Gotham Central Park

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Riddle Me This, Bam's Clawful Mistake, Wheels Just Want to Have Fun, Tough Buff Blues, and To The Batmobile!
Appearances (Shorts): Wheelin' and Dealin' and Batwingin' It
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Quizz boasted he was going to make fools out of everybody in Gotham and prove he was the smartest of them all. He challenged them to solve his riddle, "Follow the questions and you'll have a wild chase. Checking the time is how you win this race." The Batwheels were quick to fall for Quizz's riddle and looked for question marks all over the city. Redbird wanted to stay and solve the rest of his riddle but no one heard him. During the search, Redbird noticed a goose in the dot of a question mark painted on a stand and realized it was a wild goose chase. Bam, however, thought it was a clue that Quizz was going to steal the Golden Goose statue in Gotham Central Park. It was indeed a trap and they drove onto quicksand. Quizz mocked them then affixed his Mega Time Twister 3000 to the Gotham Clock Tower. Buff used his winch to get free then pulled the others out.

Batman immobilized Catwoman's car in Gotham Central Park. In search of a sixth player for Bat-Ball, Bam called Moe and the other Batwheels to Gotham Central Park and asked for an extra Bat-mother board to be brought. Bam presented the car and despite some uncertainty from Batwing and Moe, the mother board was installed. Bam named her Kitty. Kitty's low attention span was evident but ignored. She pawed at Moe then Batwing then Buff's winch then bailed on a staring contest with Bam to chase a pigeon. She got distracted by the light pole then chased a pigeon during Bat-Ball. Bam grapneled some feathers and dangled it on a pole to get her attention. It worked and Bam got the ball back. She apologized then left to continue after a butterfly hoping they would play again. Jestah tempted Bibi into having fun at the park despite it being closed. Jestah broke the front gate open and they had fun driving around and jumping into a pile of leaves. Bibi left when Batcomputer told her Batgirl needed her. Batman thought he tracked Riddler to the park but it was just a hologram.

Buff, Batwing, Bibi, and Redbird went to Gotham Central Park to play freeze-tag. They were ambushed by the Legion of Zoom. Prank's giant buzzer drained their power and they went offline. They were moved to Gotham Docks. Batcomputer tried to hail them but noticed their Bat-comms were all down. They checked the park's security cameras and found a visual on Prank's buzzer and tire tracks left by Ducky, Snowy, and Jestah. Bam and A.D.A.M., a Batmobile built before him, went to Gotham Central Park in search of clues to pick up the trail of the Legion of Doom. A.D.A.M. dusted around and used a magnifying lens but Bam used his Bat Infrared Scanner. A.D.A.M. commented there were no easy fixes on the road of straight and narrow.

Meet the Batwheels: Prank was about to paint the Batman statue. Bam leaped in front of the statue at the last second and took the paint instead then fired wheel locks on Prank.