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Real Identity: Batwing
Affiliations: Batwheels
Appearances (Episodes): All (Except Ride Along, Mechanic Panic, and Improvise My Ride)
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Silly Stoaway, The Knight Shift, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Lilimar

After Batwing was brought to life with a Bat Mother Board, she immediately rejected the notion of being named "Wing." At Gotham Amusement Mile, Prank got Batwing tangled in the dangling lights. In the rematch, she tricked Quizz into flying into the ferris wheel. The Batwheels used their Bat Magnets to grab and tow the limo that went off a cliff with Batman. Batwing thought she would be team leader of the Batwheels but supported Batcomputer's choice: Bam. She was the most distrustful of befriending Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler Snowy until he made a cool ice sculpture of her and made the Batcave snow. Despite her reservations, she listened to Bam's advice and tried to back up Batman during a descent on Penguin's Ducky dirigible but she got too lose and a piece of the Batglider got in her engine and she crash landed. Batwing helped Bibi learn how to keep calm and chill with a spa day. Batman used Batwing to defeat the Royal Flush Gang and Clock King in one fell swoop, the third time that week he used her. She dropped an electro-net on them.

Batwing was irritated she could not freely move around in the Wayne Industries parking garage after a flood in the Batcave relocated them. When Batman summoned Batwing to help gather up more Joker balloons holding water, the others helped her build up speed and pushed her up to the roof for a proper launch. While Redbird distracted Quizz with a riddle, Batwing stole his Mega Time Twister 3000 off the Gotham Clock Tower and led Quizz into an ambush where the other Batwheels caught him in a grapnel line crossfire. Batwing was not as hyped for her first Christmas holiday as the other Batwheels were. She returned from an uneventful patrol and flew into Christmas lights hung up in the Batcave. She claimed to have done something big but Batcomputer deduced she was alluding to the overturned garbage bin she fixed. She felt Christmas was distracting the others from the mission. After Mr. Freeze tipped over the giant Christmas Tree at Gotham Plaza, Batwing chased him but to her annoyance had to return to the others and help them prevent the tree from tipping over.

Batwing had enough and quit the team. She continued to work solo in the Batcave but drew a line the others could not cross. Bam told the others to let her have her space to calm down. She admitted the Holiday Hide-n-Seek looked fun but she refused to play and loaded her Batarangs. She later tried to catch Freeze the same time as Bam and their hook lines got tangled up then the others' as well. Once they got separated, she went flying into a tree and tried to get a pigeon away from her. She returned to the Batcave unaware the others were frozen. She soon realized maps were Buff's thing and tracking was Redbird's then admitted she needed help. She asked Batcomputer why the holidays were so special, prompting Moe to break out into song about how the best present was a friend. He installed a Bat Heat-Ray on her and set out to thaw the Batwheels out. They made amends and teamed up to find Freeze, save famous snowman mascot Ike Cicle, and prevent him from freezing the city with his Mega Blizzard Blaster. The Batwheels distracted Freeze while Batwing thawed Ike out. To everyone's surprise, Ike was really Batman in disguise. Once Freeze was captured, Batman flew off in Batwing to thaw the city out. For Christmas, the others got her enhanced flight goggles.

Batwing got an idea to teach ballet to Buff to help him learn how to be graceful. During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Quizz stuck Batwing to the street with green gunk and she was disqualified. Bam went flying with Batwing like he promised but he had a hard time keeping up. Batwing longed for another plane to fly with. She was summoned to aid Batman chasing Riddler after he stole a valuable shipment of gold. They unexpectedly helped by Green Arrow. Batwing was impressed with his Arrowplane and got an idea to bring it to life with a Batmotherboard. The Arrowplane immediately vacated the Batcave and flew around. Batwing followed. They were instant friends and tried out a move around a cloud then tried aerial ballet. She admitted she never really liked the name "Arrowplane" so Batwing suggested "Goldie" and she accepted it. She thought it was all warm and sunshiny like her. They flew all around the city and did some sky art then returned to the Batcave. Batwing introduced her to the other Batwheels. However, Batwing and Goldie became distraught the latter would be leaving soon. The Batwheels decided to try and hide Goldie so she wouldn't have to leave. They tried putting her behind the Tyrannosaurus Rex, putting a white cover on her, and putting her in the shower. Batcomputer taught them that saying goodbye isn't forever. They promised to visit each other. Some time later, Goldie returned to Gotham with a surprise mission. She and Batwing flew towards Penguin's Ducky Bimp.

Bam chose Buff and Batwing to investigate Snowy and Jestah because of their special skills complimenting each other, Buff could push through the rough path and Batwing could keep an eye on the Zoomers from above. Buff was left behind clearing a pile of logs and Batwing got stuck in some trees after she spotted Snowy and Jestah. Snowy made an ice bridge to an island in the middle of a lake and picked the freeze-berries. Buff freed Batwing but she sped off. Jestah blinded her with wiper fluid then Snowy froze one of her wings. They got away with the berries. Jestah shattered the bridge on the way out. Buff arrived and made a floating bridge with the logs and used a batarang to chip the ice off her wing. Batwing admitted they should have worked together but she made a bigger mess and apologized. Buff and Batwing chased Jestah in the city. Buff used his winch and swung her around then Batwing snagged her and carried her above the city. Jestah shouted she hated heights and demanded to be released. Batwing dropped her on the remaining berries and she froze. Buff and Batwing used hot cocoa from one of the food trucks to thaw the frozen Gothamites out.

Batwing claims to not be afraid of anything but she is scared of caterpillars. Batman was kidnapped by Penguin and taken underwater near the Gotham Docks. He managed to send a distress alert to the Batcomputer. Batwing was the only Batwheel who could mount the rescue. Moe added special submersible upgrades to her. She opted against practicing because everything came naturally to her and headed to the docks. While still in flight, she activated the upgrade and made a hard drop into the harbor then she got caught up in currents and a whirlpool. Feeling like a fool, Batwing retreated back to the Batcave. Bam revealed he nearly took out Moe the first time he fired a Batarang. Batwing warmed up to the idea of practicing and soon mastered her upgrades. With some practice under her belt, she returned and made a whirlpool around the Ducky Boat. Batman escaped his bonds, put on a rebreather, and swam to the Batwing. He tricked the robot penguins into swimming into the Ducky Boat. With it out of commission, Batman towed it to the docks then turned Penguin over to the police. He returned to the Batwing and created a whirlpool that lifted the latest sunken ship back to the surface.

In an effort to understand each other better and what their unique roles on the team were, Moe randomly switched the Bat-Motherboards of each Batwheel. Batwing was placed in the Bat-Truck but had a hard time adjusting to being so big. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Back in her body, Batwing flew circles around Quizz and he crashed into some trees.

Meet The Batwheels: Before Bam could settle in for the night to recharge, he was woken up by Bibi, Buff, and then Batwing. Batwing wanted to do another staring contest. She lost again and could not understand why since she had no eyelids. For a video diary, Batwing started off by showing how she washes herself before going on patrol but didn't realize M.O.E. was in the tub. He noted the bath smelled liks coconut and bubble gum. She revealed that was her signature scent and advised viewers to get their own. She attended a briefing and noted she often got the super-special assignments since only she could fly. Batcomputer revealed Riddler was planning something at Gotham Art Museum and asked Batwing to fly by the museum during her patrol. She departed and boasted she always had the updated tech, then revealed she was testing her new infrared vision upgrade. She flew over Gotham Park's pond then spotted Riddler exiting his helicopter in front of the museum. After he defaced a banner with a green question mark and telling a riddle, Batwing used reverse turbo air to knock Riddler off his feet. He was wrapped up in the banner he defaced and wondered why he smelled like coconut and bubble gum. Batwing asked Batcomputer to notify the police. Before she left, she reminded viewers to spread their wings and fly. She considered another catch phrase like "Try your wings" or "Wing it!" and asked the drone what it thought.