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Real Identity: Goldie
Appearances (Episodes): When You're a Jet
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Chandni Parekh

Batwing longed for another plane to fly with. One night, she was summoned to aid Batman chasing Riddler after he stole a valuable shipment of gold. They unexpectedly helped by Green Arrow. Batwing was impressed with his Arrowplane and got an idea to bring it to life with a Batmotherboard. The Arrowplane immediately vacated the Batcave and flew around. Batwing followed. They were instant friends and tried out a move around a cloud then tried aerial ballet. She admitted she never really liked the name "Arrowplane" so Batwing suggested "Goldie" and she accepted it. She thought it was all warm and sunshiny like her. They flew all around the city and did some sky art then returned to the Batcave. Batwing introduced her to the other Batwheels. However, Batwing and Goldie became distraught the latter would be leaving soon.

The Batwheels decided to try and hide Goldie so she wouldn't have to leave. They tried putting her behind the Tyrannosaurus Rex, putting a white cover on her, and putting her in the shower. Batcomputer taught them that saying goodbye isn't forever. They promised to visit each other. Some time later, Goldie returned to Gotham with a surprise mission. She and Batwing flew towards Penguin's Ducky Bimp.