Gotham Art Museum

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Shorts): Batwingin' It
Appearances (Episodes): Tough Buff Blues and Dynamic Du-Oh-No
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Amusetta Stone, the oldest, most valuable riddle, was on display at the Gotham Art Museum. Riddler planned to display it in his lair with the perfect question-mark-shaped accent candles. He easily infiltrated the museum, avoided the infrared laser grid, and grabbed the stone. Batman arrived to stop him. Riddler breached a laser, tossed up three artifacts, and escaped the room before it was sealed. Riddler swapped the real stone for a fake but his get away was blocked by the Bat-Truck. The truck stomped the street and knocked Riddler off his feet. Batman recovered the stone but Riddler fled in his helicopter taunting him not to act so puzzled. A news reporter complimented the truck but watched as the stone crumbled in Batman's hands and she thought he ruined it. Batman soon realized he recovered a fake.

Meet the Batwheels: Batcomputer gathered intel that the Riddler was planning something at Gotham Art Museum and asked Batwing to fly by the museum during her patrol. She spotted Riddler exiting his helicopter in front of the museum. He defaced a banner with a green question mark and told a riddle about not trusting an artist because they were sketchy. Batwing used reverse turbo air to knock Riddler off his feet. He was wrapped up in the banner he defaced and wondered why he smelled like coconut and bubble gum. The police arrived soon after.