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Real Identity: Buff
Affiliations: Batwheels
Appearances (Episodes): All (Except Ride Along and Mechanic Panic)
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Silly Stoaway, The Knight Shift, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Strength and Towing
Voiced By: Noah Bentley

Buff came to life thanks to a Bat Mother Board. At Gotham Amusement Mile, Jestah tricked Buff into the tea cup ride. In the rematch with the Legion of Zoom, Buff destroyed Snowy's ice cubes and defeated him with a loose ferris wheel cage. The Batwheels used their Bat Magnets to save the limo Batman was trapped him. Buff befriended Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler Snowy after he saw him deliberately crashing in order to avoid hitting a dog. Buff convinced the others he was good. Buff's winch came in handy with liberating the Batwheels after a chase across the roof tops failed to produce Quizz's capture. He later used it to pull himself and the others from Quizz's quicksand trap at Gotham Central Park. Buff got snow tires for Christmas. Buff wanted to be graceful but knew he was too clumsy and big, especially after trying an obstacle course in the Batcave and accidentally running Moe over.

Buff's gloom translated to Batman's failed pursuit of Riddler at Cobblepot construction site. Batman had Moe run a check-up but nothing was wrong. Batwing got an idea to teach Buff ballet to learn balance and grace. It worked and he helped Batman capture Riddler before he could ruin the annual sandcastle contest at Gotham Point Beach. During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Snowy froze Buff's tires and he was disqualified. Riddler's escape with the Amusetta Stone was blocked by the Bat-Truck outside the Gotham Art Museum. The truck stomped the street and knocked Riddler off his feet. Batman recovered the stone but Riddler fled in his helicopter taunting him not to act so puzzled. A news reporter complimented the truck but watched as the stone crumbled in Batman's hands and she thought he ruined it. Batman soon realized he recovered a fake. Back at the Batcave, Batman asked Batcomputer to scan the city for Riddler and Moe to dispose of the fake. Buff wanted to take a look at it but was distracted by the others nicknaming him "Tough Buff."

Buff didn't like the nickname but ignored it in hopes they would stop but they didn't. Buff sulked in his port then later admitted to Bam, Redbird, and Bibi he didn't like the nickname and was more than just tough. The others agreed and noted Buff was the first to cheer anyone up, remembered everyone's favorite songs, and knew the streets better than any of the Batwheels. At the same time, Batman and Buff realized the fake stone was a puzzle after realizing the phrase "Don't act so puzzled" was being repeated. Moe reassembled it and a holographic map was projected pointed to the Gotham Point Pier. Riddler was about to depart with the real stone but Batman and Bat-Truck tricked him with holograms of the former. Riddler jumped over the pier into the sand then climbed back up and ran for his helicopter but ran right into the real Batman and was handcuffed. He realized the Bat-Truck was projecting the holograms and admitted it was more than tough.

While out on patrol, Buff observed a brave stray puppy protect three others from Catwoman. He turned on his lights and Catwoman was scared off. He couldn't bring himself to leave the strays in the streets with Catwoman on the loose. He sneaked them into the Batcave and tried to hide them in his garage space but he soon revealed them to the other Batwheels, Moe, and Batcomputer. They promised to keep them out of Batman's sight. They managed to prevent him from being hit by a batarang, from seeing the strays taking the practice cars on a joyride, dislodging the giant penny, and even licking his glove. After he left and the Batwheels retired to recharge, the strays didn't want to get them in any trouble and returned to the city. The brave puppy found a half-eaten fish as Buff arrived in search of them. They formed a plan and the puppy jumped on his hook. He jumped and swapped Catwoman's steak for the fish. All of the stray cats took notice and chased after Catwoman and Kitka. An adoption fair was held for the four puppies. The brave one was adopted by the Bat-Family.

Buff played fetch with Ace in the Batcave until Bam pointed out it wasn't the best place due to the size. They relocated to Gotham Stadium. Buff used his winch and tossed the ball super long. Ace noticed someone trying to steal the engine out of a parked car. It was Poison Ivy. Ivy revealed she was in the process of making a car bigger and better than the Batwheels. Buff used his winch on the Flower Bud with the engine but Ivy pulled with a vine and broke the winch. She kept it for her car. Buff believed he couldn't fight a supervillain without a winch but Bam taught him to improvise and make use of his surroundings. Ace brought him a branch that looked like a winch. They tracked Ivy to the Gotham Amusement Mile in the process of stealing a bumper car. Buff used the wood winch to yank Ivy into one of the cars and she got bounced around. Buff got his lights blocked by sticky flowers. Ivy got away with a bumper car and tea cup. Ace improvised and brought him a string of lights.

They tracked Ivy to a Cobblepot construction site where Ivy was stealing a digger. She used the special snoozy pollen to put Bam, Buff, and Ace to sleep, then stole Buff's tires. They tried to find something to substitute for the tires but nothing worked until Ace saw the giant donuts on the food trucks nearby. They caught up to Ivy but her car was finished, the SU-IVY. She dug a hole but Buff bounced out of it then stomped the ground, disabling the SU-IVY. He used the wood winch to toss the car. It broke apart then the tea cup skidded and Ivy was tossed on her face. Ace wrapped her up in the string of lights. She vowed to build a bigger car, one with seat warmers, a fancy stereo system, and a smoothie machine. After all the stolen parts were returned, Bam and Buff returned to the stadium and played fetch with Ace using the wood winch. Bam chose Buff and Batwing to investigate Snowy and Jestah because of their special skills complimenting each other, Buff could push through the rough path and Batwing could keep an eye on the Zoomers from above.

Buff was left behind clearing a pile of logs and Batwing got stuck in some trees after she spotted Snowy and Jestah. Snowy made an ice bridge to an island in the middle of a lake and picked the freeze-berries. Buff freed Batwing but she sped off. Jestah blinded her with wiper fluid then Snowy froze one of her wings. They got away with the berries. Jestah shattered the bridge on the way out. Buff arrived and made a floating bridge with the logs and used a batarang to chip the ice off her wing. Batwing admitted they should have worked together but she made a bigger mess and apologized. Buff and Batwing chased Jestah in the city. Buff used his winch and swung her around then Batwing snagged her and carried her above the city. Jestah shouted she hated heights and demanded to be released. Batwing dropped her on the remaining berries and she froze. Buff and Batwing used hot cocoa from one of the food trucks to thaw the frozen Gothamites out.

In an effort to understand each other better and what their unique roles on the team were, Moe randomly switched the Bat-Motherboards of each Batwheel. Buff was placed in Redbird but he had a hard time being small and unnoticed. Randomly using the Batoflage didn't help much. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Back in his body, Buff shattered the ice wall created by Snowy.

Meet The Batwheels: Before Bam could settle in for the night to recharge, he was woken up by Bibi then Buff. Buff revealed Alfie was hanging upside down on his grill. He thought it was cute but he couldn't use his winch. Bam suggested teaching him to fetch. Alfie flew off, grabbed an oil can, and dropped it on Buff.