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Real Identity: Jestah
Affiliations: Legion of Zoom
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Keep Calm and Roll On, Zoomsday, A Tale of Two Bibis, Batty Race, Wheels Just Want to Have Fun, Mechanic Panic, Dynamic Du-Oh-No, To The Batmobile!, and Batty Body Swap
Appearances (Shorts): Parking Problems
Voiced By: Alexandra Novelle

Harley Quinn's main vehicle is an ATV. It was brought to life with a stolen Bat Mother Board by Badcomputer and Crash and named Jestah. Badcomputer called all the villain vehicles brought to life his Legion of Zoom and sent them to steal the Batcomputer. At Gotham Amusement Mile, they were opposed by the Batwheels. Jestah tricked Buff into the tea cup ride. In the rematch battle, Bibi lifted the roller coaster track and launched Jestah away.

Jestah taunted Bibi and called her a baby scooter then flattened Bibi's tires with jacks. Batgirl managed to throw a Bat-Tracer on Jestah's rear but Harley later destroyed it. Harley later activated a giant mallet that came out to the back of Jestah. Batgirl managed to avoid the cars thrown up by the shockwave. Though they had the advantage in the forest, Batgirl and Bibi snagged the Jestah with a grapnel and swung them around some trees.

Jestah took the lead in the Supermanium heist. When the others protested, she brought up the leader would do all the planning and work and take all the responsibility. Jestah remained the leader. They practiced working together to execute her plan: Prank fired pies at the Batwheels to blind them, Ducky cut the Supermanium container loose with a trick umbrella, Snowy froze the Batwheels' tracks, they passed the container around, and Quizz flew off with it. The actual heist was a success but they began to fight over it. Jestah took off with the Supermanium but the Batwheels blocked her at a 4-way intersection. They locked her wheels and left with the Supermanium. The other Zoomers arrived and teased her. When they were about to leave, Jestah apologized. They quickly returned and promised to get her free. She mused they were good at being bad.

Per Jestah's suggestion, Badcomputer set a trap for Bibi by setting up a wooden ramp she could not resist. It worked and Bibi sped up the ramp and landed in a giant hole in the middle of a Cobblepot construction site. Crash presented Badcomputer in an old television set. Badcomputer found it even worse than the scoreboard and introduced himself to Bibi then presented his plan to place Jestah's motherboard into a Bat-Cyle copy so she could infiltrate the Batcave and steal Batcomputer's mother board. Jestah tried to play along but Buff's tea party and a yoga session made her snap. She stole Batcomputer's mother board and sped out of the cave. Bibi eventually got out of the hole and challenged Jestah to see who was better with a jumping contest. Jestah took the bait and jumped off the same ramp into the same hole while Bibi grabbed Batcomputer's mother board at the last second and did a quick turn off the Cobblepot construction site sign.

During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Jestah used a hologram to trick Bibi to ramming into a fake tunnel. At the last second, Bibi activated her safety bubble. Jestah used her mallet and whacked Bibi around. Towards the end of the race, Bam tricked Jestah and Quizz and they got entangled with each other and stuck on a light pole. After Harley Quinn stole champion athlete's gold medal, Jestah got bored of waiting around for her nad tempted Bibi into having fun at the Gotham Central Park despite it being closed. Jestah broke the front gate open and they had fun driving around and jumping into a pile of leaves. Bibi left when Batcomputer told her Batgirl needed her. Jestah declared she wasn't fun. Some time later, Jestah challenged Bibi to jump the drawbridge with her as it opened. Bibi refused but Jestah went and ran out of momentum mid-jump then fell into the river. After Batgirl fished Harley out of the river, Bibi fished Jestah out and joked one rule she would break is the no fishing rule. Jestah was not amused and a fish flopped out of her.

Jestah practiced the Zoom-athlon course set up inside Gotham Stadium one night. Bibi investigated. She revealed it was for the Zoom-athlon, a contest to see who was the number one champion Zoomer. Jestah slipped going up a ramp and crashed into a hot dog stand. Her rear left drive shaft was broken but she insisted on just moving around and stretching instead of going to a mechanic. She slipped on the ramp and crashed again. Jestah admitted she was afraid to go to the mechanic. Bibi promised to be with her the whole time and they could be brave together. She agreed to go. Bibi took her to the Batcave to see Moe. Jestah was scared by the tools but Bam told her story about his door getting stuck and Batman having to pry it open with a batarang. She went up on the stand. Moe diagnosed the broken drive shaft. Jestah asked if fixing it would hurt. He asked if it did because he was already done. Jestah was relieved and on Bibi's prompt, thanked her and Moe. Jestah returned to the stadium and was the final contestant. She was the only one who finished the course and was crowned champion by Crash. She noticed Prank had a broken bumper. He was too scared to see a mechanic but Jestah promised she knew "a guy."

Snowy and Jestah went into a restricted section of woods. Snowy was unsure of going past the signs and stated he didn't feel right about doing it. Jestah reminded him they had to get the freeze-berries to make the special ice cream for the people of Gotham. Snowy made an ice bridge to an island in the middle of a lake and picked the freeze-berries. Buff freed Batwing but she sped off. Jestah blinded her with wiper fluid then Snowy froze one of her wings. They got away with the berries. Jestah shattered the bridge on the way out. Snowy handed out berry ice cream but it froze everyone who took one. Jestah revealed her plan was just to pull off a prank. Snowy quit and left the scene. Buff and Batwing chased Jestah. Buff used his winch and swung her around then Batwing snagged her and carried her above the city. Jestah shouted she hated heights and demanded to be released. Batwing dropped her on the remaining berries and she froze. Buff and Batwing used hot cocoa from one of the food trucks to thaw the Gothamites out.

The Legion was dispatched to ambush and capture the Batwheels after draining their power then kidnap Batcomputer. Four Batwheels were ambushed at Gotham Central Park. Prank's giant buzzer drained their power. They were taken to Gotham Docks. Jestah noticed Bam was missing. They voted to head to the Batcave and overpower Bam. The Legion dodged Bam's spin move attack and he was blinded by Prank's confetti. A.D.A.M. intervened but Snowy eventually froze one of his tires. He advised the Legion to turn themselves into the authorities. The Legion was amused. A.D.A.M. used a buzz saw and Bam used a small laser to destroy the ice on the former's wheel. They agreed to combine their moves to win. A.D.A.M. towed Bam and spun him around, alternating attacks, and knocked each Zoomer into a shipping container. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Bibi swiftly took out Jestah and Prank with jump kicks. Bam recovered the Rumble Ray and blasted the Legion down into the Gotham Point beach.

Meet The Batwheels: Crash and the Legion of Zoom were tasked with stealing the Batmobile. Crash sneaked into the Batcave and stole Batman's cowl then activated the Bat-Tracker at the Wayne Enterprises parking garage. As expected, Batcomputer tried to hail Batman but got no response so she dispatched the Batwheels. During Plan Keep Away, Redbird flipped Jestah down the Wayne Industries parking lot ramp. She made her way back up but Snowy was tricked into freezing Ducky and he slid into her and they both went down the ramp.