Gotham Point Lighthouse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Buff in a China Shop, Tough Buff Blues, Wheel Side Story, and Batty Body Swap
Appearances (Shorts): Wheelin' and Dealin'
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Joker plotted to pilfer a ship carrying a shipment of whoopie cushions by shutting down the Gotham Point Lighthouse. Batman and Robin happened to be there to test the sand mode on their vehicles. Joker left his van and surfed to the lighthouse and tossed a blow up shark at them. As he ran up the stairwell of the lighthouse, he greased the steps. He made it inside the control room first, sealed himself in, and shut down the spotlight. Batman improvised and used the Batmobile's ultra-high beams to guide the ship. Joker parachuted back to the beach but Batman and Robin beat him to his van and arrested him.

Riddler planned to win the annual sandcastle contest at Gotham Point Beach with his sophisticated rendition of the Daily Planet building in Metropolis. To make sure he won, he stole an excavator from a Cobblepot construction site. Batman later uncovered "sand" was the clue in his riddle and intercepted him at Gotham Point. Riddler gasped at the realization Batman solved his riddle then paused and wondered why he was surprised since Batman always solved them. Using the Bat-Truck's winch, Batman wrapped up the excavator. Riddler confessed to his plan but a seagull landed on his Daily Planet sandcastle and destroyed it. Riddler surrendered and noted there was sand in his shoes.

Batman and Buff realized the fake Amusetta Stone was one of Riddler's puzzles after realizing the phrase "Don't act so puzzled" was being repeated by him and his holograms. Moe reassembled it and a holographic map was projected pointed to the Gotham Point Pier. Riddler was about to depart with the real stone but Batman and Bat-Truck tricked him with holograms of the former. Riddler jumped over the pier into the sand then climbed back up and ran for his helicopter but ran right into the real Batman and was handcuffed. He realized the Bat-Truck was projecting the holograms and admitted it was more than tough.

Penguin waited atop the Gotham Point Lighthouse while he used his Songinator on Gotham City. Batgirl arrived at the base of the lighthouse but she landed on a giant "X" and a bird cage assembled around her. He tried to decide between a light blue or gold tuxedo. Batgirl offered to help him if he let her out but he wouldn't fall for it. He failed to notice she was picking the cage's lock. Batcomputer sent the Batwheels as backup. Just as they arrived, Batgirl got free. The Batwing disarmed Penguin. He surrendered but wanted his moment. He sang as he came down the stairwell. Batgirl refused to let him go and cuffed him. Bam used the stolen Rumble Ray to blast the Legion of Zoom from the Batcave cliff entrance down to the Gotham Point beach.