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Real Identity: Bam
Affiliations: Batwheels
Appearances (Episodes): All
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Bam's Bubble Trouble, Wheelin' and Dealin', Interview With A Crime-Fighter, Silly Stoaway, The Knight Shift, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Voiced By: Jacob Bertrand

The Batmobile was Batman's original vehicle and the most advanced car made. To protect the Batcomputer from Crash, Batcomputer had Moe install a Bat Mother Board, the same advanced tech that gave her life. He was named "Bam," a shortened version of "Batmobile." Crash proceeded to steal the Batcomputer but Bam intervened and knocked his screwdriver away with a Batarang. Crash jumped on top and proceeded to take him apart but he drove him into the giant dinosaur's tail. Crash picked up the Giant Penny but Bam shot grease and he dropped it on his foot. Bam fired a Bat Magnet at his chest and swung him around but he snipped the line and put his head back on. Moe accidentally mentioned the Bat Mother Boards. Crash stole a suitcase containing five of them and fled the Batcave, sealing the inner door with a weld. Using an infrared tracker, Bam followed Crash to the Parkham Scrapyard and deployed a Bat Drone to spy on him and his master Badcomputer, who used the stolen mother boards to bring five villains' vehicles to life, dubbing them the Legion of Zoom.

Bam learned the other four vehicles in the Batcave were brought to life, too. Bam declared they were the Batwheels and they would use their power, strength, and one-of-a-kind technology to protect Gotham City. They went to the Gotham Amusement Mile to cut off the Legion before they made it to the Batcave. The first match did not go well for the Batwheels. Bam was tricked by Ducky into a bumper car ambush. Bam rallied the others to learn from their mistakes and use their heads to get it right the next time. In the rematch, Bam slipped up Prank with some balls then he drove into the strength test game. The Legion was defeated and they went to save Batman, Batgirl, and Robin from the limo they were trapped in by Badcomputer's robot.

Bam was elected the team leader but he often struggled with living up to Batman's example and questioning himself after one of his plans went sideways. Batcomputer would often remind him it was okay for leader's to make mistakes and his team believed in him.

Redbird felt left out when he was sidelined because the Joker Van was deemed too dangerous for him to handle. He secretly followed Bam. Red tried to dispose of a bursty bomb but it ended up hitting Bam and causing him to crash. They caught up to the Joker and the Gotham Central Bank. Red disobeyed Bam again and followed but rolled over a soda can and revealed their presence to Prank, Joker's van. Bam ordered Red to go back to the Batcave fell prey to a power draining joy buzzer but Red was still following him. Red removed it. Bam admitted he was trying to look out for him but got zapped instead. They engaged the Bat-Link and became turbo charged. They went after Prank together and performed the alley oop Red used to win a game of tag in the Batcave. Red applied the joy buzzer to Prank and immobilized him. Bam admitted he needed partner like how Batman had Robin.

Bam felt insecure after the other Batwheels were being picked for a lot of missions. Batcomputer taught him Batman was only picking vehicles based on attributes, a special ability that sets one apart. Moe recalled some upgrades Batman was tinkering with, a mega jet booster, Supermanium armor for super strength, and wings but they were incomplete and untested. Bam still had them installed anyway to impress Batman. Batman didn't remember installing them but chose Batmobile to go after Toyman at the Gotham Radio Towers. He really liked the upgrades. However, he didn't know how to fly or use the boosters to well and came to a skidding stop across several roofs. He tried to help but caused a water tower to spill over the tower's roof. He discovered his upgrades were broken but Batcomputer reminded him he never needed upgrades to make the jump across buildings. He caught up to Batman. Together, they cut off Toyman. The Marauders jumped atop Bam but Batman activated an electrical shock then spun around and launched them at Toyman.

After Batman refused to a street race with the Joker, Bam went to prove Batman wasn't scared and found Prank at the Hall of Mirrors in Amusement Mile. Prank took the lead with his drag racing mode. With no other choice, Bam used his Bat Booster but he drove through some shipping containers at Gotham Docks and came out covered in glue, a cone on his hood, and a foam finger stuck to his roof. Prank then modified the Gotham Docks into a race course that he called "Pranks' Super Sweet Showdown Supreme." Bam ignored Batcomputer and the other Batwheels and went to challenge Prank again. Prank anticipated it and called a tip to a news station to televise the race. At the end of the track, Bam realized the loop-de-loop ended too close to the edge of the pier and activated his tire grip to stop himself. Prank kept going and won but was unable to stop and went off the edge of the pier. Bam fired his Bat-Winger and reeled him back before he landed in the harbor. Prank was stunned Bam saved him but kept trying to goad him but Bam left the docks. The reporter commended "Batman" on taking the high road.

Moe invented a Bat Laser but was still working out the kinks. During a demonstration for Bam, a tooth was accidentally shot off the giant dinosaur in the Batcave. He admitted he never got to leave the Batcave and always wanted to be out on the field fighting crime like a hero. Bam invited him to go on night patrol with him. Poison Ivy was starting her latest plan to take over Gotham City. Bam and Moe encountered wild vines and were attacked. Bam chopped a few vines with a Batarang but they spotted Poison Ivy and tried to hide behind a food truck. Ivy quickly found them and sent a giant corn cob and giant carrots after them. As they drove along a giant vine, brussels sprouts were sent after them. Moe became morose and declared he was no hero. Batcomputer tried to comfort him with the statement that not being able to fight didn't make him useless and being a hero was about helping others.

Moe perked up and quickly installed his latest invention, the Bat Laser, into Bam's arsenal as they battled Poison Ivy and her plant army. They arrived at Gotham Central Square where Ivy planted her special seed. She tried to squash them with a squash. Moe grafted an excavator's arm onto Bam and he used it to dig up the main seed by the roots. It worked and Ivy's armed died out. She was handcuffed and left for the police. Bam got new rims for Christmas. Bam and the other Bat-Wheels invented a new game they called Bat-Ball. Without knowing it, Bam hurt Moe's feelings by making him a referee instead of the sixth player and then making Catwoman's car the sixth player with a Bat-motherboard. Kitty's low attention span torpedoed Bam's plan. He apologized to Moe and formally made him the sixth player.

During the Annual Gotham Grand Prix, Prank attempted to detour Bam off the race track. He got stuck at the edge of highway but fired his grapnel at a crane hook and swung back. He returned towards the end of the race but refused to cheat like the Legion of Zoom. Instead, he tricked the rest of the Legion into taking each other out with their own cheats until Bam and Prank were the only contestants left. Prank tried driving Bam into the rails but Bam braked and used his turbo to get ahead of Prank at the last second and win the grand prize trophy. During his patrol, Bam ran into Kitty. He informed her "Boop, Knock It Over" was not very nice because she was knocking other people's things over. She suggested "Hide-and-Go-Seek" and drove off. Bam searched but ran over an oil slick and went off the overpass. Kitty grabbed him with her tail and saved him. Bam was convinced she could be a Batwheel and believed she might get more serious about things if she came on a ride along with him. Batcomputer told him she had her way of doing things and he had his own as well and he shouldn't try to change her.

Bam was sure she would love it and promised her it would be fun. Kitty was in. Kitty only found a pigeon eating a hot dog. Batcomputer notified Bam that one of the boats had broken loose at Gotham Docks and needed him to tie it down properly. Bam pulled the boat in with his grappling hook but Kitty became distracted with hiding in a shipping container than tying down the boat. Bam did her part as well. Kitty opted to go to the Amusement Mile rather than shadow Bam on patrol. She went on the roller coaster then came up behind Bam at the bumper cars and surprised him. Bam slowly realized she wasn't cut out to be a Batwheel. He dealt with a traffic jam alone, picked up trash, and patched a gushing hydrant. Kitty made the hydrant leak water again. Penguin was insulted he wasn't invited to the premiere of "The Grey Ghost Begins" and plotted to steal the movie and broadcast the ending above the city for all to see, spoiling the experience.

Bam elected to deal with it on his own and advised Kitty to stay behind. He tried to take back the reel with a grappling hook but Penguin countered with his trick umbrella and sent him flying. He then used his umbrella to take remote control of the theatre's spotlights to blind Bam. Bam confessed to Batcomputer what he told Kitty. Batcomputer pointed out Kitty would rather just be herself. Luckily, Kitty the Catmobile showed up despite Bam telling her stay behind. Bam got an idea and suggested they play her game "Boop, Knock It Over." They knocked the spotlights over and while Penguin was blinded, Kitty knocked the film projector over and prevented the movie from being spoiled. Bam fired a pair of cuffs and immobilized Penguin just in time for the police. Kitty asked if there was more serious stuff to do but Bam realized the error of his ways and suggested a game of Tag instead. Bam taught Buff how to improvise and use his surroundings after his parts were stolen and disabled by Poison Ivy.

Bam invented a new Batarang spin move and wanted to show it to the other Batwheels but they were unaccounted for. Moe knew they went to Gotham Central Park to play freeze-tag but should have been back already. Batcomputer tried to hail them but noticed their Bat-comms were all down. They checked the park's security cameras and found a visual on Prank's buzzer and tire tracks left by Ducky, Snowy, and Jestah. They realized the Batwheels had their power drained and were kidnapped by the Legion of Zoom. Moe did not want Bam to go against the Legion alone. Batcomputer got an idea to use A.D.A.M., a Batmobile built by Batman before Bam. Moe explained he was named Awesomely Dynamic Auto Mobile and was awesome in his day. Moe revealed Batcomputer whipped up an old-fashioned version of the Bat-motherboard and inserted it into A.D.A.M. and waited. A.D.A.M. came to life. A.D.A.M. stated a crime fighter's crusade not tempered by loyalty and faith were hollow at best. Bam was confused by the way A.D.A.M. spoke. Moe assured Bam he had a different way of speaking and doing things and he was full of awesome old-timey gadgets and cool moves.

Bam and A.D.A.M. went to Gotham Central Park in search of clues to pick up the trail of the Legion of Doom. A.D.A.M. dusted around and used a magnifying lens but Bam used his Bat Infrared Scanner. A.D.A.M. commented there were no easy fixes on the road of straight and narrow. They lost the trail at the river. A.D.A.M. advised a level head was the best asset. Bam started to understand A.D.A.M.'s way of talking. They scaled the side of a building to the roof. Bam and A.D.A.M. spotted the Legion of Zoom and missing Batwheels at the Gotham Docks. A.D.A.M. wanted to use his Bat-battering ram but Bam wanted to use his new move alone. The Legion dodged Bam's attack and he was blinded by Prank's confetti. A.D.A.M. intervened but Snowy eventually froze one of his tires. He advised the Legion to turn themselves into the authorities. The Legion was amused.

A.D.A.M. used a buzz saw and Bam used a small laser to destroy the ice on the former's wheel. They agreed to combine their moves to win. A.D.A.M. towed Bam and spun him around, alternating attacks, and knocked each Zoomer into a shipping container. Bam admitted Moe was right and he could learn something from A.D.A.M. then they powered the other Batwheels back on. Bam cued A.D.A.M. it was time and he declared, "To the Batcave!" Poison Ivy stole the power core from Gotham Electric and caused a city-wide black out which exposed Bam's fear of complete darkness. While waiting outside Gotham Electric for Batman, Bam was scared by every little thing. A leaf landing on his roof made him run away to the Batcave. Bam admitted his fear to the others and revealed he kept it a secret because he thought he had to be the fearless leader. The other Batwheels assured him it was okay to be scared. Bam was given gadgets in Moe's vault inspired by Redbird's night vision, Batwing's Bat-Sonar, Buff's ultrabright high beams, and Bibi's neon lights.

Ivy's Power Plants targeted Bam and drained the electricity from his new gadgets. Batman ordered Batcomputer to have the Batmobile cut off Ivy at the Novick Tunnel exit. Batcomputer reminded Bam Gotham in the dark was the very same city he knew by heart. Bam's confidence was restored and he used the Cobblepot construction site as a short cut to the Novick Tunnel. Ivy ran right into him and was cuffed by Batman. In an effort to understand each other better and what their unique roles on the team were, Moe randomly switched the Bat-Motherboards of each Batwheel. Bam was placed in the Batcycle but he kept falling on his side. The Legion of Zoom stole the Rumble Ray from S.T.A.R. Labs in a bid to bring down the Batcave with shockwaves. Ducky fired the ray at the hidden cliff entrance but Redbird knocked it into the air. Bam used the Bat-Magnet to snag it before Ducky could recover it. He then blasted the Legion down into the Gotham Point beach.

Meet the Batwheels: Bam tried some of Robin's bubble gum and blew a bubble but an alert from Batcomputer startled him and the gum was sucked inside. He began emitting bubble gum bubbles throughout his various openings. Eventually, Bam was able to emit the gum onto Joker's pickle laser gun and clog it. He was covered in gum and crashed into a pickle cart in a park. Prank when on a spree tagging the city with graffiti. Bam did not wait until Moe was finished installing his new tires and took off. His right front tire fell off. He followed and cleaned up after Prank and caught up to him in Gotham Central Park. Prank was about to paint the Batman statue. Bam leaped in front of the statue at the last second and took the paint instead then fired wheel locks on Prank.

During an interview at a car show, a reporter had trouble getting Batman to disclose anything but did reveal the Batmobile could go from 0-60 in two seconds thanks to his electric powered hydrogen jets. She played footage of Batman battling the Joker on a roof but slipped off only to be saved when his Batmobile launched an inflatable. Batman snagged Joker and pulled him down onto the inflatable then the Batmobile shot him a pair of handcuffs to use. She also played one of Ducky being easily captured. An errant car hit a hot dog stand but Bam used its robot arm to stop it from hitting Batman and the surprised reporter. In the Batcave, Bam met one of the resident bats and named him Alfie. Batcomputer alerted Bam about Ducky stealing a shipment of rare tropical fish at the Gotham Docks. Bam tried to sneak up on him but Alfie the bat stowed away inside and startled him. Ducky fired his taser umbrellas at Bam but Alfie flew into Ducky's face. He drove up a plank right into a tank filled with water.

After returning from patrol with Batman, Bam settled in for the night to recharge but he was woken up by Bibi, Buff, Batwing, and then Redbird. Bibi reminded him he promised to help her practice booster jumps. Buff revealed Alfie was hanging upside down on his grill. He thought it was cute but he couldn't use his winch. Bam suggested teaching him to fetch. Alfie flew off, grabbed an oil can, and dropped it on Buff. Batwing wanted to do another staring contest. She lost again and could not understand why since she had no eyelids. Redbird needed Bam's Batlink so he could measure the tallest stalagmite in the cave, "Lily." Redbird announced Lily was now 76 centimeters long. Redbird noticed Bam fell asleep. The other vehicles helped move Bam to his garage spot.