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Real Identity: Batcomputer
Appearances (Episodes): All (Except Riddle Me This, Zoomsday, Batty Race, Mechanic Panic, Improvise My Ride, and Dynamic Du-Oh-No)
Appearances (Shorts): Bam's Bubble Trouble, Silly Stoaway, Rockin' Robin, Bibi Bops, Batwingin' It, Parking Problems, and Ace in the Hole
Powers/Skills: Advanced AI
Voiced By: Kimberly Brooks

The Batcomputer was given life by the Bat Mother Board, the most advanced technoogy Batman created, to help fight crime in Gotham City. It allowed her to speak then later think on her own. She became the target of Badcomputer, who was jealous she was the most powerful computer in the world. She had Moe place a Bat Mother Board into the Batmobile to bring Bam to life. To combat Badcomputer's Legion of Zoom, she had Batman's other vehicles brought to life. Batcomputer assists the Bat Family and mentors the Batwheels. When the Batcave was flooded by a Joker balloon, Moe was tasked with securing Batcomputer's mother board and to make sure it stayed dry. With no other option, he inserted it into his head. He was still annoyed with having to temporarily share a body with Batcomputer. Batcomputer was due for a recharge and on the insistence of Moe and the Batwheels, she shut down for awhile and left operations to them. When she came back online, everything seemed in order and called for dance music.

During his first field mission, Moe became morose and declared he was no hero. Batcomputer tried to comfort him with the statement that not being able to fight didn't make him useless and being a hero was about helping others. He perked up and used his skills to attach the Bat Laser and later an excavator's claw to Bam. To help Buff with becoming graceful, Batwing and Batcomputer taught him ballet. Jestah, disguised as Bibi, infiltrated the Batcave and stole Batcomputer's mother board but the real Bibi recovered it. Batwing was scared to say goodbye to her new best jet friend, Goldie, but Batcomputer taught them goodbye didn't mean forever. Bam was convinced Kitty could be a Batwheel and believed she might get more serious about things if she came on a ride along with him. Batcomputer told him she had her way of doing things and he had his own as well and he shouldn't try to change her. Bam was sure she would love it and promised her it would be fun. During the Songinator crisis, Batcomputer admitted she liked singing.

During a blackout, Bam was paralyzed by his fear of complete darkness. Batcomputer reminded Bam Gotham in the dark was the very same city he knew by heart. Bam's confidence was restored. Batcomputer agreed with Moe's idea to switch the Bat-Motherboards of the Batwheels so they could understand each other better and the unique roles and jobs they had on the team. Batcomputer was once again targeted by the Legion of Zoom. They tried to destroy her by destroying the Batcave with the shockwave generated by a S.T.A.R. Labs invention called the Rumble Ray. The Batwheels intervened. Moe got an idea and swapped his motherboard with Batcomputer's. Batcomputer was caught off guard at first but found it amusing.