ways and suggested a game of Tag instead.