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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Episodes): All (Except Riddle Me This, Zoomsday, Batty Race, and Ride Along)
Appearances (Shorts): Spooky Batcave, Bam's Bubble Trouble, Wheelin' and Dealin', Silly Stoaway, The Knight Shift, Rockin' Robin, Bibi Bops, Batwingin' It, and Parking Problems
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batcave is the secret underground headquarters of Batman, Batgirl, Robin and the Batwheels. It is located in the caverns under Wayne Manor and houses the Batcomputer, the most powerful computer in the world, and the Mobile Operating Expert, who maintains Batman's fleet of vehicles.

While Batman, Robin, and Batgirl were tricked into a fake ceremony at Gotham City Hall, Crash breached the Batcave. He noted Batman really didn't want any visitors as he peeled off all the sealed doors. Batcomputer and Moe brought the Batmobile to life with a Bat Mother Board, advanced tech Batman once used to bring her to life, to protect her. Crash proceeded to steal the Batcomputer but Bam intervened and knocked his screwdriver away with a Batarang. Crash jumped on top and proceeded to take him apart but he drove him into the giant dinosaur's tail. Crash picked up the Giant Penny but Bam shot grease and he dropped it on his foot. Bam fired a Bat Magnet at his chest and swung him around but he snipped the line and put his head back on. Moe accidentally mentioned the Bat Mother Boards. Crash stole a suitcase containing five of them and fled the Batcave, sealing the inner door with a weld. Batcomputer and Moe later brought the other four vehicles to life.

The Batcave was temporarily flooded when Batman destroyed a Joker balloon floating above Wayne Manor that turned out to be filled with water. Moe, Batcomputer, and the Batvehicles relocated to the Wayne Industries parking garage downtown until the cave dried out and repairs were completed. Jestah infiltrated the Batcave disguised as Bibi and stole Batcomputer's mother board but the real Bibi recovered it. The Legion of Zoom attempted to destroy the Batcave via shockwaves with a S.T.A.R. Labs device called the Rumble Ray but the Batwheels intervened in time.