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Real Identity: Bibi
Affiliations: Batwheels
Appearances (Episodes): All (Except Ride Along and Improvise My Ride)
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Silly Stoaway, The Knight Shift, Bibi Bops, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Stunts and Speed
Voiced By: Madigan Kacmar

The Batgirlcycle was given a Bat Mother Board and was named Bibi. At Gotham Amusement Mile, Bibi was left on top of the ferris wheel by Quizz. In the rematch with the Legion of Zoom, Bibi lifted a roller coaster track and launched Jestah.

Bibi got too obsessed with fixing her mistake with S.T.A.R. Labs's Do-Over Remote rather than a mission that involved capturing Toyman to perfect her landing instead of crashing. Batcomputer helped her see the error of her ways and she made sure she crashed to make sure Toyman was captured. Bibi lost her temper after being called a baby scooter by Jestah. She had her tires flattened by jacks. Batwing and Buff tried to teach her how to stay calm with a spa day. Bibi again lost her temper during a second pursuit and tried to take control but luckily Batgirl was not hurt. Batcomputer instructed her to ignore the bullies, take a deep breath, keep calm, and roll on. They followed Harley and Jestah off road and went into ATV mode, dodging logs launched at them then they fired a grapnel and swung them around some trees. Bibi was stoked when Batgirl told Batcomputer she was the greatest of all time. Bibi got handle bars for Christmas.

Harley Quinn was seen exiting Gotham Stadium on her ATV at the time Penguin stole the annual soccer championship trophy. As Penguin planned, Batman assumed Harley was the culprit. Redbird was skeptical of Harley being the thief. Along with Bibi, he found a dress button, cloth from an umbrella, tracks, and a rubber ducky that pinned the theft on Penguin. The others got annoyed with Bibi not thinking her decisions through. She performed a double flip but as a result got mud all over everyone. She saw a wooden ramp and couldn't resisit despite the others telling her not to. She sped up the ramp and landed in a giant hole. Jestah gloated she was right Bibi would fall for the trap. Badcomputer introduced himself and presented a motorcycle made to look exactly like Bibi. Jestah's mother board was swapped into it and she was sent to steal Batcomputer's mother board so he could declare he was the most powerful computer of all.

Bibi eventually got out of the hole and challenged Jestah to see who was better with a jumping contest. Jestah took the bait and jumped off the same ramp into the same hole while Bibi grabbed Batcomputer's mother board at the last second and did a quick turn off the Cobblepot construction site sign. During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Jestah used a hologram to trick Bibi to ramming into a fake tunnel. At the last second, Bibi activated her safety bubble. Jestah used her mallet and whacked Bibi around. Bibi wanted to practice a new trick jump in the Batcave but Buff reminded her about Batcomputer's rule preventing anyone from doing them there. Batcomputer informed Bibi that Batgirl requested her in response to Harley Quinn committing a string of thefts targeting champion athletes and their gold medals. Jestah tempted Bibi into having fun at the Gotham Central Park despite it being closed. Jestah broke the front gate open and they had fun driving around and jumping into a pile of leaves. Bibi left when Batcomputer told her Batgirl needed her. Jestah declared she wasn't fun.

Back at the Batcave, Bibi asked Bam if she was fun. Bam tried to remind her that rules existed to keep her safe and healthy and there were ways to have fun without breaking them. Bibi opted not to charge for the night and practiced on the obstacle course. Another alert came up that Harley was attempting to steal a medal from a championship swimmer. Batgirl departed on Batcycle but was surprised when it went dead. She hailed Batcomputer to pick the Batcycle up then pursued Harley on foot. Moe charged Bibi and she realized the error of her ways. Once her charge was full, she departed to join the pursuit. Jestah challenged her to jump the drawbridge with her as it opened. Bibi refused but Jestah went and ran out of momentum mid-jump then fell into the river. After Batgirl fished Harley out of the river, Bibi fished Jestah out and joked one rule she would break is the no fishing rule. Jestah was not amused and a fish flopped out of her.

While out on patrol, Bibi noticed the Gotham Stadium was a lit up and investigated. She saw Jestah practicing on a course. She revealed it was for the Zoom-athlon, a contest to see who was the number one champion Zoomer. Jestah slipped going up a ramp and crashed into a hot dog stand. Her rear left drive shaft was broken but she insisted on just moving around and stretching. She slipped on the ramp and crashed again. Jestah admitted she was afraid to go to the mechanic. Bibi promised to be with her the whole time and they could be brave together. She agreed to go. Bibi took her to the Batcave to see Moe. Jestah was scared by the tools but Bam told her story about his door getting stuck and Batman having to pry it open with a batarang. She went up on the stand. Moe diagnosed the broken drive shaft. Jestah asked if fixing it would hurt. He asked if it did because he was already done. Jestah was relieved and on Bibi's prompt, thanked her and Moe. Jestah returned to the stadium and Bibi cheered her on from afar. She was the only one who finished the course and was crowned champion by Crash.

Redbird finally got to go on a solo night patrol. Bibi worried he would be too distracted with proving himself that he wouldn't ask for help if something came up and she was right. Redbird tracked a moped thief to Amusement Mile. The thief was the Joker. He also took inspiration from Agent V-8 and fashioned himself as Dr. Joke, based on V-8's enemy Dr. Spy. He used his army of automated mopeds to clear out the crowded amusement park and ride the rides by himself, starting with the roller coaster. Redbird was overwhelmed and realized he should have asked Bibi for help. The moped in front of him revealed herself to be Bibi who used the same Holo-disguise from Moe that Redbird got. She used Moe's secret tracking spy on Redbird to keep tabs on him. Bibi told Redbird a solo mission didn't mean you can't ask others for help. They used a combo move called the Bat-ball special. Redbird swung Bibi around and they knocked out the mopeds. Joker exited the roller coaster and was confused about all his mopeds being toppled over. Police squad cars chased him and surrounded him. Redbird elected to continue his night patrol while Bibi returned to the Batcave.

While in pursuit of Joker, the Batcycle was immobilized by his goo. Batgirl continued on foot. Bibi launched a line at a lightpole but launched herself into a dumpster, then slipped on a banana peel, and paint fell on her. Goo also got stuck on her wheel. She returned to the Batcave for a bath. The goo still got stuck on her back wheel. She revved to get it off but it landed on her face screen. She fell off the Batcave main platform twice. Bibi was ready to quit after such a bad day but the others rallied around her about their bad days and assured her bad days never lasted forever and she just had to power through. Moe remembered he had a Bat-Goo-Out gadget and integrated it onto Bibi. She set out and freed Batgirl then they chased Joker until he was defeated by his own goo. In an effort to understand each other better and what their unique roles on the team were, Moe randomly switched the Bat-Motherboards of each Batwheel. Bibi was placed in the Batmobile but she had a hard time using the gadgets effectively. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. After being returned to her body, Bibi swiftly took out Jestah and Prank with jump kicks.

Meet The Batwheels: Before Bam could settle in and recharge after a patrol, Bibi woke up because he promised to help her with her booster jumps.