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Real Identity: A.D.A.M.
Appearances (Episodes): To The Batmobile!
Voiced By: Adam West

The original Batmobile built by Batman was the Awesomely Dynamic Auto Mobile or A.D.A.M. for short. At some point, he was retired and kept in storage in a lower section of the Batcave and Batman built a new Batmobile. When all but Bam were kidnapped by the Legion of Zoom, Batcomputer thought of a plan to revive A.D.A.M. to help Bam on the rescue mission. She whipped up an old fashioned version of the Bat-Motherboard that was compatible to A.D.A.M.'s technology. Bam followed Moe and learned about A.D.A.M. from him. Moe claimed he was awesome in his day. Moe inserted the board and it worked. A.D.A.M. came to life like the Batwheels and Legion. A.D.A.M. stated a crime fighter's crusade not tempered by loyalty and faith were hollow at best. Bam was confused by the way A.D.A.M. spoke. Moe assured Bam he had a different way of speaking and doing things and he was full of awesome old-timey gadgets and cool moves.

Bam and A.D.A.M. went to Gotham Central Park in search of clues to pick up the trail of the Legion of Doom. A.D.A.M. dusted around and used a magnifying lens but Bam used his Bat Infrared Scanner. A.D.A.M. commented there were no easy fixes on the road of straight and narrow. They lost the trail at the river. A.D.A.M. advised a level head was the best asset. Bam started to understand A.D.A.M.'s way of talking. They scaled the side of a building to the roof. Bam and A.D.A.M. spotted the Legion of Zoom and missing Batwheels at the Gotham Docks. A.D.A.M. wanted to use his Bat-battering ram but Bam wanted to use his new move alone. The Legion dodged Bam's attack and he was blinded by Prank's confetti. A.D.A.M. intervened but Snowy eventually froze one of his tires. He advised the Legion to turn themselves into the authorities. The Legion was amused.

A.D.A.M. used a buzz saw and Bam used a small laser to destroy the ice on the former's wheel. They agreed to combine their moves to win. A.D.A.M. towed Bam and spun him around, alternating attacks, and knocked each Zoomer into a shipping container. Bam admitted Moe was right and he could learn something from A.D.A.M. then they powered the other Batwheels back on. Bam cued A.D.A.M. it was time and he declared, "To the Batcave!"