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Real Identity: Ducky
Affiliations: Legion of Zoom
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Stop That Ducky!, Zoomsday, Harley Did It, Batty Race, Wheel Side Story, Mechanic Panic, To The Batmobile!, and Batty Body Swap
Appearances (Shorts): Interview With A Crime-Fighter, Silly Stoaway, Rockin' Robin, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Submerging
Voiced By: Ariyan Kassam

Penguin's Ducky Boat was brought to life with a stolen Bat Mother Board by Badcomputer and Crash and named Ducky. Badcomputer called all the villain vehicles brought to life his Legion of Zoom and sent them to steal the Batcomputer. At Gotham Amusement Mile, they were opposed by the Batwheels. Ducky lured Bam into a bumper car ambush. In the rematch battle, Redbird used his Launch Mode ramp to send Ducky into the tea cup ride.

Ducky went to the Gotham Ducks and stole an ultra fuel cell to boost his speed. The Batwheels attempted to stop him but they lacked good leadership and team unity. Ducky got away. He later returned to steal the rest of the fuel cells for the Legion of Zoom. As he approached from the South Pier, the Batwheels came up with a plan to trap Ducky in the corridor of shipping containers after Bibi lured him in. Ducky, as planned, went for the one exit but he was blocked by Buff. Batwing fired an electro-net on him then Buff hoisted him upside down on his wench. Ducky's role in the Supermanium heist was to cut the container loose with his trick umbrella. The Legion of Zoom stole it but fought over it and the Batwheels took it back.

During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Ducky shot an inflatable duck onto Redbird. He was lifted up into the air like a balloon and disqualified. Towards the end of the race, Bam tricked Ducky and Snowy. Snowy was lifted away by Duck's trick umbrellas and Ducky was frozen. The Penguin got tired of hearing the numbing noise from Gotham City's grating citizens and called it an assault on his delicate, musically trained ears. He invented the Songinator, a device resembling a guitar that fires a ray that turns the voices into melodic song. All words that come out a victim's mouth, comes out as a song. Ducky was remotely sent to the theater district to begin blasting citizens. To Ducky's annoyance, the Batwheels shielded his targets and were hit instead. He was amused to see the Songinator worked. They were unable to work in unison. Ducky ducked into an alley where the Batwheels tried to enter at the same time and got stuck.

On the highway to Gotham Point, the Batwheels caught up. Ducky projected holograms of himself. The Batwheels were singing in one tune and back to being united. Bibi took out the holograms on the beach then Batwing was launched by the others into the remaining holograms and Ducky. Ducky was knocked on his side and he was affixed to the highway. The Songinator was taken off of them and delivered to Moe for reprogramming. The Legion was dispatched to ambush and capture the Batwheels after draining their power then kidnap Batcomputer. Four Batwheels were ambushed at Gotham Central Park. Prank's giant buzzer drained their power. They were taken to Gotham Docks. Jestah noticed Bam was missing. They voted to head to the Batcave and overpower Bam. The Legion dodged Bam's spin move attack and he was blinded by Prank's confetti. A.D.A.M. intervened but Snowy eventually froze one of his tires. He advised the Legion to turn themselves into the authorities. The Legion was amused. A.D.A.M. used a buzz saw and Bam used a small laser to destroy the ice on the former's wheel. They agreed to combine their moves to win. A.D.A.M. towed Bam and spun him around, alternating attacks, and knocked each Zoomer into a shipping container.

The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Ducky fired the ray at the hidden cliff entrance but Redbird knocked it into the air. Bam used the Bat-Magnet to snag it before Ducky could recover it. He then blasted the Legion down into the Gotham Point beach.

Meet the Batwheels: Bam pursued Ducky from the Gotham Docks and captured Ducky on a highway. Ducky stole a shipment of rare tropical fish from the docks to resell at a profit. Bam tried to sneak up on him but Alfie the bat stowed away inside and startled him. Ducky fired his taser umbrellas at Bam but Alfie flew into Ducky's face. He drove up a plank right into a tank filled with water. Robin pursued the Penguin on a stretch of highway. Penguin drove Ducky down to the street level but they were cut off by Robin in Redbird. Ducky was stunned and fell on his side. Crash and the Legion of Zoom were tasked with stealing the Batmobile. Crash sneaked into the Batcave and stole Batman's cowl then activated the Bat-Tracker at the Wayne Enterprises parking garage. As expected, Batcomputer tried to hail Batman but got no response so she dispatched the Batwheels. Bibi tricked Snowy into freezing Ducky. He slid into Jestah and they both went down the ramp.