Gotham Amusement Mile

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Cave Sweet Home, Scaredy-Bat, Riddle Me This, Zoomsday, Harley Did It, A Tale of Two Bibis, When You're a Jet, Ride Along, Improvise My Ride, Dynamic Du-Oh-No, To The Batmobile!, and License to Joke
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batwheels cut off the Legion of Zoom at the Gotham Amusement Mile before they could invade the Batcave. Jestah tricked Buff into into the tea cup ride, Snowy slipped up Redbird into a hot dog stand, Ducky led Bam into a bumper car ambush, Quizz dropped Bibi on top of the ferris wheel, and Prank got Batwing tangled in the dangling lights. Bam rallied the others to learn from their mistakes and use their heads next time. The Batwheels cut off the Legion at the entrance/exit of Amusement Mile for a rematch. Bibi lifted a roller coaster track to launch Jestah, Buff used his wench and strength to bust Snowy's blocks then a frozen ferris wheel cage landed on him, Batwing tricked Quizz into flying into the ferris wheel, Bam tripped Prank into the strong man test, and Redbird launced Ducky into the tea cup ride with his ramp. Some time later, there was an update to the video game arcade. Robin wanted to check it out but Batman told him no since they were still on their way to stop Joker from robbing the Gotham Central Bank.

During Prank's attempt to flood the city, Batman was alerted to three Joker balloons at Amusement Mile. Batman gathered them and the rest over the city and safely disposed of them over Gotham Harbor. He returned to Amusement Mile and placed restraints on the Joker van's tires but he discovered it was operating without a driver. After Batman refused to a street race with the Joker, Bam went to prove Batman wasn't scared and found Prank at the Hall of Mirrors in Amusement Mile. They raced to Gotham Docks. The Batwheels fell for Quizz's riddle and went on a wild goose chase following question marks all over the city, including Amusement Mile. During a 'ride along,' Kitty opted to go to the Amusement Mile than shadow Bam on patrol. She went on the roller coaster then came up behind Bam at the bumper cars and surprised him.

Buff, Bam, and Ace tracked Poison Ivy to the Gotham Amusement Mile in the process of stealing a bumper car. Buff used the wood winch to yank Ivy into one of the cars and she got bounced around. Ace followed her to the ferris wheel but he got distracted by a hot dog. Bam spun Ivy around in the tea cup ride. Buff got his lights blocked by sticky flowers. Ivy got away with a bumper car and tea cup. Ace improvised and brought Buff a string of lights.

Redbird tracked stolen mopeds to Amusement Mile. The thief was the Joker. He also took inspiration from Agent V-8 and fashioned himself as Dr. Joke, based on V-8's enemy Dr. Spy. He used his army of automated mopeds to clear out the crowded amusement park and ride the rides by himself, starting with the roller coaster. Redbird was overwhelmed and realized he should have asked Bibi for help. The moped in front of him revealed herself to be Bibi who used the same Holo-disguise from Moe. She used the secret tracking spy on Redbird to keep tabs on him. Bibi told Redbird a solo mission didn't mean you can't ask others for help. They used a combo move called the Bat-ball special. Redbird swung Bibi around and they knocked out the mopeds. Joker exited the roller coaster and was confused about all his mopeds being toppled over. Police squad cars chased him and surrounded him.