Gotham Stadium

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Harley Did It, Mechanic Panic, and Improvise My Ride
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn was seen exiting Gotham Stadium on her ATV at the time Penguin stole the annual soccer championship trophy. As Penguin planned, Batman assumed Harley was the culprit. While out on patrol, Bibi noticed the Gotham Stadium was a lit up and investigated. She saw Jestah practicing on a course. She revealed it was for the Zoom-athlon, a contest to see who was the number one champion Zoomer. Jestah slipped going up a ramp and crashed into a hot dog stand. Her rear left drive shaft was broken but she insisted on just moving around and stretching instead of going to a mechanic. She slipped on the ramp and crashed again. Jestah admitted she was afraid to go to the mechanic. Bibi promised to be with her the whole time and they could be brave together. She agreed to go. Bibi took her to the Batcave to see Moe. Jestah returned to the stadium and was the final contestant. Bibi cheered for her from afar. Jestah was the only one who finished the course and was crowned champion by Crash. She noticed Prank had a broken bumper. He was too scared to see a mechanic but Jestah promised she knew "a guy."

Buff played fetch with Ace in the Batcave until Bam pointed out it wasn't the best place due to the size. They relocated to Gotham Stadium. Buff used his winch and tossed the ball super long. Ace noticed someone trying to steal the engine out of a parked car. It was Poison Ivy. Ivy revealed she was in the process of making a car bigger and better than the Batwheels. After all the stolen parts were returned, Bam and Buff returned to the stadium and played fetch with Ace using the wood winch instead of the still-missing-ball.