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Real Identity: Mobile Operating Expert
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Stop That Ducky!, Buff's BFF, Up in The Air, Bibi's Do-Over, Keep Calm and Roll On, and Bam's Upgrade, Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Cave Sweet Home, Scaredy-Bat, Rev and Let Rev, Batcomputer for a Day, Grass is Greener, Holidays on Ice Part One, Holidays on Ice Part Two, Bam's Clawful Mistake, Harley Did It, Buff in a China Shop, When You're a Jet, Wheels Just Want to Have Fun, Tough Buff Blues, Wheel Side Story, Ace in the Hole, Mechanic Panic, Improvise My Ride, To The Batmobile!, The Dark Night, License to Joke, Bibi's Bad Day, A Jet Out of Water, and Batty Body Swap
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Wheelin' and Dealin', Rockin' Robin, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Mechanical Aptitude
Voiced By: Mick Wingert

The Mobile Operating Expert is a robot in the Batcave that assists Batman with charging his fleet of vehicles, making repairs, or routine maintenance. When the Batcave was flooded by a Joker balloon, Moe was tasked with securing Batcomputer's mother board and to make sure it stayed dry. With no other option, he inserted it into his head. He was still annoyed with having to temporarily share a body with Batcomputer. Moe officiated a rev contest but it highlighted Redbird's inability to rev because of his stealth tech. Redbird didn't like feeling different from the other Batwheels and got Moe to remove the stealth tech for him. Redbird later realized it was okay to be different and he was a Batwheel no matter what then asked Moe to reinstall the stealth tech. Another 10 to 12 hours later, Moe successfully reinstalled it.

Moe invented a Bat Laser but was still working out the kinks. During a demonstration for Bam, a tooth was accidentally shot off the giant dinosaur in the Batcave. He admitted he never got to leave the Batcave and always wanted to be out on the field fighting crime like a hero. Bam invited him to go on night patrol with him. They encountered wild vines and were attacked. Bam chopped it with a Batarang but they spotted Poison Ivy and tried to hide behind a food truck. Ivy quickly found them and sent a giant corn cob and giant carrots after them. As they drove along a giant vine, brussels sprouts were sent after them. Moe became morose and declared he was no hero. Batcomputer tried to comfort him with the statement that not being able to fight didn't make him useless and being a hero was about helping others. Moe perked up and quickly installed his latest invention, the Bat Laser, into Bam's arsenal as they battled Poison Ivy and her plant army. They arrived at Gotham Central Square where Ivy planted her special seed. She tried to squash them with a squash. Moe grafted an excavator's arm onto Bam and he used it to dig up the main seed by the roots. It worked and Ivy's army died out. She was handcuffed and left for the police.

On Christmas Eve, Moe sang a song to Batwing to teach her the greatest present was friendship after she admitted she missed being with the other Batwheels and asked what made the holidays so special. Moe felt left out of Bat-Ball being assigned referee instead of the sixth player. He was further bummed out when Bam announced he was going to create a sixth player with Catwoman's car. In the end, Bam realized his mistake, apologized, and asked Moe to be the sixth player. Moe demonstrated his stretchiness and dunked the Bat-Ball. Moe and the Batwheels worked on a 50 piece cat puzzle but the last piece was missing. Eventually, it was discovered on his back. Buff tried the obstacle course but he literally crushed it then backed over Moe by accident. He claimed he was okay but his left arm fell off. Buff's gloom hampered a battle with Riddler. On Batman's request, M.O.E. performed a check-up on Bat-Truck but nothing was wrong. M.O.E. quickly repaired damage to a wing of the Arrowplane caused by Riddler after he located his lost wrench that he was holding the whole time.

At the conclusion of Penguin's attempt to turn Gotham into a musical, Moe reprogrammed his Songinator and restored the speech of the Batwheels to normal. Most of them were relieved to not sing every time they spoke. Bibi brought Jestah to the Batcave for repairs. Moe saw a broken drive shaft in the rear. Jestah asked if fixing it would hurt. He asked if it did because he was already done. Jestah was relieved and on Bibi's prompt, thanked her and Moe. During a blackout, Bam was given gadgets in Moe's vault inspired by Redbird's night vision, Batwing's Bat-Sonar, Buff's ultrabright high beams, and Bibi's neon lights. The high beam was so bright, Moe nearly fell off the edge of the platform. To help Redbird with a moped thief using spy tactics upon his request, Moe supplied him with a Holo-disguise that made him look like a taxi cab, secret tracking spray, and a smoke screen. He also gave the gadgets to Bibi, who was concerned Redbird wouldn't ask for help because he wanted to prove himself. After Batman was kidnapped by Penguin, Moe added special submersible upgrades to Batwing.

Batcomputer agreed with Moe's idea to randomly switch the Bat-Motherboards of the Batwheels so they could understand each other better and the unique roles and jobs they had on the team. Batcomputer was once again targeted by the Legion of Zoom. They tried to destroy her by destroying the Batcave with the shockwave generated by a S.T.A.R. Labs invention called the Rumble Ray. Moe fled the Batcave but Bibi recovered him with the Bat-Magnet. He swapped everyone back to their rightful bodies and the Batwheels defeated the Legion. Moe got an idea and swapped his motherboard with Batcomputer's. Batcomputer was caught off guard at first but found it amusing.